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 Velveteen Lovelace

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PostSubject: Velveteen Lovelace   Velveteen Lovelace I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2015 3:06 pm

Velveteen Lovelace
Velveteen Lovelace DGzmXVE
Nicknames: Love, Velvet, Lace
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Velvet's mane is soft and made up of a two toned chocolate color. She keeps two loose little pigtails tied with beads that cradle her face.
Long and very lustrous, the color matches her mane, and her tail has a gentle curl to it. It's clear she takes very good care of both.
Her eyes are a bright magenta, and usually have a playful, friendly glint in them.
Despite her small stature, Velvet is a fairly sturdy mare, thin with an athletic build. Her coat is very soft, and a deep red. She can often be seen wearing a brown ruffed coat with a distinctive purple scarf, or any other distinctive outfits of her own design.
Cutie Mark:
Velvet's cutie mark is a simple silver needle with a loop of thread forming a heart. She didn't earn her cutie mark until she was nearly a teenager, spending a chunk of her life quite unsure of what she should be. She became enthralled with fashion design when she attended a huge fashion show, and shortly after began doodling out plans to make her own dress. Though the first attempt wasn't perfect, she enjoyed the whole process so much, and when she tried on her hoof made dress the first time, she was filled with so much pride in herself that a cutie mark appeared on her flank.
Age: Adult(23)
Always bubbly and full of life, Velvet Love is a mare who never lets the world get to heavy. She can make a good situation out of anything and always sees a silver lining to every storm cloud. She is confident and feisty, never letting herself get walked on or taken advantage of. She knows who she is and what she can do, and isn't too shy to strut her stuff when she needs to. She can be a bit theatrical in the way she speaks and gestures, but it all tends to be part of her charms.

She does have a bit of a temper, however. While it takes a lot to really get her ticked off, once she gets going it's hard to get her to stop. She hates feeling swindled and lied to, and while she trusts most ponies right from the get go, once you lose her trust it can be difficult to win it back.

Likes: Fashion, sewing, making ponies happy, meeting new ponies, Night time, night clubs, having fun.
Dislikes: Shady ponies, swindlers, thieves, liars, feeling betrayed, seeing other's hurt or sad.

Velvet's filly hood was a happy time in her life, she had a loving mother and father, many friends in school, and lived in a fairly nice house situated in Canterlot. She was never without something to due, and tended to get herself into as many after school activities as she could, even involving herself in sports a bit, though she never went anywhere serious with her athletics, her purpose lied elsewhere.

When when was thirteen, her parents took her to her first fashion show, she was enthralled by the glits and glam of the affair, but the thing that captured her admiration the most were the garments, the beautiful dresses and handsome suits, she adored the craftsmanship in all of them, and after it was over, she babbled for days about how absolutely perfect they were.

Then she got a spark of an idea, she asked her mother to buy her as much fabric as she could, needles, and thread. She quickly got to work sketching out the perfect design, a dress for her school dance. She spent days hoof stitching every piece, carefully measuring and cutting, she was absorbed in the process. When she was finished with the dress, she realized it had come out awful, so much so that she could only laugh. She wasn't upset by the venture, after all, it was her first dress! When she slipped it on and did a twirl, her mother let out an excited yelp, pointing out the mark that now adorned her flank.

The next few years were spent improving and eventually perfecting her craft. She would sell her dresses right out of her home, until she finally had enough to open up her own shop, it was a simple dress shop, with an apartment situated on top of it, and a studio where she could work. It was perfect. She couldn't contain her pride when she levitated her sign up across the top: Lovely Velvet's

Example RP segment:
"What're you looking at?"

The unicorn mare huffed and stomped a hoof against the ground with a sharp 'clop!' glaring down the bigger colt who had an obviously younger one pinned into a corner, "I am looking at an abhorrent display of barbarianism!" The colt's face read as confused, then he snarked back in a sneering voice 'so? What're YOU going to do about it, lady?!' The mare lowered her head in a level glare, narrowing her eyes as she tried to get a better look at him.

Her eyes lit up in recognition and she lifted her head with a smirk, "Really, I expected better than this from you, Dust Storm!" She gave him a rather mischievous smile, taking on a more nonchalant voice, "why, I'm sure your mother would love to know that her darling son is being a nasty little bully towards his fellow ponies, hm?" The colt's face turned whit and he suddenly backed off, 'n-n-no wait! Don't tell my Ma! Please!' Velvet chuckled and put a hoof to her chin thoughtfully, "I dunnoooo..." Dust looked worried, then turned to the scared colt and helped him to his hooves, patting the dust off an then bowing his head, he mumbled a quick and embarrassed apology before he turned and dashed off.

Velvet winked at the colt and grinned, "It helps to have connections, hm?" The colt grinned in return, thanking her for helping before he galloped off.

[Permission given for 5th character by Doodle Bug!]

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The only problems I see are a couple spelling errors. Approved!

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Velveteen Lovelace
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