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 Dawn Shard

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PostSubject: Dawn Shard   Fri Dec 25, 2015 4:17 am

Dawn Shard

 Sorry guys, Pony Creator is the best I can do for now, her hair is proving to be a beast to draw (because I kinda suck ^^)- this is up just for the time being, a proper image of her with a lot more character will be uploaded very soon.

What I really wanted to do with Dawn was to make a pony that's both strong and sweet-tempered. I have plans for where she needs to go in the future, but for that, I'll need to set up a few RPs ;)

Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Mid-length, wavy, and flipped over to one side. It is mane-ly a lemon yellow. It has thin streaks in two shades: Eggshell blue and a seafoam green.
Tail: A little shorter than the mane, but similar in style- wavy with identical colouration.
Eyes: Large and gentle, A soft blue.
Body: The palest shade of peach you could get.
Cutie Mark: A shield shaped like a blue heart.

Age (Baby,adult): Very late teens.

 Dawn Shard is tough, dependable, optimistic, and likes to have fun... she also has a big a soft side.
 Dawn tries hard at everything she does, and always likes to be included. She's sweet and very strong-willed. This means she will always put other ponies before herself. It is something of a fatal flaw, because her friends' needs will always come first, even when it inconveniences her. She will stick up for the people she cares about until her last breath, always trying to win arguments on their behalf. If someone she loves is in danger, she doesn't give her own safety a second thought. She can be suffocating when she gets carried away- but her friends know she does it out of love and are more than willing to forgive her for it. She's confident, dedicated and actually quite diciplined- if she has a goal. When she doesn't know where she's going she can fall into a rut, and get listless and rambly.
 She doesn't mind being alone with her own company, and if she's comfortable in her surroundings she could be happily alone- but really she prefers being with others.

Likes: Flying at dawn, when the world is still and she can let her mind wander, sitting on the fluffy pink clouds and flying lazily. She enjoys the company of calm ponies, and working hard to achieve her goals. Being treated as an equal is all she asks from most ponies. She loves her friends and family, dogs, sprawling flower gardens, and the odd adventure once in a while- so long as everypony gets home safe at the end.

Dislikes: Ponies who are always in a rush. Dawn also can't stand bullies. She doesn't like to be cooped up and she hates boredom. When ponies take something for nothing, don't say 'thanks' 'please' or 'sorry', it rankles her a bit, and being patronised or held back unfairly will bring out the fire in her.

  Dawn Shard was named for the colours in her pelt- which are all the shades of morning's first light. Her parents- hopeless romantics- liked to say it was as if a piece of the sky had fallen and could be seen in their baby filly. She is quite pretty.  
 She grew up in the pegasus city of Cloudsdale, and her natural optimism and hard-working spirit made her keen to get to flight school. She progressed quickly and easily and has always been a strong, fairly fast flier- not to a competition grade, but quick enough.
  She realised fairly quickly that though she was good at it, flying was not to be her special talent, and neither was weather- she could do the basics of moving clouds and clearing them away, but she didn't feel a real drive for it, and other ponies were much better than she was.
 As she grew, more and more ponies recieved their cutie marks... and when she didn't, she began to worry. What was she actually good at? Really good at? Her friends assured her that it would come- whatever 'it' was- it came to everypony, sometimes when they weren't even expecting it!
 They didn't know how true this was going to be for Dawn.
 One day when at home with her family, Dawn was chatting animatedly with her mother while her father cleaned up after their lunch. Her baby brother Dusk Heart was playing on the windowsill, jumping up and flapping his tiny wings.
 "... And then I said to her, 'You only just started, the double barrel roll is for professionals', and then she said that she was and I said 'Nu-uh', and she said 'Uh-huh'! and then- wait-" Dawn broke off her extremely fast ramble to glance back around the kitchen. "Where's Duskie?"
 Her mother looked up blankly. "Hmm? What was that, dear?"
 Quick as a bullet, Dawn flew out the open window and started scanning around for her brother, who was nosing around a hole in their cloudy backyard.
 "Duskie come away from there!" she called shrilly.
 "Dawn... look!" Her brother hopped up into the air over the hole... he hovered... his wings spluttered- he was going to fall...
 Just as his wings stopped flapping, Dawn Shard crashed into him, knocking him to safety and landing heavily on the other side of the small abyss. She rolled to a stop, coughed up a piece of cottony cloud, and shook her head quickly to clear it.
 "Dawn!" she heard her father's voice from next to the house.
 "It's okay- I got him!" she answered, still woozy from her quick flight and crash landing. Dusk Heart was giggling to himself as his mother swept him up and scolded him for trying to fly so early. Dawn smiled when she saw her brother safe, a rush of relief sweeping over her.
 "No- sweetie- Look! Your cutie mark!"
 Dawn immediately craned her neck around, and gasped. The blue heart shape glinted back at her from her rump.
 "I did it! I did it!"
 She wanted to jump for joy, but... she couldn't figure out exactly what it was that she had done...
 Throughout her adolescence, Dawn got that same rush as she had on the day her cutie mark appeared quite a few times. When she stood up to bullies, when she stopped a friend getting in trouble... but she still wasn't exactly sure what her talent actually was, or what her resulting destiny could be.
 She guessed it must be... looking after other ponies, yes, something about that felt right, but- She wasn't supposed to be a nurse or a doctor, she wasn't good at art with the fancy symbol in the middle of it....
 Whatever the case, finding a job was becoming more and more important- after school finished for her, Dawn thought she had no choice but to get out of Cloudsdale, take the reins of her own destiny [so many puns this app] and find her own path. She's now set off on a trip around Equestria, thinking she might follow her younger brother to Canterlot, where he went to find a different school. Maybe a trip will broaden Dawn's horizons enough for her to really see where fate is taking her...

