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 The City of Clouds

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PostSubject: The City of Clouds   Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:03 am

Slowly, Green Cream flew to Cloudsdale, wings' movements stiff and erratic. Having been raised to hate the city, with the bullying at flight camp not helping, she was very hesistant to visit the city.

And, if she had a choice, she probably wouldn't. An important yet exotic ingredient was running out in her restaurant. Usually, she would be able to find it, albeit at a high price, at some random stall in the marketplace, but today it was different. She was unable to find what she needed in Ponyville, and the only pony who could tell her where to get it simply told her to go to Cloudsdale.

Gently, Cream landed and looked around, folding her wings to her sides. Hopefully, she wouldn't need to fly any more in this trip.
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The City of Clouds
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