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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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 EEU (Expanded Equestria Universe)

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PostSubject: EEU (Expanded Equestria Universe)   Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:06 pm



Just... imagine like, what if equestria was actually as big as earth and travelling places actually took forever.

And all the ponytypes, Batponies, Qirin/Qilin, Seaponies, HalfSea-Ponies and so on and so on exist. Beyond that, there is far more to this equestrias Flora and Fauna, Everything you could see happening in your fantasy videogame or other stories can totally happen here. This is the expanded universe, also know as that place which is way too cluttered with possibilities and things to do.


The long fields of the equestrian lowlands lay before you. The journey from the safe Canterlot to the pleasant ponyville would be a long one, Days in the train at the least. Some parts did not have trains running through them, which means you would have to trek manually between a few towns. the risk for building them was far too great. Nonetheless, you and other inteprid adventurers, Transformed Seaponies, Vampiric ponies, Werewolf Monkeys, Hippogryffs and more, were ready to start this long trek.

Surely you will meet all kinds of dangerous monsters, like Hydras, Swarms of manticores, harpies and landsharks await you. But perhaps on your venture between towns you will encounter mystical trees, Great black or gunsmiths, maybe even a magic smith, or a great enchanted pond with large brushes and enchanting sirens inside.



Between Fantasy Flicker and Smith Wesson

It was a Dry Dry day in the Appleloosan lands. Just beyond one of the largest apple orchards of the place lay a pair of buildings. Back form an old settlement. One that a local monster didn't take a huge liking towards. The two buildings that still stood were one large, and one of a more medium size. The large one used to be a mansion, probably. It's been rebuilt into a right prim and proper barn now. But no cowpony walked here to inspect the danged barn, nopony cared for it. Now the old Saloon.. that was a completely different tale.

Story is, well, She's Haunted. Pretty nasty haunting too, if all the local Cowpony wannabe colts keep stammering about it and don't even dare get close to it in groups. Magic was no unusual case, but the magic around this saloon seemed to be particularily powerful. There was likely some mighty vengeful spirit, or a mighty good prankster hanging around in them there building. Not that that would stop everypony was visiting. for on this fateful day, it would be purged of it's hallowing presence. What the folk's motivation is? It's likely that nopony knows except for him, but what was clear, is that he trotted a full day along the gargantuan appleloosa apple orchards, and he was gonan do somethin' bout that saloon there, yes siree.


Open RP, started with Crystal Belle

A horrendous winter wind overtakes a mysterious snowy wasteland. In these winds, a horrid creature of death and decay moves, freely. a single bite from this creature completely ends all within it's reach. But in these winds... there is a strange haunting magic, Leading them somewhere.

Ponies who get trapped in the storm found themselves forced to different lands, a strange surrounding that they do not know. They have been guided here, forced here by the storm. But these lands do not give in to Decay. In this peaceful area, Ponies seek respite from the harsh winter, but do not realize... Their respite will last far longer than they desire, for leaving is not that simple. The storm still rages on and the winter winds block them off from the rest of the world, but at the same time, protect them from the beast of decay.


Between Fantasy Flicker and Bright Eyes

The intrepid explorer Bright Eyes encounters a strange beach south from Vanhoover shores. There, she runs into the magical find of her lifetime...
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EEU (Expanded Equestria Universe)
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