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 True Sight

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PostSubject: True Sight   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:02 pm


Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: medium length and curly mane. The main color of her main is a muted purple, with sky blue streaks in it.

Tail: Her tail is thick and full, though not as curly as her mane. Again the colors are a mute purple with sky blue streaks in it.

Eyes: Her eyes are the same sky blue color as the streaks in her main.
Body: Her body is a teal color

Cutie Mark: A single Tarot card, the High Priestess.
Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult

Personality: True Sight is a unicorn who is friendly but very blunt. She is not the type of pony to want to be friends with everyone, but instead prefers to have a few close friends. Still she is cordial to everyone she meets, however she always speaks the truth. Sometimes this can get her into trouble, but she never sugar coats anything. She loves her Pony Tarot cards, and loves using her magic to do readings for people. She always warns them though that the future is never set in stone, and if what the cards say isn't what the Pony wants to hear, it isn't her fault.

Likes: Tarot, Astrology, Symphonies, the Truth, Chocolate, walks in meadows or the forest.

Dislikes: Laziness, ponies who fear the future, ponies who lie.

History: True Sight is the youngest of three daughters. Her parents indulged their daughters and raised them to be respectful unicorns. True Sight, as most youngest children are, became the rebel of her family. She preferred to speak her mind over sitting and mumbling niceties. Needless to say this straight-forward bluntness caused her parents and sisters no end of grief, and a number of friends and acquaintances. Because of her wayward nature, True Sight was left to her own machinations most of the time. Sometimes she would play with the other young fillies and colts, and other times she would go an explore on her own. As she grew up, her independent and blunt nature only grew with her, much to her parents chagrin.

One day when True Sight was with her family at an old antique shop, she discovered an old worn out deck of Pony Tarot Cards. She had heard about the cards before, mainly from her parents who scoffed at anyone who believed the cards could actually predict future events. This deck seemed to call to her though, and she begged her parents for them. She pleaded and bribed and promised to be on her best behavior if she could have the cards, and her parents finally gave in, happy to see their daughter take interest in something other than telling other people the truth whether they want to know or not. True Sight took her deck home, and studied each card as if it were a book. There was no manual with the cards, nothing to tell her what each one meant, but somehow instinctively she knew.

The next day her mother was cleaning her room, and accidentally knocked over the box containing the cards. They fell on the floor, and as soon as the settled, True Sight was awakened by a jolt of magic. Her mother was about to pick up the cards, when True Sight yelled at her to stop. She jumped off her bed and looked at the cards, and in her mind she saw what they were trying to tell her. True Sight turned to her mother and told her that she needed to pack. The young unicorn told her mother that her sister, True Sights aunt, was sick. True Sights mother became very angry, and told her daughter not to play at such things. The angry mother picked up the cards, and told True Sight that until she learned to behave, she couldn't have the cards back. True Sight however wasn't phased by this, because she was sure that was what the cards were telling her. A few hours later, a Pegasus pony showed up at their house with a letter, informing the family that exactly what True Sight had said was true. True Sights mother, all apologies, returned the cards to her daughter, and then exclaimed in surprise and happiness as a tarot card appeared on her daughters flank, her cutie mark showing the world that True Sights gift was with interpreting the Tarot.

As True Sight grew up, she began collecting different kinds of Decks from all over. Eventually she moved out of her parents home, into a vacant building close by. Her family helped her turn the building into another antique shop, where she also does Tarot readings and lives in a loft above it. Ponies come to here to hear about their futures, some leave happy and others not so much, but True Sight never lies about what the cards reveal. Her special talent and Unicorn magic with the Tarot also help her to find lost ponies or objects, and tell if someone is telling the truth or not. This makes her a pony whose services are sought after, but not too many people want to be friends with someone who can discern the future, and sniff out lies. And this suits True Sight just fine, she'd rather have one good and true friend than one hundred liars.

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PostSubject: Re: True Sight   Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:36 pm

Alright! Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: True Sight   Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:38 pm

Thank You.
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PostSubject: Re: True Sight   

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True Sight
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