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 Leon Boreas [WiP]

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PostSubject: Leon Boreas [WiP]   Leon Boreas [WiP] I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 21, 2014 2:37 am

Leon Boreas
Leon Boreas [WiP] Leon_b13
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: The color is white with icy blue tips.
Tail: His tail is moderate length and the color matches the mane.
Eyes: Icy Blue
Body: The stallion's body is well-toned and athletically built. He spent years training his body and exercising in hopes of one day becoming a member of the Wonderbolts, or maybe someday become captain of a weather team. He isn't the strongest pegasi in terms of strength, but he takes pride in his endurance and agility.

Cutie Mark: A tornado and a lightning snowflake.
Leon Boreas [WiP] Leon_b14
Age: Twenty-two, Adult

Leon tries to be a pony who's seemly calm, stoic, and apathetic, like there's nothing in all of Equestria that can cause him to stir. To be frank, he does a pretty good job at it. It seems like he never fails at making other ponies feel like he doesn't care about them or their problems. In truth that's just a mask he wears, a facade he hides behind to prevent other emotions from showing. This is why rarely anypony sees him smile or laugh. He believes in doing so, shows weakness and let's others know he's actually soft. Only the ones he trust will see him display other emotions like joy, happiness, anger, and even sadness. They will find out he's actually quite friendly and caring.

Let's not beat around the bush. Leon can be dangerously blunt sometimes. If he doesn't like somepony he'll tell them. If they're being loud then expect the pegasus to tell the to be silent. He doesn't have the tendency to sugarcoat his words either. At time the stallion can be a tsundere, meaning he is somepony who is initially cold, and even hostile, towards another pony before gradually showing his warm side over time. Despite the cold, and seemly harsh front he builds around himself, Leon actually gentle and compassionate deep inside.

Time to get serious. Straight face, no pretentions, accountability, cogitation, and nobody's fool; those are just some characteristic traits and behavior that describes the serious personality of the pegasus. Leon doesn't usually play around unless he knows the pony well enough to soften up around them. He takes every situation and the choices he make into consideration before he carries them out, not wanting to take chances. Though depending on the situation you may see him act on impulse. He can also be quite stubborn, so good luck trying to talk him out if things once his mind is set.

■ Flying
■ Winter
■ Snow
■ Adventures
■ Cider
■ Apple and strawberry related foods
■ Cafes
■ The Wonderbolts
■ Sometimes he enjoys solitude

■ Talking about his past
■ Very obnoxious ponies
■ Anything that tastes too spicy or bitter
■ Ghosts
■ Needles
■ Hot weather, or any place that is high in temperature
■ Doesn't enjoy crowded and loud places

☁ Abandoned [age 6 months~15 years old] ☁
What is a family? Having a mother and father that care for their own children? He had neither of that. He and his sister were left on the doorsteps of an orphanage when they were only six months old. The only family he knew was Clarity Skies, his sister, and the loving caretaker of the orphanage Scarlet Hearts. Having witness the two foals just there laying there on a basket, wrapped up in sheets, the pink unicorn was kind enough to take them in. Despite her attempts to find who did such actions she couldn't see anypony, especially when heavy rain was blocking most of her view. Who would just leave their own foals was beyond her, yet she didn't held any bad thoughts but just smiled warmly at the two. Just by staring into their round beady eyes casting over her, she could tell they were wondering who she was. One of them, his icy eyes staring her, remaining silent while the other one giggled, forehooves raised, and wanted to be held by the mare. Scarlet Hearts, without a second thought, took in the two foals.

Years flew pass in a flash. Leon Boreas and his sister, Clarity Sky, were now six years old. He grew up to be quite a active and healthy colt. His sister, on the other hoof, was the opposite. She was often sick and was born with fragile wings, unlike her brother. It was said by the doctors that she would be unable to fly for the rest of her life. Yet, despite the news, she remained cheerful and always look forward to each day. All she needed was her brother to be happy, her one and only family.

"Hey Leon. Do you think we will see our mom and dad one day? I sure hope we do." Sometimes in the middle of the night she would ask this question, or something related to their parents.

