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 Natural "Nat" Twenty

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PostSubject: Natural "Nat" Twenty   Natural "Nat" Twenty I_icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2015 2:59 pm

Natural “Nat“ Twenty

Natural "Nat" Twenty PonyWithBackgroundcm_zpscp4gdviw

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Short, almost always unkempt, light brown

Tail: Equally unkempt, light brown with lighter stripe

Eyes: Viridiscent

Body: Slightly chubby, a bit taller than the average pony

Cutie Mark: A D20 with the „20“ showing

Age (Baby,adult): Adult (about 24 years old)

Personality: Natural Twenty is a pony others would generally describe as „weird“. While he tries his best to be kind, his shyness and social awkwardness don't exactly make him the most approachable of ponies. There isn't much he cares about other than to be kind and to have fun. And for Natural this fun is to be had collecting, reading and playing comics, collectible card games, fantasy novels, tabletop role-playing games and anything related to them. Maybe it's because they allow him to be the hero he'd like to be in real life, maybe because he values being part of the social group associated with these things or maybe just because he enjoys them. He isn't quite sure himself. Not really the epitome of what is considered socially acceptable himself, Natural tries his best to be accepting or at least tolerant towards those he meets. However if annoyed he tends to lapse into dry sarcasm to point out the other pony's perceived idiocy. The easiest way to get him this annoyed is to make incredibly obvious mistakes – or at least mistakes Natural considers incredibly obvious. Other than that Natural Twenty is a rather meek pony, trying to avoid confrontation whenever he isn't highly confident in his own abilities in the thing being discussed.
Natural also is a very superstitious pony, having countless little rituals and gestures to ward bad luck and such off of his dice and cards.


-All things geeky: Having grown up with them, comics, tabletop games, collectible card games and such are Natural's life.

-Useless trivia: There's something about it that just fascinates Natural. It's way more interesting than what's being taught at school and much easier to remember. Thus Natural knows pretty much anything just as long as it has absolutely no real-life applications.

-Junk Food: It's easy to make, it's cheap and it tastes great. What's not to like?


-Bullies and mean ponies in general: Having been bullied at school himself as well as having had to work retail, Natural has no compassion for those who voluntarily choose to make others feel bad.

-Talking to others, especially cute, female ponies: As he is not exactly the most socially gifted pony, trying to hold a conversation with ponies he is not familiar with, especially if it is about a topic he is not knowledgeable about, will often reduce Nat to a stammering wreck, unable to form a coherent sentence and making an embarrassment out of himself.

-Sports: They're exhausting, there's an increased risk of injury and Natural simply can't find a reason anyone would voluntarily partake in them

History:  Born as the son of two businessponies in Manehattan, Natural never had the chance to spend much time with his parents as they were almost constantly busy with their work. This led to him spending a large part of his childhood occupied with comics, choose-your-own-adventure books and the like and probably was what started his love for things of a geeky nature. At school this, combined with his rather underdeveloped social skills and his still blank flank quickly established him as a prime target for bullies. Having to fear these bullies not only hindered Natural's social development further but also caused him to meet the kind of ponies who tend to meet in some basement with junk food and soda to play Crypts and Changelings, Sorcery; The Meeting and other such games. Fascinated by the world that had opened up before him, Natural began spending more and more time with these subjects, even at the expense of his performance in school. At first he was able to hide it from his parents, but when he emerged victorious from a friendly „Sorcery; The Meeting“ tournament with his peers, his Cutie Mark finally appeared, forcing him to explain himself to his parents. They were less than pleased, not only due to their son's declining grades but also because he had decided he didn't quite want to follow in his parents' hoofsteps and become a businesspony himself. Instead he wanted to open up his own shop selling comics, playing cards, dice and all kinds of geeky stuff, most notably his own invention, enchanted comics that transport the reader into an illusionary version of the comic's setting to serve as an improved version of a tabletop role-playing game. Once in the comic, the player(s) can leave at any time by loudly stating that they wish to do so. They are also returned to reality if they win or lose the scenario presented or if they are in danger in the physical world. (The Power Ponies Comic from S4E6 was one of these comics) But Natural didn't let his parents' disapproval stop him and after a lot of lawn-mowing, working retail and other work the „Dungeon Master's Pair'a Dice“ had become a reality. His parents still regard Natural's choice as a mistake, but they have reconciled to the point of occasionally talking with one another again.

