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 Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All)

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Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All) Empty
PostSubject: Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All)   Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 28, 2014 9:43 pm

Berry Cute sat in the windowsill of her house, her family outside. Her bright green eyes shifted around, watching the ponies as they gave bits in exchange for the family's delicate, fresh berries. Berry knew very well how good they were, because, after all, she had tended to them herself. Today, though, there was change. Not change in the house, no change in anyone else, only for Berry. She had turned a year older. For it was her birthday, November 28th. She had been twenty yesterday. She felt no change in herself, aside from her feelings. Her whole life, Berry had sat in the house or trotted around the berry fields, going about daily duties. She had never moved out, or made any friends. After all, there was no point in moving out. It was her family's tradition that ponies remained at the farms so that the many generations of strawberry farmers may gather and never feel the cold hoof of loneliness. She had received a few gifts that were of the usual: red and white printed quilts or small decorations, strawberry themed items, a few bits. Though that was not what she wished for.

Berry had wanted two things: to live elsewhere and to have friends. That wasn't a normal gift in the family. She raised a hoof and gently rested it upon the glass of the window, closing her eyes for a moment. For my birthday wish, I want nothing but to meet others and get away from this small farm for a single moment in my life. She thought to herself. "Are you alright, dear?" asked a quiet voice. Berry knew it well. It belonged to her mother. "Yes, mom. I'm perfectly well. Thank you." she whispered. Berry's voice was normally very gentle, though she had a slight bit of depression and anger in her tone. "Alright, Berry. Happy birthday." Berry's mother replied. The fading sounds of hooves on wood told Berry she had left.

The pink mare stood and ensured no one was nearby. She quietly hopped off of the windowsill and trotted towards the door, swinging it open and staring at the ponies beyond. She caught glimpses of town square, though the points that rested further than the farm were obscured by fences, plants and ponies. Sigh.

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Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All)   Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 28, 2014 10:00 pm

Blown Speaker was walking out of ponyville, it had been a late night, but he still went for his morning walk. He walked by the strawberry farm, and as always, bought a small amount of berries for his brother, but unlike usual, he sat down under a tree and started eating, instead of continuing on his walk per usual.
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Berry Cute's Birthday! (Open to All)
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