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PostSubject: Destiny Seeker   Destiny Seeker I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2016 7:51 pm

Destiny Seeker Destiny_Version_zps4v7cvkke
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Short and well kept, a Dark mossy green.
Tail: Very short and kept orderly in a band, spiraling into a tiny ball.
Eyes: Dark blue, have only a very slight gleam, much less compared to your average pony.
Body: a tad shorter than your average stallion, ending up at the same size as an average Mare
Cutie Mark: A dark ominous cloud, with unpleasant green circles all over it, but in the middle a single bright shine.
Age (Baby, adult): Young adult
Special: While using magic, outside of the usual coloring, Destiny’s horns and ears will glow a radiant Whitish blue.

Destiny is a thinker’s pony, Always in thought and always theorizing what he should be doing next. He happily sinks into books and studies magic, having great talent for it!

When not in his books, he is an overly kind and caring pony. He wants to help people, sometimes a bit too much, not realizing some people are best left alone or need some time by themselves. He likes to plan things out for a long term so will commonly create whole yearlong plans for other ponies if they’re feeling lost, occasionally in too much detail.

Destiny’s goal in life is to help other ponies find and realize their destinies, that which their cutie marks will lead them towards. He puts a great deal of attention in other ponies’ cutie marks and sometimes forgets the boundaries of personal space in his obsession over cutie marks.

When angered, Destiny’s nature takes a quick 180, Due to his affinity towards magical spells which control bad feelings. His Magic becomes more ferocious and he will use the spell he made his trademark, A spell which multiplies bad feelings within you.

Likes: Cutie Marks (Obsession), Studying, Long term plans, magic itself, Ponies willing to talk about dark magic.
Dislikes: Ponies disliking or denying their Cutie Marks (coughAvecough), Ponies who would want to delve in dark magic without a proper idea why, ‘going with the flow’


Destiny was born in Manehatten, under the name “Trueshine Brilliance” due to his horn shining a beautiful light when he was already a mere foal. To great joy of his parents and surprise of his teachers, he excelled in every subject, although he would have 4 equals, which would become his friends. Intellectual Awesome, Weaving Perfection, Iridescent Force and Smiling Coruscation. The 5 would always discuss what cutie marks they would get, unsure due to their ability to excel at every subject. Eventually, the5 decided to rise up to some bullies. It was a long and arduous plan. Weaving Perfection would charm them, break their heart. Smiling Coruscation would console them and make them feel angry instead of sad. Destiny would use a spell he found to make them even angrier, so they would attack Weaving Perfection. Iridescent force was there to fight them off, and Intellectual Awesome would rat them out against the teacher. Halfway through, they realized framing these bullies was really rude, and in the end, Intellectual Awesome didn’t rat anyone out but kept both parties outside of the teacher’s reach, making it seem like nothing happened. The night after the problem was ‘resolved’, all 5 of them had a horrible nightmare, and received their cutiemarks during the nightmare. When they met together, they thought their cutiemarks stood for how they executed the plan, what they had each did… so they decided their cutiemarks were bad things. They started calling them ‘cruelty’ marks, and avoided using those talents. They each went to their own secondary education, not to meet one another since.

Destiny would go off to study elsewhere, in Canterlot. At first he avoided magical classes, focusing on the rest, preferably with as little magic as possible, as he had received the idea that his cruelty mark corrupted every spell he had or would cast. Eventually though, he would make friends which did take magic classes, and he’s occasionally help them. In aiding them, he quickly caught up the year he didn’t take magic classes, and appeased for a chance to take magic classes anyways, under the motivation of his friends. He would take magic classes, and excel in them, much like he did in every other subject.

Eventually, however, as things go, he was accused for cheating by a bully, and others called him a nerd. He didn’t care much for it, as his friends remained true to him. One faithful day however, a bully managed to hurt him and his friends’ feelings, incurring his wrath. He used a spell on the bully, to make the bully truly angry, using his special talent. The bully attacked them, allowing Destiny to retaliate without making the teachers mad at him, however, he had never expected his dark magic to burst out of control in his retaliation. He hurt the bully in such a way that the bully never would bully anyone else again, but he also made his friends and other ponies fear him.

He started truly condemning his cutie mark. He had lost hope and no longer believed in true friends, for his friends left him. He stopped going to classes, using a disguise spell to go to exams, showing up as a random pony who ‘never came to their classes’. He still passed with flying marks, much to the confusion of his classmates, because they had never seen him again.

It is only when he went to his final magical education, a college for the magical arts in Canterlot, that he would slowly open up again to everypony, eventually even making acquaintances. He was astonished by how much more mature ponies were in a college for magical arts, and finally enjoyed excelling at his subject. He would eventually be approached about his peculiar cutie mark, and when all joy and hope drained away from him, a teacher unexpectedly told him “every cutie mark has a destiny tied to it. And the fact that you’re not on the path to evil, proves you have a different destiny you will head towards.” And these words would stick to him forever. He had attained a new belief in destiny, and now studies tales, cutie marks and magic with new vigor, even though he’s practically done with his college. He believes now that he has a great destiny to fulfill, and he’ll help others fulfill theirs until his becomes clear to him.

2. A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

"Oh but this is simply fascinating!  said Destiny with a joyous tone, instantly noting his findings down on a piece of paper. "your cutie mark is the most interesting I’ve seen! A destiny so unclear~!

"y-yes b-but… The poor lass said with a blush. Destiny continued inspecting her. "It will be such a pleasure working with you He smiled with a nod. "Perhaps you’ll even show talent in Magic?, he said, nodding and looking to her. "T-the only magic I see here.. is the spell you’ve cast on me… She hinted, desiring to get to know Destiny better. He however, as expected, was still inspecting her flank. "have you ever tried casting a spell? Oh, wait, sorry, I’ve gotten so carried away I didn’t even notice you don’t have a horn. Destiny huffed to himself, looking discontent, although not nearly as discontent as her.

"Please tell me you’re joking… She sighed, looking to him longingly. He blinked. "Joking about.. What? N-not noticing your wings? I-I’m so sorry, ma’- she grunted and pushed him away, trotting off into the distance. He would stare as she ran… and it slowly dawned on him. "Oh… Oh no… I never even noticed she was sharing her… oh my… i-I should have at least let her known that i’ve many things to worry about, before I can worry about love… a forlorn sigh left his lips. " Perhaps one day I can meet a true love… but she’ll have much to deal with. A soft grimace crept upon his face. He felt bad now, perhaps it was time to.. spend some time away from other ponies.

A picture of Destiny and (mostly his) Friends:
(Regal Skyline and Hearth are not his friends)
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Seeker   Destiny Seeker I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2016 8:02 pm

Omg, you forgot the magic word at the bottom!!!11!

But Approved

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