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 Poppy Seeds/Sour Dough

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PostSubject: Poppy Seeds/Sour Dough   Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:58 pm

Poppy Seeds/Sour Dough

Gender: Female (Mentally, Sour Dough is male, but acknowledges the body is that of a mare.)

Species: Pegasus.

Mane: Light brown, usually a bit messy. Poppy Seeds always keeps it up with a black bow, but Sour Dough just pulls the bow out.

Tail: Light brown, usually a bit messy.

Eyes: Crystal blue.~

Body: Cream color with black speckles on her hooves, face, back, and wings.

Cutie Mark: A bagel topped with poppy seeds, because bagels are her specialty, though she bakes a lot of things.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult... Debatably.

Personality: Poppy Seeds has two personalities, though Poppy is the most prominent. I'll describe them separately, so you get a feel for both!~

Poppy Seeds - Poppy isn't... The smartest cookie ever baked. She speaks simple sentences and lacks the know-how to use words such as "he", "she", "I", "they", or "you". Instead, she'll repeatedly insert a name (or nickname, if she doesn't know their name) into a sentence to fill the gap. This ends with ludicrously poor grammar, and a general disinterest in correcting the issue. That aside, she's actually quite kind. She likes to go on walks and meet new ponies, and has always had an interest in baking, her favorite thing to make being bagels, because "They're like breakfast doughnuts!~". She's very curious too, and will often times seek out someone to follow or talk to.

Triggers - When Poppy becomes immensely upset, angry, or frightened, some may notice a major change in her. This may also happen if she hits her head. This new personality has taken on the name "Sour Dough" and considers itself a male.

Sour Dough - Sour is very different from Poppy, and as the name implies, he is a very melancholy pony. He often grumbles to himself, starts arguments, displays sarcasm, and even goes so far as to purposely ruin things for other ponies. Another tell is that, unlike Poppy, Sour speaks fluently and uses larger words that would leave Poppy dumbfounded. While Sour doesn't seem like it at first, he has a soft spot for anyone who puts up with his discouraging personality, and may begin to act somewhat amiable towards them if given time. He has quite the grudge against Poppy's mare form, occasionally (and sometimes comedically) throwing a fit over it.

Poppy - Baking, her bow, bagels, and anything colorful.
Sour - Baking, ruining other ponies' days, pumpernickel bread, and arguing.

Poppy - Bridges, mean ponies, being called stupid, and sour foods.
Sour - Sweets, seeing non-"friends" happy, and "This cursed mare body!"

History: Poppy Seed was born like everypony else, one body, one brain, no talent. She spent most of her days living on the outskirts of Ponyville, playing out in the meadows with her friends. Her mother taught her to fly and her father ran a newspaper route. This life was peaceful until one summer, when the young group of foals wandered further than they were allowed, making it all the way out to the river. The weather pegasi had scheduled a storm the night before, so the waters were a bit high and the ground a bit muddy. All the better for a hoof race, right...?

After the course was decided, the group of 6 all lined up at the starting line, which somepony had drawn out in the mud with a stick. They'd run across the bridge, to the stick they'd stuck in the ground like a flag, circle it, then run back across the field and over again. One foal marked the count. "One, two, three... GO!" Poppy ran. She ran very fast indeed. She ran so fast, that the other ponies couldn't keep up. Maybe it was because the mud was sticky, maybe it was because they knew the ground was wet. Whatever the reason, Poppy made it back to the bridge first. Despite this, Poppy never actually won the race, because when she stepped on the bridge, the muddy hoof slid, causing her to fall off into the rocky river and hit her head, hard.

When Poppy came to things felt... Fuzzy. She was back at home, ice pack on her head and a headache to go with it. She was never the same after that day, but that wasn't a bad thing. Sure she wasn't as smart as other ponies her age, but she had fun with everything she did. Eventually her parents started noticing her act strangely, even for her, and discovered the blow to the head left her with more than a lowered IQ. It had given her a whole second identity too!

As Poppy grew, both personalities discovered they had a love for baking, but liked to bake different things. Poppy found she also had a fear of crossing bridges on hoof. She got her cutie mark in baking, and eventually moved out and opened a small bakery in Ponyville called "Poppy Dough", where she currently lives and sells her goods for only a few bits a piece.

Example RP segment:
Situation - A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Response - Poppy was caught a bit off guard, and gave him a look of pure curiosity. "Poppy is looking at Colt, silly pony." She would finally reply, her tone almost hinting that she thought the colt was the dumb one here.

The colt seemed less than pleased with this response, giving a small insulted huff before returning fire. "Yeah, well you should mind your own business." He stated aggressively.

Poppy once again cocked her head and gave a small puzzled look. "How can Poppy mind Poppy's business if Poppy is talking to Colt?" She questioned, only deepening the colt's animosity towards her.

After taking a minute to make sure he was understanding her right, the colt came to a realization. "Are you stupid or somethin'?" He asked, attempting to insult her.

Poppy's expressive instantly shifted to a defensive look, and her face turned a slight angry red. "Poppy is not stupid, Poppy is smart!" She called over to him, stomping a hoof for emphasis.

The colt knew he was getting under her skin, and would have continued to do so if the young filly behind him hadn't made a run for it while he wasn't looking. He turned, and snapped at Poppy. "Now look what you did! Stupid mare!" With that, the colt bolted after the filly, leaving Poppy confused in the street.

"B-Bye colt! Poppy is smart though!" Poppy yelled after him, not really sure he heard her at all. After reviewing what the heck had just taken place, she trotted off in a random direction in search of someone else to chat with.


PS: Miss me?~<3
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PostSubject: Re: Poppy Seeds/Sour Dough   Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:10 pm

Yes, I did miss you Flutters! Welcome back ^.^

Love the app, the Dissociative Identity Disorder thing is awesome. I just did a project on that mental illness, actually. One thing is that normal people with DID develop the disorder when something traumatizing happens, generally something that's mentally traumatizing rather than a physically harmful. I'm not sure if this would work, but I suppose it's okay soooooo Approved
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Poppy Seeds/Sour Dough
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