Example RP segment:
 A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation...

 Dawn skipped from cloudy tuft to tufty cloud, humming happily as she got kicked away the orangey clouds for the sunset. It was the end of a fairly normal day.
 One of her friends- scheduled to make this evening a clear one- had fallen ill, so she was standing in. As fun as the task was, it was reminding her of that ever-present reminder in the back of her head- she needed to get a proper job. Perched on the last whisp of cloud, she let a small huff of breath out through her nose and looked down at the terraces of Cloudsdale to distract herself.
 All was wel-
 The wavering sound of a foal crying floated up to Dawn Shard on the evening breeze. She pivoted straight away and headed for the sound, touching down in front of a very small pevasus pony.
 "Little one," Dawn said over the sounds of the crying, lowering her face so that she was eye to eye with the foal, "What's wrong?"
 "M-m-m-my mother!" the young pony howled, tears streaming down its cheeks and off its muzzle.
 "What's the trouble with your mum, sweetie?" Dawn continued soothingly, slowly sinking down into a lying position so she was right next to the foal.
 "She's g-g-g-gone!"
 "Gone? Oh no. Well I'm sure she can't have gone very far-"
 "She was right here and now she's left me!"
 "Oh dear... Well, don't worry. I'll wait with you for her."
 The foal sniffled a bit more, then looked up at Dawn Shard through big, watery eyes. "W... Wait?"
 "Of course. She'll be back. You'll see. I'll look after you until she gets here."
 "You'll... stay?"
  Dawn smiled down at the young pony. "Right here."
 "Well... Okay," it replied hesitantly, in a small voice.
 Dawn waited with the foal, asking it questions about what it liked in school and how it had recieved its cutie mark until-
 "MY BABY- oh, thank you, thank you-"
 "MUM!" The foal flew straight to the mare and the two embraced.
 "It's no trouble, honestly," Dawn said with a smile, and watched as the mother and child trotted away together...

[Acceptance] *big, hopeful eyes*

((P.S. - Merry Christmas, Everypony! santa ))

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn Shard   Fri Dec 25, 2015 3:58 pm

This looks good but I see a few issues:

1. " "... And then I said to Cloud Chaser, 'You only just started, the double barrel roll is for professionals', and then she said that she was and I said 'Nu-uh', and she said 'Uh-huh'! and then- wait-" Dawn broke off her extremely fast ramble to glance back around the kitchen. "Where's Duskie?" "

We want to stay as far away from canon ponies as possible being as this is an Oc forum.

2. The rp segment just ends abruptly without us really knowing what happened to the foal and if it found the mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Dawn Shard   Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:36 am

Oh, I just made up the name Cloud Chaser! I knew Cloudkicker was canon, but I'll change that one up. ^^

And I can put an ending onto the RP segment easily. I'll do that now.
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PostSubject: Re: Dawn Shard   Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:26 am

Cloud Chaser was Cloud kicker's sister or the purple pegasus with wild white and blue hair!

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn Shard   

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Dawn Shard
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