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 The Icy Call of Adventure! (EEU)

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PostSubject: The Icy Call of Adventure! (EEU)   Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:51 pm

The first Blizzard of the year was always unpredictable,sometimes it was gentle and calm or at lest as far as blizzards go, to harsh and unforgiving. This year's was of the unforgiving sort, something no pony had seen in decades. The kind of storm that would easily kill you from the cold, the kind that would make you scramble for any sort of shelter you could find.

This kind of blizzard was very unnatural, and only could be made with a amount of dark magic not many possessed in this day and age.This was the kind of blizzard that Crystal Belle was flying in right at this very moment.

Well flying wasn't really the word for it...More like being tossed and whipped around like a toy being fought over by two foals.The storm wasn't supposed to be this harsh, no not even close of this Crystal knew and yet here she was struggling to right herself in the monstrous winds, her muscles in her wings and her back screamed for her to stop and let them rest something that hadn't happened since her first winter storm.

But she refused for she knew if she stopped now she would surely die, if she fell from this height so she pressed on even as her feathers were being bent and broken by the wind she searched.Her eyes searching for a light or any sign of shelter, and just when she was about to give up her wings buckling and her just about to accept her fate she saw it. A light! So dim and small she could of missed it, but to her it was a welcome sight like Celestia's sun it self was guiding her to safety.

So deciding to give one last try putting her very life on the line, she put the last of her strength in her wings and pushed forward each trust bringing her closer to safety,Until finally she hit the ground her hooves buckling threatening to give out.

They almost did but still she pressed on step by step she took until she reach the door of what looked to be an inn of sorts. With a shaking hoof and a grunt she pushed at the door, before the winds took the task off her hooves making it slam open with a loud bang, bathing her in the warm light and revealing the damage the storm had done.

Her mane and coat was covered in frost and ice crystals were snow had melted and then refrozen, her wings hung at her sides as she was unable to even lift them to fold at her sides,having been pushed past her limits for the first time in years, and even now broken and loose feathers fell like snow, littered the ground as she walked in and closed the door with a bit of struggle.
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PostSubject: Re: The Icy Call of Adventure! (EEU)   Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:27 pm

"oh my..." sounded a voice, worried but careful. However, strangely enough, it didn't seem to come from anywhere. "You're in a horrible state..." It said. If there were any other ponies in this fair inn, their ears might twitch, for the sound didn't reach Crystal Belle alone. "Stranded here by the storm aswell, but you must have been flying. Must be a tough cookie." Wherever the voice was coming from, it seemed to compliment her.

'it' seemed to notice she was looking around. "Ah, Right. Sorry, but i cannot reveal myself at this moment, ma'am. It's.. complicated. I'll tell you soon enough." The seemingly male voice said, as reassuring as possible. For now, some ripped cloth seemed to float to here with some unicorn magic of a sort. Upon touching her, the cloths were nice and warm. Compared to her frozen hairs on her mane, it even stung a bit the first second. The clothes wrapped nicely around her hurt body, carefully reassuring itself around her wings and legs, warming those up.
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The Icy Call of Adventure! (EEU)
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