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 Memorial to the Free

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Just Jack


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PostSubject: Memorial to the Free    Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:24 am

This is a memorial to those who have left, despite being the only reason we are back online like this. And to any who might leave in the future for any reason.

A friend and I, with the help of a funny little mod, slowly pulled this forum back from the brink. It was slow, and tedious. It took weeks, almost a month, but we did it. But those were different times, and they're changing now.

We few who put this place back together, have all but departed now. Perhaps for different reasons, but we are gone none the less.

Doodle left for her life, and I wish her the best in it. I left for a rift caused by the restrictions on creative freedom. I left because those who created the laws and creeds of this forum, and those who joined them, could not see past what they created.

They became so self absorbed in their ways, they refused to see past them. They place rules, and codes above creative freedom and personal vision for an ideal of your own. They grew arrogant, and sought to impose restrictions on the creations of others, and so they did.

Perhaps, I as well, have grown arrogant. But it is no matter. I have finished my time here.

To Ghost, Enigma, and other friends I have made here. I wish you all the best. May the stars shine down on whatever path you walk, my friends. I will see you another time.

To Doodle Bug. We had a good run, and I find it funny that the first two that came back, are the first two to leave.

To Fireseeker, and the other Admins. I pray that someday you will look past your walls, and see how much potential your rules destroy.

And to Delix. I'm sorry, I really am. But I refuse to sit idly by as the ideals I hold closest are trampled upon. I love you.

I write this post, and write it as my last. I have no guarantee, and no faith, that this post will not be deleted.

This is the end, my friends. Perhaps we shall meet again in another time, perhaps...

~This is Mr. J, signing off for the last time.
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Blind Side


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PostSubject: Re: Memorial to the Free    Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:50 am

Jack, we're sorry to see you go, and I do genuinely wish you the best. your RPs are definitely well written.

but here's the thing. from the start, we set out to create a place where everyone of all ages could come and have fun creating stories in the context of the show. It's true that we can't please everyone, as showcased here. at the end of the day, we aren't going to ignore possible effects on the entire community to please one person. allowing one person's character to have had these powers and statuses wouldn't be fair to the rest of the community who are here for simple Slice-of-life RP. allowing such powers and statuses, even if they don't have them anymore, puts that character above all others right off the start. and what happens when this other character is claiming to have the same status?

We created the Alternate Universe section for the people that wanted a lot more leniency from the rules, and even then, we've been easing up a lot recently. Clearly, it wasn't enough for you and we're sorry about that. If you have a better idea, we'd like to hear it. but remember. We will not Isolate an entire section of the community or disregard the rules as they are to make one person happy.

Like I said, I wish you the best. Sorry we couldn't make you happy.


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Memorial to the Free
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