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 Acerated Quartz

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PostSubject: Acerated Quartz   Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:08 pm

Acerated Quartz (Ace)

(The colours are all slightly darker than they are on the pic, also please ignore the cloud and amethyst thing in the top right.)


Pegasus Crystal Pony

An emerald-like green.  Windswept and relatively soft, despite being somewhat unkempt and having a few stray strands.

Same colour as his mane. Less messy than his mane but equally as soft.

Purple, unusually bright because of his crystal pony heritage.

A light grey that fades into dark grey on his hind legs, his left foreleg, his left ear and his muzzle. The larger feathers of his wings are also dark grey. His body is tall and toned. He’s well proportioned and actually quite strong for such a lean pony.

Cutie Mark:

An amethyst that (vaguely) resembles the shape of a lightning bolt.

Young adult. (around 19/20 in human years)

Ace is in no way an antisocial pony although he does sometimes enjoy time to himself. He will sometimes show off his skills to impress ponies but he’s never usually too arrogant about it. His confidence levels are usually fairly high although, like everypony, he has his insecurities. He's often told that he's charming and has good looks and a nice smile, but he's not too sure about it himself. Even though he doesn’t believe he’s greatly intimidating he will be sure to stand up for himself and others. Around ponies that he doesn’t like, he will become snarky and stand-offish.

Ace is usually pretty cheery and polite. He doesn’t seem to care what other ponies think as he’s found that it’s easier to feel happy that way. Despite his usual laid back attitude and calm demeanor, he is also fairly witty and sarcastic. Sometimes he’ll get paranoid about his friends suddenly not liking him even though there’s no obvious reason for it. It can be somewhat hard to befriend him properly as he has slight trust issues which stem from a few friends leaving him in school. He’s also not the best with commitments and making split second decisions.

Night time, amethysts and other quartz crystals, the moon and stars, lying around on clouds, emeralds, competitions and challenges, ponies with a good sense of humour, being active

Being alone for too long, jerks, overly arrogant ponies, bland looking objects and things that lack colour, being bored

Ace was born in the crystal empire and had a somewhat normal childhood. Although it was less rare at the time to see a winged crystal pony there were still very few around so he mostly taught himself how to fly and later helped ponies younger than him learn how to fly too.

Ace didn’t have many troubles in school, he was actually fairly popular and took part in a lot of sports and games with his classmates. Despite this, a few of his friends left him one year to befriend a group of ponies who didn’t really speak with Ace, and he felt rather betrayed.

He discovered that he could form quartz crystals from rocks one day when one of his friends asked him how fast he could fly. They had been standing in a small grass area in between a few houses so he didn't have much space but told his friend that if she threw something into the air that he could focus on he would fly around it. His friend immediately chose a rock about the size of her own hood and then threw it up in the air and held it there with her magic. Ace was quick to begin circling the rock, flying as fast as he could as his friend drew her magic away from the rock. The rock stayed in the air because of the air pressure around it and with his friend cheering him on, Ace managed to fly fast enough and create enough heat and air pressure that the rock started to crystallise.

He gained his cutie mark later that same year when he decided to test himself again and ended up turning the rock into a geode containing amethyst. The feat took up so much energy that he almost passed out after and so he avoids making amethysts on a regular basis because they require a specific type of rock and a lot more energy than the other quartz crystals he can make (clear quartz, rose quartz, milky quartz and smoky quartz.) His mother cut the first amethyst he made and attached it to some string so he now wears it around his neck as a good luck charm and a remembrance of his mother as he struggles to find time to visit her.

Ace's father had always been somewhat withdrawn, as he was one of the crystal ponies greatly affected by King Sombra’s rule. His father was quick to pass away when Ace was only young because he fell deathly ill. Ace misses his father, although the death didn't take as much of a toll on him as it could have, as his father had always been rather withdrawn.

At 18, Ace moved away from home mostly because it reminded him too much of his father. His other reason was money: he wasn't earning enough bits in the Crystal Empire because there were very few flight agility races with prizes and there was an abundance of crystals, so he couldn't sell much quartz.

He now has a permanent cloud home above the outskirts of Ponyville but he likes to travel around every now and then. He can usually be found selling quartz to his friend (who runs a crystal stall in the Ponyville market), taking part in agility events or just relaxing, probably in a forest or on a cloud.

Example RP Segment:
3. It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Raining, of course it's raining, that's just my luck.
Ace thought to himself somewhat bitterly, using his wings to shield himself from the rain as he trotted forward. He'd been out flying when the rain had kicked in, but now he was staying on the ground as his wings were soaked and he figured it'd be quicker to find shelter this way. His eyes flickered in every direction, looking for any kind of shelter.

A light caught his attention, and he started cantering towards it, speeding through the door into the building before even checking what it was. He shook his fur off, much like a dog would, and glanced around. It appeared he'd ended up in a tavern of some sort, which was a relief; at least he hadn't ran full force into someponies home.

He gathered himself, resting his still damp wings at his sides and walking towards an empty table nearby. A pretty unicorn waitress who looked around his age soon walked over. Whilst hovering a small notepad and pen above the table, she quietly asked if Ace had any orders. Ace looked up and smiled politely. The waitress avoided his gaze, looking nervous for a reason he couldn't pinpoint.

"I'll have an apple cider, please." The waitress nodded, writing it down and wandering away quickly after telling Ace that his order would arrive to his table soon.

He only had to wait a few minutes before the same waitress came to his table, setting his drink on the table along with another. The second glass, stationed across from his, caused Ace to look at her curiously. The mare blushed faintly, looking down at the table.

"I thought you looked a little uh, lonely. So I guessed that because I'm on a break maybe I could keep you company." The waitress met his gaze whilst speaking this time. Ace shrugged with one shoulder, offering her a lopsided smile.

"Of course you can join me, I'd love the company."
He gestured to the seat across from him, and she sat down with a smile. "I'll have to leave when the rain stops though, I'm sort of on a tight schedule." She simply nodded at this, taking a swift drink.

They talked for an hour or so, discussing everything from the sudden rain to their daily lives. They exchanged names and addresses, promising to meet up again just as Ace had to leave. He walked out of the tavern feeling slightly better about his day, having made a new friend and having had a pleasant time despite the rain ruining some of his plans.

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PostSubject: Re: Acerated Quartz   Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:56 pm

Fantastic application.

Your character has been Approved.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM either myself or another moderator/administrator. We recommend starting out in the Newbie area, but if you're comfortable with roleplaying, then feel free to create or join a topic anywhere on the forum. Have fun!
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Acerated Quartz
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