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 Secret admire

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PostSubject: Secret admire   Tue May 05, 2015 11:08 pm


/Users/morgan/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Data/2015/Roll 63/122476_256.jpg:


Mane:Blood Red

Tail:Blood Red, Streaks of light red

Eyes:Irridecent Green

Body:Light Red
Cutie Mark:Black Heart

Age (Baby,adult):young adult(18)

Personality:Grell is a nice pony who loves to hang out and do the weirdest stuff, but thats why ponies love him. He has a habit of traveling around equestria but his two favorite places are Everfree, And Cloudsdale.He loves to make new friends as well but hates mean or rude ponies. But seriously once you get to know grell your gonna love him.

Likes:Traveling, Gaming, Anime, friends, Rain,Night time.

Dislikes:Sun, mean/rude ponies, spiders, failing.

History:Grell was just a newborn when the accident happened. Grells home burned he didnt know what would happen so his mother Nightwish sacrificed herself to save him his father however whos name still remains uknown went missing and still unable to be found. Grell grew quickly and barely survived on his own until one day he met a unicorn. The unicorn went by the name sebastion and wore a butlers uniform. he took me in tought me how to fly even though he couldnt fly. he took care of me then one day some strangers stopped by well actually.... stranger. he was an odd pony he kept his face hidden. He said two words out  of the blue. "tea please". they were odd i watched him the rest of that night.he noticed me watching him, and when sebastion wasnt around he approached me. i was fearless on the outside but inside i was screaming for help. he said he "missed me" i got confused i blinked in that blink he vanished. He still wonders who that man was today.

Example RP segment:It was a bright night, the sky was lit up from the moon and the stars were shining. Grell was just trotting along when he ran into a young beautiful mare.

"oh sorry Ma'am i wasn't paying attention"Grell said

"oh...i-it's quite uhm a-alright"she said shily with a blush

Who is this mare i swear ive seen her somewhere. Grell thought to himself.

"uhm my names gr-"Grell was interrupted

"grell i know im Night Light."she said with a small smile

"well its a pleasure to meet you Night Light"Grell says well bowing his head

"please just call me night"She blushed a blood red one of grells favorite colors

"well Night what brings you out at a time like this? its dangerous out her you know"Grell sounded serious but kept his soft tone

Really where did she come from?. Grell was still thinking to himself

"i uh knew you would be here and wanted to talk to you"she was still red

Grell smiles a gentle heart warming smile.

"well what is it?"Grell asked politely

"i uh i just wanted to say uh i-im the one who sent your new spectacles even though you didnt order them"she got embarresed.

"and uh i did that when yours were broken so i could get closer to you"She looked away

"i knew i remembered you from somewhere well thanks they work great"Grell responded.

"r-really?"she asked quetly

"yeah, hey you know though you should probably get home its still dangerous out here"grell stopped smiling in what he said.

"uhm one more thing grell i uh i uh... i really uh... like you... alot and thats...why im here"she was so red that she almost passed out.

wait what? Grell thought

"well now i know haha well maybe you would like to discuss that over dinner tomorrow?"grell closed his eyes and smiled.

"REALLY!! i mean uhm really? that would be great what time?"she asked

"6:30-7:00 sound good?"grell lightly blushed for the first time in a while.

"yes!!!!"she said while hugging grell

"ok then ill see you tomorrow."grell smiled when he said it and slowly walked away.

well what a nice mare. Grell thought outloud

[Place the correct specified word indicating that you have read the rules here]:
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PostSubject: Re: Secret admire   Tue May 05, 2015 11:54 pm

There's Grammar, spaces need to be put in, capitals need to be added!
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Secret admire
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