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PostSubject: MC's writing corner   MC's writing corner I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2015 8:27 pm

So I like to write in my spare time, mainly cause I wanna be an author. To that end, I'll post little pieces I write whenever I have one done. The first I'm gonna show is based in the world of the book I'm writing, and it can get a little dumb, anime level stuff. If you aren't into that stuff, not my business but I wouldn't read it if I were you. If you feel like it, I'd welcome any feedbavkA positive or negative. I wanna improve, damnit! So without further adieu, here's the first piece.


This night was a particularly black one, filled with long shadows growing out from the pitiful spots of light in their futile attempt to keep things visible. The Tech Capital was always like this- the clanking and crashing of metal in the distance was muffled by the still silence during the night. During the day this was a tolerable place- the lack of colour was compensated for by the production, as scientists worked to produce different machines to aid the populace. Alchemists also produced a variety of hues, their experiments usually resulting in lilac and bright green trails of the half liquid, half gas material which was commonly referred to as magic. At night this was all shut off- everyone went home, everything was turned off and everybody in the city knew it was best to keep away.

Of course you always need someone to watch this place. That's why Vin was here, wandering around in the dark in case anyone was stupid enough to come around and steal something. At present, he approached the industrial complex with an easy walk. He wore an unassuming jacket with a pair of jeans. Appearing lax was what was distinguishable- a fairly young face, aged slightly by his tired looking eyes. His hair was a tangled mess, fairly long and blonde to accentuate his slim and slightly underweight frame. Vin fidgeted with his arm, making sure it fitted right. He saw the day guard waiting on him, an Asian looking fellow with a perpetually bored expression. He tossed Vin the keys with a "g'night" and wandered off in the direction of the skyscrapers that decorated the city. Opening the gate, Vin wandered into the dark.

Meanwhile, Jink dived over the fence and rolled into the black. Looking behind to ensure she wasn't followed, she produced a torch and switched it on. Vision was admittedly limited- just a few feet ahead. Still, it would let her find what she needed. Dyed blue hair swirled with her head tilting and a t shirt was all she needed apparently despite the cold. Pressing through the darkness she came across it- a small door. She reached for the handle, ready to-
What was that?

She whirled around, searching for what she had spied. All she saw was a small yellow dot, but an attentive one like Jink knew that wasn't a good sign. She produced a pistol and began pacing towards the light, calling out in a firm voice:

"Who are you? I just need to get in for a moment! I mean no har-"

Before she could finish, something smashed into her head. It was heavy but quick, and she heard the sound of it rushing away from her. Footsteps were audible, approaching at an easy but steady pace. She struggled to get her head straight- it was like being hit by a brick. Suddenly, she froze. A small purple light was visible in the pitch black. It disappeared quickly but she indeed spotted it. She managed to recover and pointed the gun, aiming in the direction of the footsteps. The shots rang like bells in her ears from the usual quiet and a pinging noise could be heard mixed with the footsteps, which did not falter. A strong hand grabbed her out of the dark, hoisting her up and staring her down with a pair of yellow eyes.

"Ocular Implants are wonderful, aren't they?" Vin grinned.

He moved, and Jink could feel his arm going back for a punch. She shut her eyes in preparation for death, knowing she would-
She dropped and landed, scrambling up. She saw something bright, then nothing as light was there. Nothing was even close to being seen for a while- just pure blindness. Eventually her eyes adjusted, and she saw that the lights had been turned back on. Standing with her back to her was a girl, dressed in a long black coat and matching gloves. She was staring down Vin, fists at the sides. Turning, she gave a thumbs up to something; Jink looked and saw a man in a black suit give a wave then turn into several purple particles and disappear.
"Sliv knows his electricity all right," the girl said with a laugh.
"Who are you?" Jink asked.
"Name's Taura. The organisation sent me to back you up- get going, the door's wide open."

The reply was a nod- Taura was well known as one of the tougher members amongst that lot. Jink ran for the door, her pace quickening with each step alongside her heartbeat. She saw something shooting towards her, which was batted away instantly.

As she went down the stairs, Taura watched with a sly grin- this girl reminded her of when she first joined- maybe five years ago? Wave and Judo had been good teachers. As he advanced, Vin took off his jacket to reveal his bare arms. One was normal, but the other had a rather bizarre addition- it looked like a glowing, purple handwrap. The patterns crisscrossed all over his hand, leaving only a small amount of space for his fingers.
"I'll need to be a bit tougher with you, I'd say," he calmly noted.

The wrap fell, unravelling in a series of six purple strips. They suddenly coiled like a pack of snakes and pointed at Taura. She only just dodged, since several smashed into the ground where she had been like a flail of some sort. Vin was fast alright.

Fire gathered around her hands, orange licks of flame in several rivulets up her forearm. She charged, the heat focusing on her fist. Vin manage to sidestep and he turned, driving all six strips into her stomach. She wheezed and was sent flying, crashing into a wall with a gasp. He casually sauntered over to her;
"I though you'd be more than that, Taura. One of the best surely has more to-"

A flash of orange and suddenly she had him from behind. Grabbing his arm, she flipped him over and slammed him to the pavement. He was disoriented for one fatal moment, and a fist of flame burrowed into his stomach. He cried out, coughing a little bit of blood. The strips flew up from his hands and batted at Taura's face, sending her reeling back. They went stiff and were suddenly sharp- they charged towards her like a set of purple spears.
As if she had been waiting for this, Taura slipped under the cluster with an inch between them. She grabbed them and turned, throwing them away by their own momentum. Vin was taken with them and was launched into the air, smacking into a metal construct. He growled and jumped back down. Taura was grinning at him, the satisfaction etched across her face.

