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 I Request

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PostSubject: I Request   I Request I_icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2014 2:04 pm

Rather than advertising artwork for others to request, I got this neat idea: what if you could request a drawing, and any artist could pick it up? It might not work for anyone else, but I have a request and I don't particularly care who does it. Maybe even seeing multiple ones would be amazing!

If anyone wants to take up a project, I really really really want a BBC Sherlock-themed picture. Whether it be Johnlock, mysterious Sherlock, super artsy, super cute... whatever. I don't care. I would just like someone to draw me a pony Sherlock :)

In reference:
I Request Sherlock-s3-umbrella-ss-01
Dr. John Watson on the left, Sherlock Holmes on the right

Sherlock insults. Interpret as you will.

Thank you! I'd really appreciate if someone did this for me, and I might be able to return the favour.

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I Request
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