Note: Comic idea has been talked about with and approved by Doodle Bug.

Example RP segment: (Scenario #3)
It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

It was a cold and gloomy Friday night, only a few slivers of moonlight illuminating the deserted streets, the others held back behind the mountains of thick, black clouds that were covering the sky. Occasionally lightning struck, covering them in a sea of colors, from crimson to purple, making them seem like faraway mountains of an eldrich land. Heavy droplets of rain were plummeting down, coating the cobblestone roads in an increasingly thick layer of water. The gutters were sputtering, overflowing from the downpour.
And in the middle of it all, there was a pony. How could he have forgotten? They had announced this thunderstorm well in advance and it had been right on schedule. And yet here he was, drenched from head to hoof, dashing between the uncaring buildings in a desperate quest to return home before catching a cold. Natural Twenty could barely see where he was going as the wind kept on blowing right in the young colt's face. Then, all of a sudden everything went black. The unicorn yelped in surprise. What had happened? Only after a few seconds of panicked jumping around did he notice that the wind had simply blown a page from a newspaper into his face. There wasn't anything interesting about it, really. There was a bit about local politics, something about sports, no matter how hard he tried Natural couldn't make out anything else. The weather had done quite a number on the paper that was already falling apart as he tried to read it. Achoo! Well, so much for not catching a cold. And it still was quite a distance until he'd be home again.
If this would keep on, he would have to swim the rest of the way. But what could he do about it? Natural Twenty closed his eyes, focused, his horn beginning to glow. Then he released his magic, opened his eyes was still raining, exactly as badly as before. Well, it had been worth a try.
There was nothing to do now but to keep running.
Finally, in the distance, there was something.
It was not his home, but from some direction the wind seemed to be carrying over the sounds of cheerful company. Following these noises, Natural was soon led to what appeared to be a tavern if the sign at the entrance was anything to go by.
“The Rusty Horseshoe...”, the Unicorn mumbled.
Now this was a conundrum presenting itself. He could either keep on walking and suffer the horrid weather or he could try to gather his courage and enter the tavern where he could wait until the weather would improve. But in that tavern...there would be other ponies. Ponies he had never met before most likely. What was he supposed to do in there anyway? Natural didn't like alcohol and he definitely wasn't brave enough to initiate a conversation with a random stranger. And yet just sitting at a table all alone would be pretty embarrassing too, wouldn't it? A sudden clap of thunder rang through the air. The surprised Natural jumped in shock, landing right on the other side of the door by accident. And even worse – the jingling bells above the door seemed to have caught every single patron's attention. There he was, dripping wet, standing in the entranceway of a place he had never been in before and everyone was staring at him. A sheepish smile on his face, Natural retreated to the most remote table he could find. And other ponies really found this kind of atmosphere comfortable? All those Crypts and Changelings characters never had these kinds of problems. They would just meet the strange pony in a dark corner of the tavern and never would any of the problems Natural was experiencing even be brought up. But sadly this was not a game. This was the real world and it was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Soon one of the waitresses would approach his table and try to take his order. But what was he supposed to respond? If he'd just say “nothing”, then he wouldn't be a paying customer and thus not be allowed to remain in the establishment. But what should he order then? And did he even bring money? Knowing his luck he probably did not. A feeling of embarrassment welled up from within Natural Twenty, making his skin burn. They would probably all laugh at him as he would be thrown out. He had to get out of here. Now. Without warning, the Unicorn jumped up, ran through the door and disappeared into the night.

Now that this is done I hope my OC can achieve
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PostSubject: Re: Natural "Nat" Twenty   Natural "Nat" Twenty I_icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2015 10:33 pm

So much detail. I love it :)

One thing I would suggest is breaking up your roleplaying with spaced paragraphs. Seems less intimidating than a wall of text.

Your OC has been approved.

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Natural "Nat" Twenty
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