"And that wasn't even my best, big guy."

With a look of sheer hatred, Vin waved his hand. The strips suddenly loosened and came off his hand, slithering to the ground. The coiled up around his legs and up his body before attaching to the metal rivulets in his back. He now had six dark tendrils facing Taura with a regained air of confidence.

"Neither was I."

Taura laughed- finally, an opportunity to cut loose a bit. Flames engulfed her body, making her appear as if to be dying in the fire. Crackling could be heard beneath it, and Vin easily caught the sound and sheer heat coming from her. Licks of flame shot into the sky and steam could be seen emanating as well.

Eventually it died down, and Taura stood up. She now was covered in a ruby-like material, with smoke coming off her as the heat rose. She also appeared to undergo a biological change- she was slightly more muscular, and had stronger appearing stance and hands.

"They don't call me the Phoenix for nothing," she said confidently.

Vin jumped, powerful legs propelling him into the air. Tendrils smashed into the ground, only for her to dive and leap. Her fist connected with his face, ruby and heat both doing some damage. He tumbled, the tendrils extending and catching the ground. Now balanced on these newfound legs, Vin advanced like a charging beast. He struck, catching Taura across the face. She narrowed her eyes- she didn't react, but that hurt. Moving a hand, flames gathered and she directed them- a column of fire struck Vin in the face, causing him to screech in fury. He flung another tendril at her, which she grabbed and attempt to pull him to the ground with- it detached and made her lose balance. That was all Vin needed- he crushed her into the ground, causing her to cry out.

As she was lying there, Taura gathered flame around her body- crucial to her next move. Vin moved in to finish her off, lowering to the ground and aiming all six points at her heart. They streaked towards her, almost there.

The flame released just before he hit, travelling up the tendrils and burning them away. Vin screeched, his weapons suddenly taken. He quickly ripped the tendrils out and turned to run, only for a strong hand to grab his neck. As he was hoisted up, Vin grunted several curses and death threats, only for his mouth to be covered.

"Never touch any of our people, you disgusting creature," she hissed in a suddenly venomous manner.

Before he could protest his head was drove into the ground, knocking him out. Taura leaned back and sighed with relief. The ruby body burned away, leaving her usual coat and jeans visible. The door next to her opened and Jink burst out holding a small blue orb.

"I got the power core!" She cried in excitement. She jogged over to Taura, giving her a friendly look and Vin a touch of spit.
"So, this is what we need for me to use magic?"
"Yeah, kiddo. You'll need a teacher though."
"It's you isn't it."
"How'd you guess?" Cried Taura, a little bit hurt.
"Nobody says 'teacher' in such a sly tone without implying something."

With a sigh, Taura walked off from the city, Jink in tow and fire in hand to light their way.
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PostSubject: Re: MC's writing corner   MC's writing corner I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2015 11:02 am

This is nowhere near done but my IPod's about to die so I'll paste it here and work on it from the laptop.
Mike Schmidt's office was a fairly cramped one, with a rather low ceiling and desk quite close to the wall. As night guard this was to be expected- a security room is generally needed to be a small addition to a larger area. Only one person is meant to be in there most of the time. Unfortunately, the "performers" of this theatre generally had other ideas. In particular, Foxy was lively- Mike always had to pay close attention to his area. Watching a rather muscular man barreling through the hall towards his office was always a terrifying experience. He usually managed to get the door locked with only seconds to spare, which always earned the pirate one or two angry looks during daylight, in between moments were the freak would attempt to flirt with him. Regardless of his response Mike always found Foxy to be a little too close for his liking.

On this particular night, Mike would have actually welcomed such a jolt of adrenaline. His eyelids were heavy, he had moments of light-headedness and his vision would occasionally jerk around. The brown would often dilute to give way to black in his eyes, leading to a sudden moment of sheer panic. His band-aids felt somehow heavy on his forehead and cheek, sweat mixing with the adhesive. For once he took them off, making a mental note to buy new ones on the way home. His murky blond flick of hair hung in more of a droop than usual, giving him the appearance of a deflated balloon.
He had been losing out on sleep recently- whenever he tried to rest, one of those circus freaks would burrow into his dreams. Usually it was Foxy, but there was the occasional case of Freddy's tank-like prowess suddenly sneaking up on and crushing him. There was also instances of Chica being around, which were rather different to the usual ones- generally these were more along the lines of creepy. Often he'd be in an unexplored section of the theatre and she would be there, in the darkness and coming for him. It never quite got to what she did to him but he was certain it was by no means pleasant.

The point is, sleep had been a major issue of late. Energy drinks littered the desk and an empty mug of coffee sat on its side, drained of even the grounds. His movements were uncoordinated and nausea pushed at the sides of his throat.
Mike felt darkness creeping around him, and no matter how hard he fought this time he had no choice. Slumping onto the desk, a blissfully dreamless sleep took him.

Foxy listened intently around the corner- Mike was oddly silent. Normally there was the tapping of his fingers on the tablet or the gibbering in fear. Ah well, maybe he was off guard sometime- the other performers were on the prowl as well, after all. This was his perfect opportunity; he'd slip in
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PostSubject: Re: MC's writing corner   MC's writing corner I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2015 9:51 pm

(Not bothering with the FNAF one anymore. Anyway this one's based in the same universe as the first story, although I wrote it longer ago (about 6 months) and managed to find it again.)
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PostSubject: Re: MC's writing corner   MC's writing corner I_icon_minitime

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