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 Dream Sickle

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PostSubject: Dream Sickle   Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:38 pm

Dream Sickle
Image of Sickle:
Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Mane: short, punkish, style. Light blue with random areas of white.

Tail: medium length, style punk, light blue with a single strip of white.

Eyes: blueish green.

Body: Darkish blue.

Cutie Mark: A snow flake with a wave behind it.

Age (Baby, adult): 24. Adult

Personality: She was raised to treat others the way you like to be treated so, She is nice to others hoping they do the same. She likes to be happy and make those around her happy. Especially friends and customers. She also knows not to read a book by it's cover. She a little on the weird side as she think that artist shouldn't be restricted to acting snobbish, professional and perfect. She kind of a gambler, enjoys a good risk or thrill. 
However, She doesn't like to deal with ponies that don't even try to be happy or cheer up. Or when ponies try to be "clever" and use ice puns. Sickle heard them all a thousands times and it got sickening after the 50th time. Due to an nightmare as a filly. Sickle has an extreme phobia of phoenixes, one flying over her is enough to make her jump and hide under a table. 

Likes: Making ice sculptures (the more over the top and creative. The more she enjoys it.), art, Music (Which she normally listen to while she makes a sculpture.) Ice Skating, horror stories, eggplant.

Dislikes: Ponies that are constantly depress, Critics, Phoenixes (More of a fear then a dislike.) Castles. (First three time making them fun, 50th time, UGG) Ice puns.

History: Born in vanhoover, Sickle had a seeming normal life. Only child
of loving parents. Her Unicorn mom, was an artist, that enjoy share her passion with her filly. And her Pegasuse dad that worked in the weather factory, making snow flakes.  That about the end of her being normal. She was a winter craze pony. She loved anything and all things winter/ snow based: Snow ball fights, snow ponies, hiding in piles of snow and jump scaring ponies, all that kind of stuff, she was into. "Don't stay out in the snow too long or you catch a cold." She would hear her mom constantly remind her. Even though she never got sick.

One day while school everything seems to be going fine, until Sickle sneezed. This being weird for her since this is the first time in 8 years she sneezed, also the sneeze, coat the classroom and mates with a blanket of snow. In a nervous little panic. She use use her magic in attempt to get rid of the snow, but all she could of manage was form it in to shapes. In which she decide she should have fun with it and made the snow in a bunch of small shapes and form them into a Hearts warming tree. (In the middle of fall)
Her teacher and most of her classmates found the ice tree quiet lovely, Some classmates were still a little mad about get in coated in snow. She might have got 2 weeks detention and grounded for a bit. But she did walked out of the classroom with her cutie mark.

As she went to learn more about what she could do with her talent, she experimented to find out that the snow came from her horn. Experimenting with her snow she could compress the snow tightly into pieces of ice that she could form into shapes . Given this, she figure she could use her ice to make sculptures seeing that it combines her love of art and winter.

As her small Ice sculpture business started taking off. The commute from vanhoover to rest of equestria was getting too long and she wanted something new, as vanhoover just get boring after a few year. She decided to leave her parents and went on her own to the town of ponyville. More in the center of equestria. known enough to get notice. but, not too busy that she becomes too big of a celebrity.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)"
Robber scenario
As sickle delver her sculpture to her client and receive her pay., Dream Sickle decide to take an her time and walk around the town for a bit. Asn shady fellow run pass her and rammed her out of the way.
"Hey, Rush is not a good excuse for rudeness. Also you dropped something." Sickle picked up what seems to be some form of club. While she picked it it up. She perked up when, she heard some pony yelling at her.
"Freeze Theft." The unicorn guard address to her.
Oh, freeze, ha ha, Wait, Theft? "Wait, what? This isn't mine. It that thing in a cloak that just ran by.
"That club in your hoofs was used in a robbery, seems like you didn't had time to lose the evidence, including the bag of loot." The guard pony try to levitate the bag of her bits that she had recently just earned, out of her saddle bag.
Sickle grabbed the bag and shoved it back into her saddle bag. "That the money I just earn from my sculpture, watch." She turn her head to the side and Made an small pile of snow from her horn, using her magic to turn it to an ice sphere. "See I make ice sculptures for a living and if I was a theft trying to rob a store, I could of just used the ice."
"Un hu, likely story, tell it to the judge." The guard then pulled out a pair of hoof cuff.
Crad, I can't get arrest my art career would be completely trashed,
"Umm." Aw heck with It. Not being to think of much else. Sickle lunged her head forward and landed a kiss on the guard's lips. Kissing just long enough for the guard to drop the cuffs and go in to confusion of what is going on.
And RUN LIKE HECK. Sickle released the kiss and gave the dazed and confused guard a quick shoved before running off to the train.

Last edited by Sickle on Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:52 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : 2nd attempt)
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Sickle   Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:40 am

Welcome to our forum ^^

The first thing I see is that you misspelled snow 'flake' in the cutie mark section. And can you please separate each section with spaces in between so it is easier to tell what from what? ^^ The sentences all seem really choppy (except for some near the end!), meaning that there isn't enough space in between each '.' making it not exactly flow as well ^^

The personality is a bit short so maybe explain how she feels when she runs into her likes and dislikes. The snow was ok if it was a spell (Only coming from the horn) is what I meant in the chat ^^ I'm terribly sorry for that mix up >.<

I should really start describing things better >.< Accidentally sneezing and causing a freezing spell to go off is fine though ^_^

Sneezing and getting her cutie mark doesn't really explain the sickle as well. Normally when a pony gets their cutie mark, it has to do with what just happened so that would also have to have something with ice sculpting!

In the history you might want to include how she felt about her family and or siblings and the relationship she had with each! Also, did she have any idols or ponies she looked up to? What did her mother/father do for work? Maybe you could say a little something about where she grew up and how hard/easy life was!

In the rp segment, first sentence, it should read: "After she had delivered one of her recent work to a client over in Canterlot, Dream Sickle wanted to take her time and walk around town for a bit."

Stay in one tense if it is in the past (was, were, had, did, been etc... you get the idea XD...) (I have also had lots of trouble with this myself, so I completely understand how annoying it is!)

These should be all but you could re scroll back through it to search out grammar and misspellings ^^

She looks awesome!! Can't wait to Role play with her!
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Sickle   Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:55 am

I did an re edit. so hopefully this time is better.
The only thing I didn't mention was if she had an idol. She does not have one. 
Her mom introduce her to art like paintings and drawings. but not in to sculptures.
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Sickle   Sat Oct 03, 2015 4:54 am

Alright, things look good here!

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PostSubject: Re: Dream Sickle   

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Dream Sickle
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