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 This is the reason...

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PostSubject: This is the reason...   This is the reason... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 3:52 am

Ok... So get ready for a long winded tale of my ever decaying life yay!

On Sunday of last week, I let my dogs out in our fenced in back yard and the neighbor had his dog out roaming as well, They ran to the fence barking as they usually do so I kind of watched them when my littlest (Yorkie) stuck his head through the fence; noted that he has gone through the fence on multiple occasions but has never strayed from our yard; the neighbor's dog, a much larger dog, pulls our yorkie through the fence by his neck and slings him around like a rag doll. I start screaming, the neighbor notices and gets him away, my yorkie is bleeding profusely from his neck and so we had to take him to the emergency vet.

About five hours later, they bring him back all stapled up and very dazed from the pain meds. During the course of the rest of the week, he just laid around not really wanting to move. So we let him up until we had to give him oral pain meds... oh boy... we had to shove it down his throat since he refused to take any kind of food or peanut butter (understandable since his neck was messed up.) and upon him lifting his neck to refuse the pill, (graphic details aside unless you want them...) they told us he would drain but not in this way... (Really red, looked like blood so I took him to the vet on wed after waiting a while since parents were convinced it was drainage instead of blood and made me wait it out.)

They told us the red was normal and gave him a neck brace but told us to come back Thursday. Well, ok... I did so and they told us it was very infected and that he needed to stay to flush the wound. So we left him and it's been days since we left him and he still refuses to eat so they are having to force feed him through a tube. (Gross!) So yeah, my nerves are a little bit elevated and I know asking for more time is kind of pushing it for a mod but ... yeah, I might snap at some without really meaning to... If I do, then I'm so, so, so sorry! >.<
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This is the reason...
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