Leon was very doubtful and to be honest he did not want to meet them, but he had to say something. "Yes we will sis. I'm positive they will come find us one day and then we can become, once again." There's that word again. Family. He always had a hard time saying the word. To him only Clarity and Scarlet Heart is his family. He didn’t need anypony else.

His sister's personality outshone his while Leon's personality was much more calm and collective. He's never once shed tears, not even as a foal. He generally has a cold attitude towards most ponies and because of that he often has problems with the other colts, especially if they're making fun of Clarity being unable to fly. His sister's tears are always able to offset him. Many called him heartless, but he didn't care. They were only words and his sister knew his true self. The pair was inseparable. Leon is always with his sister and likewise for Clarity. Even when one if them get in trouble they would stick together regardless of who did it.

Leon hated how cruel life can be. His sister had a gift where she could read even the smallest of currents and use them to her advantage during her limited flight time. She wasn’t the fastest pegasus, but she was exceeding good at pulling off insane turns without even losing any speed. It was only natural her cutie mark represented her skills in the air. It was a blue lightning bolt with a star on top and four glided wings, two on each side. He had trouble flying on the other hoof, but thanks to his sister he gradually became a decent flier. He was sure his sister could one day become a aerial ace. It was no surprise Clarity had dreams to become a member of the Wonderbolts, but sadly that dream was only just a dream due to her condition. She could only maintain flight for no longer than fifteen minutes, but thanks to her brother she could always be in the skies. He would often practice what she taught him and carry her on his back when he goes out flying to relax.

When Clarity turned twelve everything changed. Her condition worsen and she became sicker. She was moved into the hospital and needed constant watch. No longer was she able to keep up with her brother. There wasn't a day that went pass where Leon didn't go visit Clarity. After months of saving his allowance and bits from little jobs he did around Manehattan he finally had enough for two tickets to see Equestria's elite flyers in action. He was very thankful the doctors allowed Clarity to go out for a few hours, and those few hours turn out to be the best day of their lives. Leon would never forget his sister's smile that day. Rather than staying in Manehattan the pegasus left on his fifteenth birthday in search for better paying jobs and perhaps find his own calling.

☁ Fresh Start in the Cloud City [age 15~16] ☁
Scarlet Heart knew she couldn't keep Leon even of she wanted to. With every passing year she could feel the emptiness dwelling inside the pegasus increase. The spark he once had in his eyes was diminishing ever since his sister was placed in the hospital. It also didn't help that he knew she was struggling to keep the orphanage running and pay for Clarity's treatments. Scarlet would catch the pegasus staring off into the skies as if trying to find his calling. At the age of fifteen Leon decided to leave the orphanage, his home, and set out to find something for himself, more importantly a job to help out his only family.

Being a pegasus the only job he thought he could do was to become a member of the weather team, and that he did. Leon's job search took him to Cloudsdale, the city in the clouds. The job was easy, but he had to deal with constant problems from the other pegasi over a year. "Well what do we have here? Look guys they even allow blank flanks into the division now. I guess even a talentless pony can have some use." The other ponies would say and crack other insults whenever they see Leon around. Yeah that's right, Leon never obtained his cutie mark while his sister obtained her mark a couple years ago.

One day a group of ponies in the weather team, around his age, changed his life. After messing around with the clouds they created a violent snow storm that raged throughout Cloudsdale. The storm they created almost gave many ponies injuries had it kept raging on, but thankfully a few pegasi managed to hold back the storm until the storm division arrived thanks to the orders of a certain pegasus. Leon was that pegasus and he was also the first one who charged recklessly into the storm. They managed to keep casualties to a minimum with the storm division's help.

Despite having sustained injuries himself, Leon confronted the pegasus responsible for the storm and beat the living daylights out of him. "I don't care if you and your lackeys come after me, but you crossed the line when you placed other ponies in danger." He was done with this division. He refuses to continue working for a team who only cared about their own face. Leon quit the division in search for a new job.

