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PostSubject: Biorhythm    Biorhythm  I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 10, 2015 8:06 pm


Biorhythm  Biorhythm_by_deltasoul-d98tbls

Gender: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Pitch Black, long and unkempt

Tail: Same as mane

Eyes: Sickly green

Body: Slate Gray

Cutie Mark: A ghastly looking heart with a green pulse line behind it.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality: As a colt, Biorhythm was sheltered by a single mother (after his father's sudden passing), causing him to be shy around other ponies. His behavior in school was akin to a fish out of water, he avoided other foals like the plague and only spoke to the teacher. As he got older, he became a bit more adventurous, even making a friend or two. But it wasn't long until the incident changed everything. The death of his mother and traumatic injury to his horn caused him to retreat as far back into his preverbial shell as possible, shutting out the few friends he had made and becoming more and more engrossed in odd sciences. He now spends all of his free time confined to a laboratory attached to his deceased parent's home, working until he cannot stay awake.

Likes: Biorhythm is a recluse, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of his days in the comfort and confines of his laboratory. Spending all of his time working on potions and other odd concoctions, and frequently testing them on himself or any unfortunate critters that may wander into his lab.

Dislikes: He generally dislikes the presence of other ponies, and will do whatever it takes to keep them away from his home and personal space. He greatly hates when anyone or anything touches the seared lab coat that once belong to his mother, claiming that they would disgrace her memory.

History: Prematurely born to a pair of renowned scientists, Biorhythm was a frail child deathly afraid of and sheltered from the outside world. His parents desperately tried to get their son to explore, but he always refused, instead preferring to read a book, then promptly fall asleep on it. Four years later, his father had passed away and his mother was working twice as hard to care for Biorhythm. One day, while she was working a shift, Bio came to visit and accidentally distracted his mother during an experiment, causing a dire mishap. This accident would claim the mare's life. Biorhythm looked shocked, seeing his mother lay still before him. He rushed over and tried to awaken her, but to no avail. He tried to listen for her breath but found nothing. He then remembered something from a book: a spell to imbue life into something dead, he took a deep breath and tried to cast the advanced spell, but it backfired. The failed spell ricocheted around the room before striking Biorhythm square in the horn, decaying and gnarling the protrusion, leaving a searing pain behind. The poor colt was orphaned, he grabbed his mother's seared and tattered lab coat, running from the lab and returning to his now empty home, locking himself in his room to cry from the loss of his mother and the burning pain in his horn that would never go away... He began making potions and other things in the old laboratory, selling them to distinguished individuals. He earned his cutie mark while testing potions and poisons on stray critters and monitoring the effects.

Example RP segment: (Secret Admirer scenario)

A bright blue Pegasus mare with a mint green mane approached the decrepit looking home of a certain reclusive stallion, she had a faint blush plastered across her face and wore a rather extravagant sundress. She was about to knock on the door when a sudden explosion startled her, causing her to drop the bouquet of flowers she had been carrying.

The mare saw a plume of greenish smoke rising from somewhere behind the house, going around back out of curiousity. Ahead of her was a surprisingly large extra house with riveted steel walls and a flat roof, as well as a gaping hole in one of the walls with the odd haze billowing from it. "Hello..? Are you alright in there?" She called out nervously.

Suddenly, in a blur of gray, a stallion rushed out of the building and tackled the mare down. "What are you doing here?!" He snapped, his one visible eye glaring at her through his unkempt mane.

"I was here to check on you.. I've seen you make trips to the herbalist and back here without talking or looking at a single pony... I think you need some company." The mare said.

"And so you came here in a dress? To try and woo me? Hah! Don't make me laugh." He retorted sarcastically. "Get away from here, and never return." Biorhythm said, turning away and vanishing into the steel building once again. "It's better for both of us.." He whispered.

The mare's ears drooped as she knelt in the browning grass, tears running down her cheeks as she wondered what had happene to this stallion that made him this way. "Goodbye." She said in a broken voice as she walked away, leaving the flowers by the doorstep.

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Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug

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PostSubject: Re: Biorhythm    Biorhythm  I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 10, 2015 11:18 pm

[22:42:19 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: How did his mother and father die? I see the part where his lab caused his horn mutation, though.
[22:44:25 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: And how did he pay for the home or keep nosey tax collectors from seeing the inside of his house?
[22:45:06 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Depending on where he is XD
[22:46:30 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: If random critters would wander in his lab then it wouldn't be that secure, right?
[22:49:02 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: What would happen to the creatures he experimented on? Mutations? Shrinking?
[22:49:02 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: His dad got sick and his mom died in a laboratory accident
[22:49:13 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Sick from what?
[22:49:29 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Pony diseases, I dunno
[22:49:35 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: And what kind of laboratory accident?
[22:49:39 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Feather Flu I guess
[22:50:17 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug:
[22:50:24 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: So he was a pegasus?
[22:50:31 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Yes
[22:50:50 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: (It's not just about poison joke, scroll down for illnesses ^^)
[22:50:56 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Cool!
[22:51:24 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: And the accident was a chemical reaction between a potion and oxygen
[22:51:45 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Temporarily turning the air toxic
[22:52:37 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: How the sa... wait... Birds usually clean their feathers with their beaks to remove dirt from in between the hairs so their wings wouldn't be weighted down by the wind when they fly. So, pegasi doing the same thing could catch a random airborne virus attached to the feathers when cleaning
[22:52:44 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: >.<
[22:55:46 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: That's probably how Feather Flu works
[22:56:37 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: If the pain in his horn would never go away, it must get overwhelming at times or at least he's found a way to quiet or somewhat the sting?
[22:56:41 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Right?
[22:57:02 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: There's a potion for that
[22:57:05 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Probably
[22:57:55 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Cool!
[22:58:10 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: "There's an app for that" XD Sorry, I had to
[22:58:13 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Soo... Is he all good
[22:58:16 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: ?
[22:58:19 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: *
[22:58:30 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Blergh :3
[22:59:23 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Still curious about the 'security' of his lab. If stray animals get in, then wouldn't feds find out and arrest him for conducting such dangerous
[22:59:29 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Experiments so young?
[23:00:40 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Pfft, Feds in Equestria
[23:00:57 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Feds=guards :P
[23:01:03 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: You mean the inept royal guard?
[23:02:02 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Yup, wherever he is, there's always royal guards policing the area.
[23:03:39 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Well, I guess they would find him
[23:03:47 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: But he's got a license
[23:03:53 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: For science
[23:07:13 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Cool! Another question rises is how he's able to pay for it?
[23:07:38 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: The house his parents own is now his but bills and taxes are still present
[23:10:01 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: ^ That was the last question ^^
[23:10:33 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: Wait wait, one more, how did he get his cutie mark?
[23:10:59 10/09/2015]Mod Doodle Bug: This is truly the last question XD
[23:12:35 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: Hmm... I guess he could sell his concoctions
[23:12:51 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: And he got his cutie mark from doing science
[23:13:05 10/09/2015] TerminalMarch: On the aforementioned critters :(

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