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 Pearl Facet

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PostSubject: Pearl Facet   Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:06 am

Pearl Facet

Reference pic credit for the pose: []


" />

Art is still WIP so here is what she looks like as a statue, a colour reference and her final unfinished shots of before the corruption and after.

Gender: Female
Species: Crystal Pony (approved by Fireseeker)
Mane: Cropped short, falling to a black gradient at the ends. There is a thin silver feather, the length of the main, braided.
Tail: Matches the mane but with multiple feathers. Secured by two bronze bands.
Eyes: Deep, piercing blue, like two battered sapphires.
Body: Average height and build for a crystal pony.
Cutie Mark: A branch covered with little crystals and pearls to symbolise 'extending the olive branch' (diplomacy), and branching between perspectives, etc.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult

[The Personality, Likes and Dislikes segments has been moved to after the History segment for reasons that will become clear]


Pearl Facet used to be one of the elite in the Crystal Empire around a thousand years ago. She had a happy, peaceful childhood and grew up to be a diplomat and a negotiator (aligning with her talent for manipulation – I mean, uh, /persuasion/ and diplomacy). As a diplomat working in high society, she got wind of how Sombra's madness was going to come to fruition long before it did, as well as witnessing his dark crystal magic firsthand when he displayed it in court. The system of her country started to collapse – she panicked – and at great personal risk, she stole a fragment of the dark crystal for proof and set off on a journey to seek help from the royal sisters. She only just made it out as he was making his final grab for power and the crystal ponies were at their worst point, and she watched from afar as he was banished... and her land with him. She was distraught – if only she'd acted sooner, if only Celestia and Luna had actually helped the ponies from the beginning instead of letting them be banished with their leader – and the dark crystal, which she had saved, fed on this distress. By the time she arrived at the Castle of the Two Sisters to confront the two monarchs (as it was in use at this time), she had been totally corrupted. Her appearance had changed a little (though not much), radiating a dark magic. The nobles of the court didn't know what to do, they assumed the threat had been banished, and tried a risky spell to imprison this new threat immediately, encasing her in stone. It wasn't worth the risk, they decided, of another Sombra, and nopony knew how to fix crystal corruption with the Empire gone now and Sombra himself banished. The split-second decision had been a good one. [A.N. – When she was trapped, the crystal put her into stasis. She does not remember anything from the last thousand years.] Nopony really ever got around to fixing that problem, either, with all the kerfuffle of Nightmare Moon rising the first time, and eventually (a thousand years later) pretty much everypony has forgotten that she wasn't just a statue to begin with.
She has yet to be released, but very soon, that is going to change.
((*ominous music*))

At home, Pearl Facet was brave, vibrant, strong and driven. Elements of this have remained with her, but the shine she used to carry with her has been rather dulled. (Not literally of course – well, maybe a little – so much of this app has so many poetic interpretations and it was rather accidental I love it)

An interest in politics betrays sometimes a thirst for power in people ponies, and as much as she would deny it, Pearl Facet has always been an ambitious and driven mare with high expectations and little sympathy for those she surpasses in order to reach a goal. This is not such a problem when a diplomat is engaging in some healthy competition and is willing to fight for the agreements she needs to achieve, but when these qualities are unleashed by a disregard for the regular social norms in favour of a chaotic instability, things go wrong.

After the Empire was cursed and vanished, Pearl lost everything she loved, all at once – and this would have been enough to get to anypony, but what really tormented her was that this was forseeably preventable. If she had acted sooner, if the princesses had come to the rescue instead of just smiting down the problem...

In her current state she is wracked by bouts of guilt and anger, but a glimmer of her old self is still there, just waiting to be given some love and support so that she can break out of the shell of instability she has put up. It will hurt to break through and think about her past, but it is the only way she can heal from it.

Before the disaster, her likes were more trivial – chocolate, her work, stability, a challenge, speaking out, writing, a good chat, arguing (in good spirits) with friends, the Crystal Empire (home). She used to not mind loud rooms but now she prefers the quiet. Fighting ponies has taken on a more sinister edge and arguments are not always so fair on her part.

Dislikes: Being reminded of what happened by other ponies, upheaval, being patronised or talked down to, being restrained or confined.

Example RP segment:
A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

The streets of the Crystal Empire were hazy with smoke and a throbbing red light as Pearl Facet galloped haphazardly along. She had to get out of the city. She had to, and fast, and she couldn't let anything stop her this time –
 Somewhere to her left, she heard the unmistakable cry of a foal and against her will she skidded to a jarring halt. The little filly was right in the middle of the broad road, sitting on its rump and not moving an inch as the world was collapsing around it.
 "I-I-I-I've lost my mum!" It howled plaintively. Pearl felt her heart, already breaking, ache a little more. "I lost her, I lost her, she's gone... she's gone..."
 She approached the foal slowly – she was running out of time – and tried to keep her voice gentle, though it shook.
 "Sweetheart," she murmured. "Are you –"
 "She's gone," The filly cried, "She's gone. You didn't save her."
 Peal froze. "Wh... what?" she whispered.
 "You didn't save any of us, Pearl. It's all gone. Your home is –"

Pearl Facet woke up from the nightmare with her chest heaving, fresh tears and chilled sweat pouring down her face. It was sometime just after midnight, and the wind rattled the branches of the trees of the woods in a menacing kind of way as she stared around, dazed, and hauled herself to her feet. She'd been travelling at breakneck pace all the way from the Empire - where the empire had been - , too fast to let herself sleep – but she must have slipped. Messed up. Again. The crystal she wore in the bag around her neck hummed a little, and she felt a chill go through her as she pressed it to her chest with a hoof. There wasn't time for sleep.
 She had a job to do.

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PostSubject: Re: Pearl Facet   Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:39 am

All seems good to me. Love the detail you put into your apps :)

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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Pearl Facet
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