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 An Excessive Talent Show (Destiny Seeker & Bright Eyes)

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Fantasy Flicker

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PostSubject: Re: An Excessive Talent Show (Destiny Seeker & Bright Eyes)   Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:31 am

Destiny looked somewhat worried. He watched as Bright eyes told that she was't sure about her future. "Well, there's two sides to that coin. And... well, you have no real choice but to accept the choices you've already made, so you're not in an unusual position... And perhaps... You've already found what you're looking for but you've never been aware of it? After all, you seem plenty happy when you're not thinking about this all, right?" He mentioned to her, referring to how she usually felt. Perhaps that's what she needed to know? He hadn't a clue, it wasn't an issue he dealt with often, but he's had plenty a discussion with people who felt the same, feeling their cutie mark was a mystery.

"You should probably sleep on it. It's unpleasant now, but the day you get bad news in is always a little worse then the day after." he said, although with a long enough pause to give her a chance to talk, first. The two were already by the hotel. It wasn't a spectacular building, by far. It was far more humbling and the shape of a inn, although somewhat taller than an usual inn. Before walking inside with her, he gave her a chance to reply and say something more. He remained close to the wall by the entrance of the hotel. one of the street lights shone close to them, the cold of night and the light of the city surrounding them. It wasn't completely silent, though, with many a pony walking outside at early night in Canterlot. There were many nighttime parties and luxurious festivities.
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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: An Excessive Talent Show (Destiny Seeker & Bright Eyes)   Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:47 pm

Silently, she considered the stallion's words.  Maybe he was right.  Maybe she had discovered what she wanted without even knowing it.  But what did it at all?  She was supposed to be smart, but her own life and future were just beyond her grasp and comprehension.  Bright would take what she felt and what Destiny said and ponder it... incessantly, as it was in the mare's nature to dwell on great mysteries.  This time, the mystery was deeply personal - and Bright Eyes was determined to understand her place.  Wherever she belonged.

With a gentle smile, she nodded in gratitude.  "Thank you, Destiny Seeker.  I am glad to have met you, truly." After a moment, she turned away from him to enter the inn, grateful for the warmth within it.

Perhaps they would see each other again, if fate allowed.  But Bright Eyes intended to leave early in the morning, to be back on her way, back on the road she believed she belonged to - with much more to think about now than only hours before her latest encounter.  Destiny had managed to touch her life in a surprised way.
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An Excessive Talent Show (Destiny Seeker & Bright Eyes)
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