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 Star's Lab

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PostSubject: Star's Lab   Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:00 am

Star's Lab

Destination of house: Ponyville

Area: Near the Dam on the cliff. It's not too close to the edge, but you could kind of see it if you were looking up the side of it in a good distance.

Address you want: River Dam 243

No. of rooms: 10

How many stories: 1 Story and a Basement

Which rooms: Entrance, Sleeping Quarters, Restroom, Dark Room, Research Facility, Experimental Facility, Crime Facility, Medical Facility, Inspiration Facility, Chemistry Lab

List the rooms and their size and appearance:

I'll get more into detail with these later.

Entrance: Recreational room, and connection to all of the other facilities in the building. It has a mini kitchen.

Sleeping Quarters: Rose's bedroom.

Restroom: ... You know.

Dark Room: A dark room for developing film.

Research Facility: A study, and research area.

Experimental Facility: This is where Rose does all of her experiments. Potentially dangerous mixtures of chemicals, or unpredictable inventions. There is also a machine that is used to see how the magic of ponies work.

Crime Facility: Should it ever come to that, and if she gets permission, Rose collects evidence from a crime and examines them.

Medical Facility: A holding area for medicines she might create on accident or on purpose.

Inspiration Facility: If, for whatever reason, she can't come up with any good ideas, she goes to this quiet room to gather her thoughts.

Chemistry Lab: This is where she mixes different substances she already believes is safe enough to use. They were probably already tested in the Experimental Facility and were moved here for further analysis.
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Star's Lab
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