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PostSubject: Salem   Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:46 am

Species Approved by Doodle Bug

His head feathers form a spit-curl that covers his right eye, and are soft to the touch, almost down-like in their texture.
Long and fluffy, marked with a white tip and striping al down the length, it is good for gripping small objects, about as prehensile as a normal Griffon's tail.
Bright moon yellow with a burst of green around the pupil, they always seem to be merry and filled with life.
The avian half of Salem's body somewhat resembles an Osprey, with the colors and ticking in different places. He has two tufts of feathers on either side of his head, resembling ears, one small fang pokes from his beak on the left side, and his neck feathers are extremely 'fluffy' and soft to the touch. The feline half of him resembles an oversized orange tabby, though built much more like a large cat than a domestic one, A creamy orange with darker stripes all along his back and tail, with a light cream belly. Salem is never seen without his bright red bow tie.
Cutie Mark:
Age (Baby,adult):
Young Adult
Exuberant enthusiasm are what mark this young griffon an outcast among his own kind, Salem has always been a bit of an oddball when it comes to what he is. The competitive and athletic nature of his people never did catch on to him. Salem is a creature of simple needs, and it never takes much to really get him going, his excitement can only be matched by his eccentric tendencies. He loves nothing more than the idea of being a singer in a musical, and when his joy bubbles up to a point he is prone to bursting into random bouts of song.

Unlike the brash nature that some griffons seem to display, Salem is very kind, and very friendly, always ready to lend a claw if somepony needs help. His eyes are bright with a cheerful aura that seems to radiate from him, it is always hard to be upset when he is around. Still, there are some ponies not too keen about the idea of a griffon living among them as a permanent fixture, but Salem never lets these naysayers get to him, opting to turn the other cheek to them, or attempt to win them over with his kind smile and charming personality. He is very much a pacifist and would never lay a claw on anyone, unless his own life or the life of his friend's was in danger.

Salem lives and breaths theater, as stated, he dreams of being in a musical more than anything, and tends to sing songs from his favorites at random. When the joy in his heart builds up he belts out, and his voice isn't half bad! A stunning baritone accented with a posh accent that could cheer anyone's day, his own joys ring clearly when expressed through his song. Although he has the talent, he laments that he tends to have trouble getting a 'claw in the door' as it were, since not many roles are cast for griffons, but he is steadfast and confident, and never gives up.

Show tunes, Musicals, the theater, ice cream sundaes, singing, being with friends, rainy days, coffee and tea.
Silence, boredom, overly hot days, being lonely, rude behavior, there isn't really a lot that this cheerful fellow doesn't like.

Born to a rather noble pair of parents, Salem couldn't have been more of an oddball, a military father and strict athletic mother, their relationship with their strange son was always very strained. They did not understand his passion for the arts and all things musical, instead attempting to push him into a lifestyle of training and sports, he rejected this vehemently, causing many arguments between him and his family, but despite all of this, his childhood was fairly happy, the sometimes stressful situations never enough to dampen the young griffon's spirit and enthusiasm. But he was still often strained, and restless, always feeling like he didn't belong, and often picked on by the rest of his schoolmates for his tendency to belt out cheerful melodies whenever the mood took him. The griffons were not completely adverse to the arts, but it was not a career often sought after, most favoring physical competition and serving the military. so, when he finally came of age, the young griffon set out on his journey to greener pastures. He left home and traveled to Equestria.

Upon his arrival, he was greeted with many curious stares, some friendly and some suspicious. The town he arrived in was Canterlot, the hot spot of Equestria. For a while the young artist seemed to have nowhere to go, having brought nothing with him to speak of, he would sing and preform on the streets for bits, saving up enough to rent hotel rooms, or pay the kind ponies of the city to shelter him for the night. It was during one of these ventures that he came across a kind elderly mare, who offered him a room to stay in if he helped her around her small cafe'. Salem eagerly obliged, and has since then taken over the cafe in the stead of the late mare who owned it before, who left it to him lacking any other family to give it to.Though his true talents lie in the theatrics, Salem often boasts that he can make a mean latte, and will gladly show you just what he can do.

He searches still for a theater group in need of his talents, and will often hold small performances in his shop for local artists of all kinds to share their talents, even planning to build a stage when he has raised the bits to do so. Salem is a griffon who, despite hardships and naysayers he might face, never gives up, and one day he will succeed in his dream or performing on stage.

Example RP segment:
♪"I'm siiiiiiiinging in the rain, just siiiiiiinging in the raaaaain!"♪

The rain beat hard against the oblivious creature who seemed to dance along the sidewalk with the grace of one who had practiced before, his wings flaying and flapping as he leaped and twirled, belting out a fitting tune for he present weather in a strong baritone melody. It was a good day. Salem had woken up to the sound of rain pattering against his window, and rushed out without even thinking twice, what perfect weather for a walk! He could see other ponies dashing by with umbrellas out to shield the rain away, they probably thought he was nuts! He laughed and then stopped with a slight skid as he spotted a light up ahead.

A tavern? Full of new friends?!

He gave a cheerful crow as he immediately made a bee-line for the only light against the rainy day, of course this tavern could be filled with drunks and other shady sorts, but it could just as easily be filled with jolly faces and song and dance! And he quite enjoyed a good tavern shanty. When he came upon the tavern's door he pushed against it, bursting inside with a wide smile and a loud, enthusiastic greeting.


Every eye turned on him, and he didn't recognize a single one. No one called a greeting back, and as he stared across the bunch, he began to realize that their faces were most definitely not friendly and full of jolly revelry. Every face seemed painted with the same unimpressed scowl, and the griffon, normally quick witted and good with words. Was stunned into silence. Say something, idiot, don't stand there gawking, he chided himself as he stood stock still. After what felt like hours crawled by, he let out an awkward little cough and started to back-step, "Ah..ehem..uhm....."


The griffon was turning tail and fleeing down the street as fast as he could, singing much more frantically than before as he twirled and danced the opposite direction.

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PostSubject: Re: Salem   Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:50 am

Approved. Have fun!
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