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 Sleepy Stitches

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PostSubject: Sleepy Stitches   Sleepy Stitches I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 11:08 am

Sleepy Stitches
Sleepy Stitches 25sxwue
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Mane: A slightly darker and more saturated shade than his pelt, it hands limp against his head and generally looks unkempt.
Tail: His tail looks more along the lines of a traditional unicorn tail, being long and thin with a tuft at the end.
Eyes: Bright purple
Body: Very small and meek looking, he is thin and sort of frail, not unhealthy by any means, but certainly not a sports pony by any stretch. He has visible dark circles under his eyes from many-a-slepless night, and generally wears a very timid smile. His pelt is a drab and pale ink with a darker splotch on his back.
Cutie Mark: A patch that appears to be sitched against his flank, with a heart in the middle, and a thread with a needle coming off of it.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult (19-20 in human terms)
Despite his rather dreary looking exterior, Sleepy Stitches is a kind and friendly young stallion. Growing up surrounded by a family who loved him dearly shaped him into an admirable adult. He was never made to feel like an outcast in his adoptive family, and they made sure to always make the stallion feel like one of their own. He has a very soft spoken and gentle personality, not big or outgoing by any means.

Sleepy has always had a passion for sewing, especially when it comes to making stuffed plushies for children, and he was elated when his supportive family offered to help him open a toy shop in their home city of Canterlot. He uses this toy shop to do what he loves to do the most, make foal smile. Children and their well being and happiness mean the world to Sleepy, and it is his dream to one day build and open an orphanage where he can provide a friendly and cheerful environment to those who need it the most.

Soft spoken and timid are two major aspects of Sleepy's personality, he is a pony who fears being in a crowd more than anything else, and can become very uncomfortable and panicked in such a situation. He hates being the center of attention, or speaking in front of a large group, and is usually most comfortable in a small group of two or three. However, this fear of crowds never seems to surface when foal are involved, as if the stallion had a natural affinity for kids, as nothing makes him happier than being able to make them happy.

Sleepy is quite passionate about his work and his end goals, and tends to put that and the happiness of others before himself, causing him to neglect himself quite often. He is a slight insomniac and tends to go several nights without sleeping, especially when he is working on a large project, often having to be forced and reminded to take care of himself by Lofty Dreamer, the young foal he took under his wing.

Overall Sleepy Stitches is a kind and friendly stallion who loves making others smile with his one of a kind creations, he wants nothing more than to make the world a better place for foal and young ponies who have been dealt a bad hand, and he will do whatever he can to make this dream a reality.
Rainy days, the winter, soft music, being alone(though he isn't antisocial, he enjoys small groups of one or two), animals, sewing, singing, sketching(he always sketches out ideas before he put them into plushie form), reading, making foal smile and being around kids in general, Sleepy is a pony who enjoys all things creative and beautiful, be it art or music or sewing of any kind, he generally likes his quiet time, but also enjoys noise and the company of others.
Overly hot days, loud noises, being in a crowd too large, being the center of attention, art blocks, sleeping, summer months, seeing ponies sad or hurt, being bored or inactive, speaking in front of crowds, Sleepy is a generally sensitive and soft stallion, who tends to enjoy his alone time, and hates being in front of a crowd or in a crowd in general, he even gets uneasy when his shop becomes too populated on any given day. Dealing with anyone official causes him to stutter and falter, as he isn't good at speaking to strangers as it, much less someone of authority.
Born to two ponies who did not feel they could provide for their young foal, the desperate couple did the kindest thing they thought to do, setting him down on the steps of a orphanage, and quietly stepping from his life.

Sleepy's time at the orphanage was not a bad one, and he wasn't there long before a kindly couple took them into their home, and began raising them as one of their own, loving him unconditionally, even when they had his two younger siblings. From an early age it was clear that he would never be an athletic pony, much preferring to stay indoors reading or fiddling with his mother's sewing supplies, it was here that he discovered he had a knack for sewing, and shortly after he created his first plushy, a plushy made for his baby sister, that he got his cutie mark.

As time went by he grew into a shy but friendly young pony, he never had a lot of sticking friends, but tended to get along with just about everyone, when he was 18 he began saving to open up a toy shop in Canterlot, the place he was born and raised, and his parents, ever supportive of his passion, helped him to open it.

It was here that he met Lofty Dreamer, a young foal who had no home to speak of, initially intending to take the young pony to an orphanage, the two became fast friends, and he eventually adopted them as his own, his main constant companion.
Now the two run and operate the toy shop, Lofty filling in for Sleepy when he becomes too tired to work, and is(usually by force) resting.

Example RP segment:
It was near noon according to the clock on the wall of the unicorn's workshop, where a unicorn stallion was leaning over a sewing machine with a rather serene look on his face, he always felt most at peace when he was working in this space, able to simply lose himself in his work. As he snipped the last stray thread he pulled back to admire his work, it was a rather convincing stuffed dragon, colored like soft pastels with shimmering wings.

His ears suddenly perked and he cocked his head to a sound in his peripheral, was that crying? Sliding off of his work station he used his magic to levitate the dragon onto his back intending to place it on the shelf in the shop for someone to buy. The sound grew louder as he entered the store floor, and he suddenly spotted a young filly sitting outside of his shop, the source of the sound. Without hesitation he made his way outside, flattening his ears against his head at the heart breaking anguished sounds coming from the little filly.

He trotted up beside her and furrowed his brows, speaking in a soft and warm tone to avoid scaring her more, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" The small fily looked up at him, slightly wary but put at ease by the gentle stallion, "I-I-I lost my mommy, I don't know where she went!" Another wave of sniffles overcame the little filly.

Giving the frightened young pony a kind smile, the unicorn stallion pulled the dragon from his back and offered it to her, using his magic to set her on his back with a grin, "C'mon, lets go find her, shall we?" The filly smiled in response and nodded, pointing him in the last direction she could remember as he trotted off to find her mother.

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PostSubject: Re: Sleepy Stitches   Sleepy Stitches I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 1:19 pm

This is a fantastic application. Your character is Approved.

If you'd like, we recommend starting out in the newbie area. However, if you feel you are experienced enough, feel free to start or join a topic anywhere on the site. If you have any questions, you can PM myself or another member of the staff. Happy roleplaying!
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Sleepy Stitches
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