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 Gideon the Griffon

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PostSubject: Gideon the Griffon    Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:05 pm


Gender: Male

Species: Griffon (Modeled after a Barn Owl)

Mane: No mane

Tail: Brown with a little tuft of gold(ish) fur at the end

Eyes: Blue

Body: Bird half: Gold(ish) Lion half: Dark Brown

Cutie Mark: Griffons don't have cutie marks

Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult (20)

Personality: Gideon isn't particularly greedy like most griffons, though he does have his stash of little treasures and trinkets. He doesn't like to take things he doesn't deserve, often refusing to take tips when he's on the job. He gets ridiculed frequently by other Griffons because he doesn't act greedily enough, due to this, he has low self esteem and doesn't like being around other griffons, preferring to be around ponies because they're generally more friendly. He is knowledgeable of the routes between Griffonstone and Equestria, due to traveling them very often for his job as a transnational postman.

Likes: Being away from Griffons, as they tend to make fun of him. He likes to go for leisurely flights when not on the clock, as he doesn't want to delay any deliveries. Other times, he likes to sing and/or play on an acoustic guitar, which is quite easy for him due to his talons.

Dislikes: He doesn't like to impose himself upon others, very rarely asking for extra bits outside of what he is owed for his work. He is wary about associating with other Griffons because he's afraid that they'll just make fun of him for being too generous.

History: Like most Griffons, Gideon was born and raised in Griffonstone. He helped his father, Gregory, who used to work at the Griffonstone Library before it was destroyed. When Gideon had free time, he did a lot of reading about the ancient trade routes between Griffonstone and Equestria, he wanted to travel the routes and see the sights. When he was a teenager, he got his chance when some representatives from Equestria arrived in Griffonstone to propose a transnational mail system and were taking volunteers. Gideon took up the offer in a second, signing some forms and going off to work for the new postal system. He rarely returned to Griffonstone after taking the job, and only to visit his parents. He returned home one summer, to find that his father had been killed when the old library collapsed. The grief of the event caused him to leave his home, living in the small post office situated along the midway point of one of the ancient trade routes, and he has lived there ever since. He pays his bills with the money he makes from his job. There isn't much to eat around where he lives, since it's a desert, but he does have a stash of Griffon Scones that he rations himself. If he runs out of those, he might have to resort to catching lizards or something from the desert.

Example RP segment: (Lost foal scenario)

Gideon flew over Manehatten, a bag full of letters and packages hanging from his side. He landed on a sidewalk, looking down at a little slip of paper with an address as he began to walk down the street, he heard crying from an alley. "Hello? Anyone there?" He asked, poking his head into the alley and seeing a small pony sniffling by a trash can. "You ok? Are you lost?" He inquired as he sat down beside the foal.

"Yes... It started raining and I got separated from my mommy." The foal said, looking up at the griffon. "Y-you're a griffon! You could help me find my mommy!" She said, beaming. "You can fly super high and see her from the air!"

"Um... Listen... I've got a job to do... But once I'm done I can help you find your mom, ok?" Gideon answered, spreading his wings and flying out of the alley to finish his delivery.

"Ok..." The foal said softly, but the griffon had already flown away.

After completing his delivery, about an hour later, Gideon returned to the alley. "I'm back, let's go find your mom." He said, but was startled when an older looking mare approached him.

"Stay away from my little girl!" The mare snapped, looking angry and a bit delirious. "You griffons are vicious foal-snatchers and I won't have it!"

Gideon looked surprised. "Excuse me, ma'am, but your daughter was lost, I was simply trying to help her find you." He said, showing the gold badge pinned to the strap of his messenger bag. "You see this badge? It means I'm a messenger, it may not mean much, but it means I don't hurt foals."


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PostSubject: Re: Gideon the Griffon    Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gideon the Griffon    Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:20 pm

Thanks Doodle!
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PostSubject: Re: Gideon the Griffon    

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Gideon the Griffon
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