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 Phoenix Wright Fancharacter?

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Phoenix Wright Fancharacter? Empty
PostSubject: Phoenix Wright Fancharacter?   Phoenix Wright Fancharacter? I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 12, 2012 2:51 am


I was making this character from a piece of Concept art, when I realized it looks alot like Iccy.

As a character, He's based on another Fancharacter, Ian Knottworthy. In fact, He's his Great-Great Nephew. Ian Knottworthy the fourth.

He's a Writer, Quiet to a fault, and owns a bookstore to help him focus.

He's got a small Crush on Franziska von Karma, Though the last time he saw her was at the School in Germany his parents wanted him to learn at.

He's got No skills at lying, and, like his ancestor, Apologizes. A lot.

One might even say he's the anti-Edgeworth. In demeanor, anyway.

And, As Iccy, He's Iccy.
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Phoenix Wright Fancharacter?
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