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 No Such Thing As Snowpony Magic?

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Sweet Dreams


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PostSubject: No Such Thing As Snowpony Magic?   Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:46 am

Winter time in Manehattan's Centrot park was beautiful snow fresh and in perfect condition to make snow ponies laid on the ground freshly fallen weeping willows the leaves frozen and covered in frost shining in the sunlight sat on the banks of a frozen lake. Under such a tree laid a Pegasus snowpony the focus of our story, just laying on its legs un-moving watching as ponies of all ages skated on the icy surface of the lake.

Now why,you ask would that this snowpony be the focus of our story? Its just a silly old snowpony some foal made...right? Perhaps,or perhaps not. I mean there was a story going around about this snow pony.

About how every morning somepony would find it resting under a different willow tree then the one before hoof prints leading from its old spot to the new one. Then there was that one pony who swears that he saw it ice skating on the pond late one night as if by magic when no pony was around...

After all there is no such thing as snow pony there?

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PostSubject: Re: No Such Thing As Snowpony Magic?   Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:08 am

(im guessing this is open) Inked Paper stood at the edge of the lake with his field trip group, listening to the facinating story about the magical snowpony, he was facinated so much, he made a slient vow to himself, that he would sneak out tonight and see if the stories were true.
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No Such Thing As Snowpony Magic?
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