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 Weiss Starwell

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Weiss Starwell
Weiss Starwell Pony_commission_4_alldone_1
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Mane: It's a bit messy, but she generally keeps it short, it curls a bit and is a darker shade of orange when compared to the rest of her mane.
Tail: She often has it tied up somehow, using a band to either fold it over, or simply braid it, she doesn't concern herself to much with it however.
Eyes: An Emerald Green
Body: Overall she's pretty average for a mare, not to much say on her body overall. She has incredulously strong back legs and back simply from how often she pulled a cart full of books, tomes and materials when traveling between homes when she was younger. She does have a fair bit of freckles on her cheeks though, though not terribly hard to notice.
Cutie Mark: An open spell book, with magical energy emanating from it appearing as stars.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult (About 26 in human terms.)
Although she is a rather high class mare overall, Weiss doesn't really act snobbish as one would expect from a mare of her station. She has worked as a teacher, and it comes through in her personality as she is patient with others, and willing to lend an ear to those who would share their troubles. She does however have issues speaking up for herself, due to being taught she should be seen and not heard by what at least in the matters of her own emotional queries as she was raised by studious parents.

However, when it comes to speaking up for others, or giving advice she will give the best she can offer to the extent of her own knowledge humbling admitting where she may fall short. She makes a habit of speaking as eloquently as possible, though when on her own she may seem more relaxed, she tries to keep up a certain appearance even if her actual appearance doesn't hold much attention for her.

In that regard, it would be safe to point out she tries to keep herself simple not complicating herself with any sort of beauty regiment that she would be to follow, and generally doesn't concern herself with her appearance other what she would deem acceptable. She finds her colors to be a bit irksome, and has even experimented with spells and dyes to make herself less incredulously orange and absolutely hates it when other ponies point this out.

Honestly she is a very considerate, very kind mare, and she appreciates hard work, and is willing to work in any situation presented to her.

Reading, Studying Magic, Music (Smooth Vocal Jazz, Instrumental Melodies), Singing, Writing, Teaching, Experimenting, Seeing others achieve things, Appreciating art, Good Food, Organization, Cool Autumn Nights, Nature, Being Around Others, Quiet (When she is studying or working on a project or spell.) Hard Work, Innovation, History, Intellectual Conversation, Cleaning Things (Has Medical OCD)
Cooking, Fighting, Violence, Repetitive Noises, Her Color, Excessive Beauty Protocols (Fancy Dresses, Make-Up, Hair), Stubbornness, Excessive Rudeness, Acknowledging Her Own Magical Limits, Talking about her Family
Weiss was born to Middle Class within the city of Canterlot by two unicorn parents. She was raised moderately by her family who were educated but not very powerful unicorns overall, and were generally too busy to really ever acknowledge this weakness. When she was a young  she received her cutie mark, during one of her families many treks between their rented home in Canterlot and their true home hidden by magic in the Hayseed Swamps, while teaching a stranger a basic spell, that she had been tampering with.

In school she was often teased about how orange she was, her name, her simple take on her appearance, or compelling need to have things done due to her OCD. She didn't take abuse very long from fellow students, and quickly learned to ignore them or simply let her actions speak for her, but not being afraid to simply point out the flaws in the ones who would make fun of her. Weiss did not stand for nonsense of it all and was quickly left alone by most who would torment her due to fear of being made to look like a fool.

If she wasn't practicing magic, or attending school in which she aced pretty much every test she ever had to take. Although she lived primarily in the high end city of Canterlot and understood the society and it's social graces she always had extreme distaste for it. Working has never been beneath her, and as she has Medical OCD she would often end up cleaning things in places she wasn't required to be doing so, blissfully enjoying herself.

Her parents were very strict with Weiss, if she ever bothered with more frivolous pursuits, she would be brutally punish by her angry father who would often beat her. If she were to cry about it she was simply beaten more, sometimes even choked if she did not quiet herself. Her mother was really no better, generally having her father deal out physical punishment, and often yelling at a young Weiss. The small approval she did receive from did not outshine this anger she would often receive over her failures for what was deemed pointless pursuits by her parents.

When she was a little older, she lost her Mother to a mishap from experimenting with Medical Magic causing her to become swiftly ill with an incurable and crippling magic disease. This caused her father to fall apart, who turned to dark magic in trying to return to life the only mare he had ever truly loved, but due to his own magical limitations he ended up forfeiting his life instead. Leaving a teenage and graduate from the school of magic Weiss the entire estate of her family, as well as fairly decent bank account her parents never having been one for wasting money as they had seen it.

Weiss ended up becoming a teacher in canterlot, often pulling supplies when she would make treks to her home in the Hayseed swamps and moving into a smaller apartment in Canterlot, during her stays there. Weiss became intrigued with magical artifacts, specifically ones such the Alicorn Amulet, dark magics that could increase her overall average magical power as no matter how much she would practice and tamper her power did not grow exponentially.

During this period of her life she traveled much of Equestria, she had gotten to the point she could manage a few teleportation spells if she forced herself, as well as short transformation magics, and many simpler spells but never anything overly powerful. She eventually realized the horror of Dark Magic witnessing death of some of her unsavory comrades, and nearly getting killed herself in a similar manner.

She swore off Dark Magic after this and worked to be content with her limitations though they still irk her terribly when pointed out to her. She has been following some of her own magical pursuits but has started to venture out for companionship, work, as being alone to long has made her a bit stir crazy.

Example RP segment:
5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

As the sun began to set, Weiss exited an antiquity shop on her hunt for artifacts in the local shops, though she had come out in this search empty hooved. "Canterlot library can't have all the information to offer, perhaps a local library, might have a tome, or spell book I could see here in Manehattan." She checked a map of the city she had tucked into her mane, she opened it with her magic and began reading over it. When suddenly she happened to hear angry shouts causing her to frown bitterly and search for the source of this disturbance.

"What are you some kind of moron, you just don't listen do you?" A dark blue earth pony colt grumbled angrily at a smaller yellow pegasus filly. "I'm sorry, Mist I didn't mean to upset you I'll try better honest..." She cowered weakly, crying as tears streamed down her face. "How many times do I have to tell you, stupid filly quit with all this crying just grow up and walk it off!" He barked, as he was poking at what was obviously a rather scraped hoof on the Filly making her only cry louder.

The colt paused, and looked over at the adult watching him, "What are you looking at?" He snapped at her, and Weiss wasn't very pleased with this behavior, and felt offended by his attitude and certainly wouldn't back down from telling this arrogant little colt off. "I don't really see how crying is a sign of weakness, she's hurt pretty badly, with that much damage to skin it might be a good idea to treat it instead of tell her off for how she is crying..."

She did not have patience for this kind of inconsiderate action, and gently took the hoof of the little yellow mare, "Come with me dear, we will be having this looked at, straight away. The colt looked dumbfounded and tried to say something but Weiss simply teleported away, with nothing more then a sharp "I'll be back." As she vanished from view with the yellow mare, in all honesty she hadn't gone that far, merely out of view as teleportation made her dizzy. "Let's go find you something to clean that wound, then we'll go back to your friend alright?"


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Read and approved! Welcome love!

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Weiss Starwell
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