☁ His Calling [age 16] ☁
Remember Leon being a blank flank? Well, he is no longer a blank flank. After the incident he had gotten his cutie mark, a tornado with a lightning snowflake in the middle. After leaving Cloudsdale's weather team, Leon was once again searching for a new source of income. However the Captain of the Storm Division had his eyes on him for a while. He offered Leon to come and work for them, after going through training first. He graciously accepted the Captain's offer and spent the next two years working for him, learning about the job and honing his skills to a higher level.

They taught him advance flight, and more importantly, how to handle storms of different degrees. His first two weeks started rough, but he quickly grasped everything and proved to be a great addition to the division. It also helped that the members within the division were overall friendly, though Leon still remained silent and a pony that enjoys solitude.

It took lots of effort, time, and practice, but he finally achieved on his sister's level of flight after being on the job. Their training regiments was just what he needed. He was now able recreate the same movements with little, to no, loss of speed like his sister. Leon even managed to do a little something that he hasn't shown anypony. With time and experience the pegasus also got promoted. Leon became the leader of the Winter Branch. They were in charge of overlooking ice storms, snowstorms, blizzards, and anything else related. Sometimes they would ventured out into the mountains of the Frozen North to do rescue missions. His promotion moved him towards the northern parts of Equestria where he spent most of his time in the Crystal Empire, but regardless of distance he would still travel back to Manehattan to visit Clarity and Scarlet. Life was actually decent.

☁ The Wonderbolts Academy [age 18] ☁
Working for the Storm Division, and being the captain of the Winter Branch, always calls for Leon to out his body on the line. He's gotten his fair share of injuries, but luckily he never retained any scars. The job paid exceptionally well, even enough left over for himself after sending most of his income to his family. He was content, but his sister on the other hand prefer him to find another occupation that wasn't so dangerous. They got into occasional arguments over Leon's job, but his sister understood why he was doing this. He never thought about having any other jobs until one day Clarity managed to suggest something that couldn't escape his mind. "Why don't you try out for the Wonderbolts? I know you have the capabilities to get accepted into the academy. I'm excited to even think about it! My brother, as a Wonderbolt!" His sister almost let out a squee.

He won't lie and say it didn't intrigue him, but he never had big dreams like that. He likes his independence and solitude, but if he becomes a member of one of Equestria's most elite fliers that would all go away. However, of it was for his sister then he wouldn't mind giving anything. Clarity loves the Wonderbolts. Her hospital room is filled with them, even a picture of the entire team and their signatures. It wasn't easy getting that. Leon managed to get in second place during a flight contest. He would had loved to get first place to have a member of the Wonderbolts come see him, or his sister, but after a desperate attempt to pull off a flight maneuver, that he never did before, he lost some points.

The thought continued to roam in his mind for the next few months, until he finally decided to give it a shot. When September 19th came, their birthday, Leon dropped the news. He got accepted into the academy. For the first time in his life he had a dream of his own. He was going to become a Wonderbolt and perform for his sister one day as she watches from the VIP section.

After finding out he got accepted into the academy, Leon left the Storm Division in pursue of his dream. Despite seeing the captain of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire, as their training instructor, Leon retained his calm and generally cold demeanor. If he had a little more of his sister's personality he would probably be unable to stop smiling. The training and drills was intense, probably even more intense than when he was in the Storm Academy. He kept up regardless of the difficulties. Even most of the pegasi there had a couple years over him, but he gave it his all everyday. The academy taught him new skills and once again helping him hone his skills in flight. Leon still have a lot to learn before anypony decide to even consider giving him a chance to tryout for the Wonderbolts, but in due time he believe his chance to shine would come.

☁ Alone Again [age 19] ☁
Tis a sad day indeed. Clarity, his sister, is...

☁ Welcome to Ponyville [age 20] ☁
After his sister passed away, Leon pretty much lost every ounce of his motivation to keep going, but he had to. Clarity would have wanted him to. The pegasus dropped out of the Wonderbolts Academy and decided to live the rest of his days in Ponyville. Despite the shenanigans that happens from time to time, it was a great town to get away from things.

Example RP segment:
(( 3. It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation. ))


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Hello, welcome to the site.
Your app is good so far. Looking forward to seeing it completed :)

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