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 Mr. J's Archive of Drifting Thoughts and a Memorial to the Old Guard

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PostSubject: Mr. J's Archive of Drifting Thoughts and a Memorial to the Old Guard   Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:04 am

>Entry 01: Monologue Ramblings of a Veteran Member of the forum.
>Subject of Study: Mcewanman
>Status: Self Discharged, living happily. Perhaps inquire about a formal discharge and Ceremony of Honor? Will think more on the matter at a later date.

>Transmitting Manuscripts...



>Transfer Complete.

>[19:13:33 07/10/2016] mcewanman : No longer a mod, guess that makes sense.

>[19:21:27 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Man I'm rereading all my old stuff, can see the foundations of the stuff I wrote now.

>[19:22:51 07/10/2016] mcewanman : I kinda regret MLP, if people I actually know ever finds out I was into it I'd be embarassed but at least I found this place.

>[19:24:03 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Hell I think it even taught me some of the writing basics

>[19:24:23 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Mary sues, character traits, it's all necessary.

>[19:25:33 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Dunno why I'm even writing this

>[19:26:09 07/10/2016] mcewanman : I guess I'm kind of shitpostinf, posting stuff so someone looks at the archives and thinks "man MC hit the rum hard, typical Scot"

>[19:26:22 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Then again I suppose that would only work if I was drunk

>[19:26:41 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Nowhere else where I can temporarily write my thoughts I suppose

>[19:27:55 07/10/2016] mcewanman : I occasionally think of this place randomly and just peek my head round the door. I'm in Uni now so I have time, but not the motivation.

>[19:29:05 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Man I was a borderline weeaboo reading this stuff

>[19:29:22 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Still we all grow, and not like anime's a bad thing.

>[19:29:46 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Hell I watched Gurren Lagann and Evangelism the other day, two of the best anime's I've ever seem

>[19:30:33 07/10/2016] mcewanman : I guess I'm writing this as a little message just for the people that know me - doodle and fireseeker mainly.

>[19:31:11 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Other OGs are probably still here under different names but I can't be bothered to check

>[19:32:54 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Feels weird not being a mod, I remember having one or two extra powers. Still can't expect an inactive user to keep em

>[19:34:48 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Ah god I can't bear to read this

>[19:35:13 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Basically those reading the archives are finding the ramblings of a very bored man

>[19:35:49 07/10/2016] mcewanman : Point is, I'm still about. In uni, having a good time, no interest in MLP. Only person I still keep up with is Ash. She's doing well.

>User Mr. J Signed Off

A Joker, an Ace, and a King. One soul and fate, bound to three hearts. One Lost, One Just, One Wicked.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. J's Archive of Drifting Thoughts and a Memorial to the Old Guard   Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:11 pm

Coincidentally, I just thinking about Mcewanman the other day. Had a look at some threads of ours from a while back.
Good to know he's still around and doing well.

OG for life :)

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Mr. J's Archive of Drifting Thoughts and a Memorial to the Old Guard
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