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 Helping Thy Neighbor ((Open!))

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PostSubject: Helping Thy Neighbor ((Open!))   Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:06 pm

Slyph Gongjiang was unhappy.

This was often the case, as he (unlike many other ponies) did not take pleasure from social interaction.

"E-excuse me!" he squeaked as he tried to get a passerby's attention. "I was wondering... if you could..."

He must have been to quiet, because they just continued walking.

" me..." Slyph watched dismayed, as the fifth pony walked on.

The colt sat down in the middle of the road. Maybe a chariot could run him over? That'd be better than having to explain to his father why he was so late getting home...

With no money and no chance of Anypony else helping, Slyph resigned himself to death. Or a very long walk, whichever would come sooner.
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Helping Thy Neighbor ((Open!))
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