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 Fairground Dance

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PostSubject: Fairground Dance    Fairground Dance  I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 5:29 pm

Fairground Dance

Mane: cropped short enough to stand up on it's own, accept for the forelock which is just long enough to brush her eyebrow and is parted down the center so that it does so on both sides, and the area just behind the ears it which is also longer than the rest and centrally parted, stopping just below her jawline. It is red-orange in color and oily in texture.
Tail:trimmed so that it stops in a point about 3 inches above the rear fetlocks to prevent tripping over it. It is the same orange color as her mane
Eyes: hazel
Body: light mint
Cutie Mark: a lit candlewick with a circle of red ribbon around the edge of the flame horizontally.
Age (Baby,adult): young adult
  Fiery is Fairground's personality in a word. She is fierce and playful in all she does, putting her all into everything she can and always testing her limits. She is almost never calm; and when she is, she doesn't stay so for long. She appreciates beauty greatly but doesn't linger long on it. She knows that all resources are to be pursued and used, and nothing is, in her mind at least, forever.

 A traveler by choice rather than by lack of other option, she is street-smart and has picked up a few traits and skills. Everything she needs can be kept on her back and what cant can be stashed easily. She is resourceful and opportunistic, but she is also aggressive and ambitious. She does not tussle or argue because of hatred, nae, she does it because it's fun. As such, she enjoys high-energy and tough company that doesn't mind a fight every now and again. She is good natured despite being high-strung and is not easily offended and does what she can to avoid hurting others, if not helping them.

  She is very fond of fire and has talent for manipulating it, and knows spells to cast shapes into smoke and spread it about. Even without her magic, she is wise around it and almost never gets burnt. Her favorite thing in the world is to dance around a bonfire, daring to almost touch the flame before jumping away, seeing how long she can last right up close to hot coals and carrying burning sticks in her mouth to run with. She loves fire, and she loves showing off as well, as her talent is within flame itsself and it's very essence seems to burn into everything she does.

  She gets lonely easily, and always tries to keep company around her as when she feels sad she can get very destructive of her environment if she doesn't have someone to argue with. She is inseparable from the pegasus Cirrus chase.

Likes: Fire, Cirrus chase Chase, lemons, dancing, ribbons, ashes, weasels
Dislikes: trampled snow, humidity, bears, fish
History: Born to two poor parents in Manehatten, As a filly Fairground dance wasn't too impressive. She kept close to her parents, who did odd jobs such as foalsitting for a living. She was, in her childhood, mostly alone accept for the weasel her father had given her for a birthday present, whom she named Ferrice. Living on the streets she gained knowledge of good paths to travel about quickly, what kinds of hiding places were more secure, how to tell if a shopkeeper was paying attention to his or her stand... things useful to her survival. Half-grown she met a slightly older pegasus named Cirrus Chase. Cirrus was from cloudsdale, and had left for being so bored of the place she could not stand it. Cirrus wasn't quite so street-smart as Fairground, and they got along well, so they decided to stick together.

Then, something happened. Fairground Dance's father had struck up a deal with a wealthy pony for board and pay in return for work. Fairground loved adventuring out in the streets, and refused to stay when her father told her. Time and time again they tried to keep their daughter cooped up inside, time and time again she escaped. And so it was that her father decided she had proven herself ready to be out on her own. She took a few things to start her off; some food and money, and her trusty pet weasel, and set off with Cirrus. Cirrus Chase, as it turned out, had quite a bit of money coming in from her grandfather's crafts shop in trottingham, and knew of a place in Appleloosa where they could buy a small plot of undeveloped land with it. They set up a border there and spent only enough time there to prove that they still lived there, preferring to travel when possible. The two were inseparable friends and a great team, and soon cleared out a good area in their swathe of land for bonfires Fairground set up frequently.

Example RP segment: option 3:

  "Rain, rain, go away... isn't that right Ice?" asked a slightly mint-tinged young mare with a short, fiery red mane and a cutie mark displaying a candle's fire with a ribbon wrapped around it, looking over her shoulder. The grey weasel that had been resting drearily on her withers looked up and nodded, soaked to the skin from the rain. Even in the heavy downpour Fairground Dance managed a chuckle at this.

  At a steady walking gait the unicorn continued on, stained grey on her belly and smelling of burnt wood despite the rain, and soon came across a tavern that seemed to be open this evening. Despite her dislike to such places she figured it was better than walking back home and trying to fit into the silly little tents that Cirrus Chase was so keen on setting up for her dogs. Ferrice seemed to agree with her, for he perked up and climbed her cropped-up mane to her forehead to get a better look at the building she was approaching.

They entered wordlessly, but Fairground Dance had a confident stride, with a slight bouncing skip in her step. She found an open space as close as she could to the fire. It was crowded, but she was able to shove her way to a preferable spot without difficulty. Ferrice had returned to his usual perch on her back and began grooming the water out of his fur as they drew near the fire. to the shock of some of the ponies nearby, the fire began to draw out of the fireplace and toward the unicorn. It was a fun party trick, usually, but as Fairground had discovered from many shows she had put on at her bonfires, tilting fire had it's applications, especially in creating a current of air to dry a pyrokinetic unicorn's fur. After she had at least gotten most of the water off of her forelegs and chest she stopped using the fireplace as a makeshift hairdryer

looking around, she grinned at everyone else. Some were glaring at her unsafe use of the fireplace, others were talking about the weather, still others seemed as lost as she was. " So, I dont think I recognize anyone here. I'm Dance, how is everyone?"

(Other; Will be making another oc necessary for this to make sense. I will link the profiles together when done)
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PostSubject: Re: Fairground Dance    Fairground Dance  I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 9:33 pm

Hi sylveadiff, welcome to the site!

This is a very solid first app you have here :)
Your character has been approved!

Should you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask any member of staff via PM or the chat box, or you can ask any member everyone is happy to help.

Click links for character information:

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Fairground Dance
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