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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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PostSubject: SillySymphony   Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:27 am


Gender: Male

Species: pegasus

Mane: His mane is a soft and is mostly covered up by his trademark beanie, though on the corners it suggests his hair is straight and curls out to be almost spikey at the end. It is colored like a light brush stroke of a pastel grey.

Tail: It is long and matches the light Grey of his head hair.

Eyes: Bright orange eyes with a almost solar brightness.

Body: Stands a little above average height with a build that most pegasus share. Sort of aerodynamic in a way one could say.

Cutie Mark: Treble Clef

Age : Adult

Personality: On the surface he comes off as a really happy colt without trouble in the world. Very relaxed and light hearted about most things. But inside, deep down he is a vortex of emotions and problems. He has many issues with his parents and a sad past he is running away from. He has a passionate drive to try things and even be a bit off a darepony.

Likes: Music (Add more later)

Dislikes: He doesn't like ponies to know his first name is Silly. See what I did there?

History: Born and raised in cloudsdale. He wanted to leave the island in the sky to see the world. He also wanted to escape all the problems that had hassled him for so long. Like his parents disapproval of wanted to be a artist and not a cloudmaker or a weather worker. He attended a college for the music arts in Manehattan till he was half way through his education offered a job writing music for a classical music company. For the next couple years he moved from place to place. He currently writes music to have money, but pursuits all sorts of professions.

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PostSubject: Re: SillySymphony   Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:29 am

-Hugs- [has been revoked]

Welcome aboard!

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