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 Raging Inferno

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PostSubject: Raging Inferno   Raging Inferno I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2016 10:46 pm

Raging Inferno
Raging Inferno Dr6yxv
Gender:  Stallion
Species:  Unicorn
Mane:  Appears like flames emerging from his forehead and nape, with blazing red tips and shades of amber and gold.
Tail:  Matching his mane, his tail is warm hues of red and orange.
Eyes:  Unsettling, blood red iris and unnaturally small pupils
Body:  Large and muscular in build, his pelt is deepest black.  His muzzle and hooves are a bloody shade.
Cutie Mark:  Volcano oozing orange lava, with an uncontrollable fire erupting from within.
Age:  Adult

Personality:  Cruel, sadistic, and vile: Inferno is a bulky pony sculpted of rage and muscle.  He takes out his fury on others and sees them all as less-than – he is the strongest unicorn, in his twisted mind, and the wisest. Inferno is also highly narcissistic and expects others to regard him with dignity and respect that he demands.  As his name suggests, he is quick to anger and violence is as natural as breathing to him.  He has no regard for others or their suffering.  On the contrary, he finds it amusing when others can’t save themselves.  He is assertive to the extreme, and possessive – what Inferno wants, he will take and defend with all the vengeance that dwells within his hateful heart and mind.

Likes:  Submissive ponies.  Attractive mares.  The thrill of ownership of others.  Dark magic.  Playing with fire.
Dislikes:  He loathes weakness.  He dislikes water and water magic (for obvious reasons), and he will fight against ponies who cannot be easily forced into his control.

History:  Inferno’s story is best told through the evolution of his name.  At birth, the ebony pony was called Little Spark, in homage to his unicorn father, Lightning Fire – an emotionally distant, demanding stallion who demeaned and humiliated his son at every opportunity.  His mother was a pegasus named Fancy Free.  She was strict with her son but physically distant, often taking advantage of the fact that she had wings and her colt did not.  She would spend hours in the clouds while Little Spark cried for her on the ground below.  Soon, he learned not to rely on either parent.  They became his enemy while he was still a ‘blank flank.’

As the colt grew, his mean-spirited nature and sadistic ways soon became evident and known in the community.  He had no friends, so he spent time torturing smaller animals with his fire magic, which he studied with fervent devotion.  He soon earned a new name:  Raging Spark, due to his volatile behaviors that only worsened as he aged.

His cutie mark appeared after an intense fight with his father – as he screamed, his horn glowed a menacing black and his father was rendered unable to speak.  As the colt laughed, an exploding volcano, fiery and angry, appeared on his leg.

He was an embarrassment to his family and an outcast in his village when he was a teenager, but he was planning his revenge as he studied books about dark, ancient magic behind his locked doors.  Even his parents had begun to fear him as he kept to himself and plotted.  He finally exploded in fury before he reached adulthood, storming out of his village with fire in his wake.  He had earned his final moniker:  Raging Inferno.

Now, he has set up residence in the abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters in order to create a life of his choosing: of domination and power, controlling through fear, intimidation, and dark magic.  He seeks ponies with a variety of talents – scientists and wizards to create potions and inventions, ponies to serve him.  And Raging Inferno doesn’t ask – he takes what he wants, no matter the cost.

Example RP: 1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street ….

The town’s ponies cast nervous glances at the stranger who had appeared in the tiny village – as dark as midnight, Raging Inferno stalked down the road, inspecting the shops.  Heads disappeared behind window curtains and slamming doors as he approached, shocked gasps audible as they looked at him – or, rather, away from him.  They all hid away when he came near.

The ear-piercing cries of a foal were an interesting sound, drawing Inferno’s attention to the street.  Sitting alone, wailing obnoxiously, was a little white colt with a shock of pale green mane – all alone, much to its misfortune.  Inferno stepped closer to the colt and glanced around for a worried mother, but if one existed, she was missing.

The colt’s cries had hushed into a fearful gape as Inferno gazed down at the foal, silently deciding what was to be done with the child.  He was still young enough to train and mold into something worthwhile, he decided.  Without comment from the dark stallion, his horn glowed a disturbing black and the frightened colt levitated in the air before him, green eyes wide and stunned.  Inferno could hear a scream, but in the blink of an eye, both the stallion and the foal had vanished into thin air.


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PostSubject: Re: Raging Inferno   Raging Inferno I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2016 6:16 pm

The perfect movie villain


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Raging Inferno
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