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 Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU)

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Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU) Empty
PostSubject: Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU)   Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2016 4:22 pm

Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU) WhMFnG6
Cloud Drop
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: While not as fluffy as Ave’s Mane, it’s likewise thick and it’s slicked back. It’s a very pale sandy colour.
Tail: HUGE. Like, huge huge fluffstrosity huge. Aprox 3/4th of the size of the rest of his body, ifnot a little large.
Eyes: A light amber.
Body: a very very mildly brown medium gray colour. A lighter variation on his grandpa Ave’s fur.
Cutie Mark: A cloud within an Erlenmeyer flask
Age (Baby, adult): Late Teen (pony equivalent of 16-18)

Unique Traits:
Cloud drop has a limp wing, due to an flight accident of a young age. He can use it for gliding and picking things up, to some degree, but absolutely not for flying.

Cloud Drop is a lazy sarcastic slouch. Atleast, on the outside. At heart he’s someone who just wants to spend his time relaxing in the clouds and in the sky, being fascinated with the sky. While his aspirations are simple, they hide his insecurity of being incapable to fly due to his limp wing. Behind this simple nature, he works hard and on his potions and alchemy, because they let him compensate for his shortcomings. Through this working mentality, he has come to believe that one should work hard to overcome any shortcomings.
He is likely to commentate on anything dumb or unseemly anyone does, despite his own attitude being very unprofessional. He isn’t inherently cruel though, and when asked to keep it down, he’s capable of following the request, albeit with difficulty.

Likes: Angel Cake, the Sky, Clouds, Flight, Paintings Alchemy, light colours, Working hard but relaxing ‘harder’.
Dislikes: Alternate forms of art (Stories and poetry), Slower people, Pushy people, working calmly, heavier foods.

After a perilous journey, Trueshine Brilliance, Intellectual Awesome, Weaving Perfection, Iridescent Force and Smiling Coruscation manage to establish their new home and sanctum to those whom must live up to great expectations. Destiny Summit, placed high in the dangerous mountains, plagues by constant winter storms. Getting there is a Trial, and despite all their preparations, living there remains a risk, with the sanctum being the only Safe space.

Bitsy Brainy was the small child born to Ave’s Daughter and a Foolish but kind Stallion. He was very small from the moment he was born, but grew healthily and well within little time, showing no worrisome signs in his upbringing. The couple had already decided that he wouldn’t spend his whole life up in the temple at destiny summit though, for they did not want that for the child. Before they would leave though, Bitsy Brainy was already fond of flying, and didn’t like staying to the enclosure of the sanctum. On a fateful day, he would spread his wings outside the warm and safe boundaries of his birthhome, and would fly through the freezing mountains. It was here that he learned of unkind currents and was attacked by the wind, throwing him into snow and ice. Luckily, his Father was brave and the unicorns of Destiny summit were capable sorts, and he was brought home before he would find himself in a possibly mortal incident. The thrashing and the cold of the snow did damage on the structure and nerves of his right wing though, damage that might never be properly fixed. While the wing would slowly heal and he would be back to health in a week, he could no longer move it the same way he used too. It responded slowly and hung despite his best efforts to lift it.
Within the year he would move to Cloudsdale, Living in the skies with his father, a place he loved dearly, and his mother would visit often enough for the family to maintain a stable relationship. Here, he would no longer accept the name Bitsy Brainy, as he did not want to get teased over it. As he worked with many liquids and clouds, his parents soon gave him his new name, Cloud Drop.
Cloud drop was not the same pony as Bitsy Brainy, as something in him had left together with the sense in his wing. He would quickly learn to glide, but it never was the same. He started playing with whatever magic he could, namely the magic of potions and alchemy. He learned how Pegasi adjusted clouds to their needs. He was fascinated by it all in an instant, already having loved clouds his whole life.

Even at this young age, still without cutie mark, Cloud Drop was something of a natural intellect. Now he didn’t have to forgo hard work due to this intellect, and still put a lot of attention to school. He saw that other ponies didn’t fuss about his wings when he could distract them with colour concoctions. During one of these Concoctions, he managed to make a potion, which when poured, slowly, a cloud came into being. While pouring some into the class and creating a small cloud, and carefully moulding it, he acquired his cutie mark! There was no doubts about it. Cloud drop was a natural born alchemist. This potion would become a trademark of sorts, being able to create clouds on the fly, and with another potion, he eventually learned how to control them. Being able to ascend and descend safely on these clouds, without using his wings, he found a deep joy in once more, being able to fly.

With this joy, he had slowly reverted to his old self. Calm, Relaxed and enjoying the silent moment of life. He had kept his values of hard work deep within himself, and still is avid about the potions he creates, already working his way to becoming a renowned alchemist in cloudsdale. The question remains if he’ll become a famous mixer of concoctions, or an even more infamous slouch, though. One thing is for sure, He spends his time with his head in, and on, his clouds.

RP sample:
5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

"What're you looking at?" The colt snapped at Cloud drop, as he sat upon his cloud. Cloud drop simply lazily stared at him, hoping to annoy him. "I dunno. What -am- i looking at?" he casually said towards the colt as the two sort of stared down, Cloud drop having an entire lack of care on his face. "Idiot, go away!" he swore towards the lackluster brainiac. "Well, if you say so. I'm looking at an idiot. One who wants me to go away." Cloud drop retorted with a cocky smile on his face, aggravating the bully, distracting him from the filly.

As expected, the bully snapped in return and focused on Cloud drop, who dropped a little potion on his personal cloud, making him back away a bit, with little to no effort from his own part. The pegasus bully would try and lunge at poor cloud drop. Who subsequently 'dropped' a potion on the spot the pegasus would land, making the cloud open up, and the pegasus fell through, falling through cloudsdale. "Alright, well, if you'd rather go away yourself, that's fine too!" he yelled after the bully who fell through cloudsdale. He went to the Filly and smiled to her. "The jerk's gone.. you can go home and.. uh. have a piece of chocolate or something. Fillies like chocolate, right?" he asked, rather unaware and nonchalantly.

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Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU)   Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2017 6:02 pm

I like it *thumbs up emoji*

You character has been approved for AU Next Generation use.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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Cloud Drop/Bitsy Brainy (NEXT GEN AU)
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