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 Pocket Change's House Application

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PostSubject: Pocket Change's House Application   Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:12 pm

Pocket Change
Destination of house:Ponyville
Current Bits:500
Area:Near shopping district. Short walk from café.
Adress you want: 55 Applecrumb Lane.
No. of rooms:5
How many stories:1
Former entrance/Living Room: Currently used as a small store to sell books. Largest room in house.
Bedroom: Small room. Bed/Dresser/Hat Rack.
Bathroom: Another small room. useful for keeping one clean.
Reading Room: Slightly larger room. Not as big as former living room, but large enough to hold a few shelves,chair and couch. Room for entertaining guests.
Kitchen/Dining Room: Small kitchen, dining room in same room on the side.

Hope this makes sense! :P
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Pocket Change's House Application
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