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 Wind Sprint's Cottage

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PostSubject: Wind Sprint's Cottage   Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:30 pm

Wind Sprint's Cottage

Destination of house:Ponyville

Area:Edge of Whitetail Wood

Address you want:12 Galloping Way

No. of rooms:7

How many stories:2

Which rooms: Living room, kitchen/dining room, downstairs bathroom,  downstairs office/guest room, upstairs master bedroom, smaller upstairs bedroom and upstairs bathroom.

List the rooms and their size and appearance:

Living room:The largest room in the house, it has a large couch, two sitting chairs, plenty of room for entertaining family and friends. The floors in here are a dark stained, hard wood all throughout the house and the walls are white with one wall being an entire bookcase, everything is neat and tidy. This is where the stairs leading to the second floor are located and also where the downstairs bathroom is.

Kitchen/dining room: The second largest room in the house, it's spacious and has full sized appliances with tall, granite counters to accommodate for Wind Sprint's height. There is no overhead storage but plenty of storage under the counters and a hutch sitting against a wall next to a large dining table with 8 chairs that holds glasses, dishes and silverware so Quick Stitch can easily reach with help from a stepping stool off to the side. The fridge is well stocked with ingredients and snacks and located next to a double oven set into the wall and the stove. The kitchen sink is settled under a large window that lets in plenty of light and gives a good view into the front yard.

Downstairs bathroom: A simple half bath with a toilet and sink. That is all.

Office/guest room: A room with a bookshelf built around the door leading in and a desk set up against a wall with a window, the opposite wall has a murphy bed that pulls down for guests  and the wall next to it has a small closet for guests and storage.

Upstairs master bedroom/Wind Sprint's room: Like most everything in the house, the decor is simple and tidy, no mess. There is a closet on one wall  and a large glass door that leads onto a small balcony with a comfortable chair and small table. The king sized bed is pristinely made and set against one wall with beside tables and lamps on both sides, a large chest sitting at the foot of the bed holds blankets and sheets.

Upstairs smaller bedroom/Quick Stitch's room: The messiest room in the house, Quick Stitch insisted that the room's walls be painted purple and blue with the posters of his favorite pop singers and fashion icons haphazardly strewn about. His bed is a mess of colorful sheets and blankets that never get made unless company is coming over or Wind Sprint finally breaks down and makes it himself. A toy chest sits at the foot of the bed with his dress up clothes practically spilling out since he can't shut it unless someone sits on it first. There are sets of drawers with other toys falling out and a small desk for Quick to do homework or work on his latest masterpiece of art. Beside the desk is a small play vanity with make up and foal safe hair styling tools. The small closet is bursting with designer clothes and accessories he's gotten over the years, not quite willing to part with any of his treasures despite prompting from both Wind Sprint and his aunt.

Upstairs bathroom: Both tidy and messy, Wind Sprint and Quick Stitch share this space. There is a large tub with a shower, a toilet and then a dual sink set up. There is no decor since neither like what the other wants.
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Wind Sprint's Cottage
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