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 Secret Night Admire

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PostSubject: Secret Night Admire   Mon May 04, 2015 11:53 pm

/Users/morgan/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2015/Roll 63/122476_256.jpg
Mane:Blood Red
Tail:Blood Red, Light Red
Body:Light Red
Cutie Mark:black heart
Age (Baby,adult):Young Adult

Personality:Grell is a kind pegasus pony who loves to have fun but not the brightest of the bunch. Grell likes to travel to new places but use imagination along the way, but hates failing,people getting in his way,mean/rude ponies,and worst of all losing his chainsaw.Grell loves to eat,play,travel,hug trees,win,and of course impress other ponies.May seem annoying at first but once you get to know me you love me .

Likes:making friends, eating food, anime, traveling

Dislikes:rude ponies,green beans, losing chainsaw

History:Grell was young and did not know much when he lost his family. He was put in an orphanage , then one day ran away. He met an Unicorn who went by the name sebastion. Sebastion took care of grell, tought him how to fly,defend himself and others around him(people he loved). Grell when older decided to leave and travel equestria then found the chaos lands. He lived among the chaos for 10 years until he decided it was time to leave he came to cloudsdale people feared him at first but they quickly grew to him. since then he made friends everywhere but did not stop collecting the souls of the decesed.

Example RP segment: One Night Grell was trotting down the street doing what he loves(of course collecting souls)when suddenly he spots a young lovely mare across the street.Grell kept walking and stop to look at his book of pony files until a soft voice says his name

"im sorry do i know you miss?". Grell said with a gentle tone yet confused

Grell looked at her wondering thinking why a random mare would approach a reaper at a time like this

the mare replies"no but i know you im themare that made your spectacles"she replied with a happy tone

"oh im surprised ive never met this mare"Grell thought to himself

"oh well thankyou they are great i very much appreciate it. may i ask your name?"Grell asked.

The mare blushed and thought for a moment and hesitated.

"im... uh Im Night Light"she said so quietly grell almost didnt catch it.

"oh im..."grell was interrupted by her

"your grell i know"she said sounding so sure of herself.

grell laughs gently, smiling slightly

"what brings to me at this night Night Light?"grell asked softly but seriously confused

"i uh wanted to talk to you about something"She turned a flush red and looked away

what does she want ill be late for my pony meeting. grell thought to himself

"i just wanted to say that i uh ive had a crush on you for a while uhm..."she stopped embarressed by her own words

oh my. grell thought outloud

"oh well thats very nice to here i have an someone who admires me and my work haha"

"well i just thought..."she stops to listen to Him

"well maybe we can go out sometime your a very lovely mare but i am terribaly busy tonight im sorry"Grell responds

"oh its ok uhm may i?"she asks a random question

grell wonders than relizes what she means.

"oh uhm sure ok"
Grell Hugs her and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"run along now ill see you tomorrow and uh do me a favor, and be careful"Grell says with a smile watching her nod than walks away.

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Secret Night Admire
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