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 Riverbrook Cottage

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PostSubject: Riverbrook Cottage   Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:15 pm

Riverbrook Cottage
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: ‘The Ponyville Houses’ area, near the town’s river.
Ponyville's Riverbank:
Address you want: Riverbrook Cottage

No. of rooms: 6
No. of stories:  1

Rooms: Main hallway, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, outside garden.
List the rooms and their size and appearance:

Distinguished by a hefty oak door, the cottage’s entrance is similar to others in Ponyville. Trailing lengths of neatly-trimmed ivy hang from the trellises on the walls, while wild flowers and shrubbery grows in the cottage’s flowerbeds. As with the other cottages on the lane, Riverbrook Cottage looks over Ponyville’s river, giving an excellent view from the bedroom during the summer. