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 Ave's Highschool Friends

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PostSubject: Ave's Highschool Friends   Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:22 am

Name: Hearth

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Appearance: Hearth is of average size, with a bright yellow coat and long Fiery hair, her red eyes surprisingly kind. Her cutiemark is a pair of scissors with a heart as a handle.

Personality: Hearth is kind, caring and a little slower than others. Her speech and mannerisms have the power to calm other ponies down and make them feel like they’re in a comfortable area, somewhere homely. She is somewhat overly caring, always trying to make sure everyone’s comfortable. She is very nervous and is always polite, unless it’s to her close friends like Ave and Regal, which she’ll gladly lecture or chastise because the two can come off as very rude.

History:  Hearth has had a very simple history in Manehatten, where she was born, on hearth warming’s eve, and raised. She was always fussing with her hair and styled it after her favourite pegasi, usually a fiery wonderbolt. In her styling, she earned recognition by other mares, who eventually asked for a likewise treatment. In giving that treatment, she spoke to them, and everyone felt happy. She wasn’t as good as a hairdresser, but with her in your hair, you were in a happier, calmer place. She earned her cutie mark by doing her female friends’ Manes. Later on, in highschool, she would meet Ave. A pony whom everyone said no one could get close to. Accepting the challenge, she attempted to befriend him, understand him. With Regal’s help and challenges towards Ave, the two eventually broke the shell, becoming best of friends with Ave. The three loved to go to peaceful places together, sitting and doing nothing else. After her school life with those two, she went on to directly find a job in a hair salon. She rooted her place as the kindest barber that Manehatten had to offer, and eventually joined a small group of Mares in starting a new barber where the spirit of kindness and homeliness was always present, even during the colder months.

Name: Regal Skyline

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: Tall, Elegant and Light blue with a cutie mark that is a cloud with some shimmers

Personality: Regal is a hardworking and competitive individual, using strong intellect and his special talent to live his dream of researching. He can be somewhat rude and quick to judge others, Being a very normal case of “Studies first, Ponies later” in most scenarios. Nonetheless, he is a loyal and true friend, who albeit difficult at first, makes strong bonds with those he considers true friends.

History: Regal was raised in Canterlot for his younger years, never being a huge outstander from the crowd. Born to rich parents, he went to a great school where he quickly learned, but he didn’t get his cutie mark until he once decided to help the only Pegasus in the class with their flying issues. He tried a magic spell to make a small updraft appear, and found it quite easy, much easier than the other classmates who wanted to help and meant well. With this strong updraft, the Pegasus learned to fly, and both he and the Pegasus earned their cutie mark that day. He later learned the walking on clouds spell with ease, casting it at unusually young age. However, due to problems with a family business branch over in manehatten, he had to abandon his hopes of going to a magical college in canterlot. It was here he decided to work hard and learn harder, becoming the hard working and learning individual he is to this day. Here he also met Ave, a conundrum no one else at school could crack, and the only pony he felt worthy of being his intellectual rival. Later on, he would finish that school, go study weather amongst a host of smart pegasi, and live in cloudsdale after graduating in weather. He researches meteorology in cloudsdale now, and keeps writing letters to Ave & Hearth.

Special ability: Regal is good with -all- flight and weather spells. While not an awesome wizard, he can quite easily cast cloudwalking on a group of people and give himself wings for even an extended duration. He is able to manipulate currents and weather with his spell, although not to an extreme degree.
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PostSubject: Re: Ave's Highschool Friends   Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:35 pm


Click links for character information:

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Ave's Highschool Friends
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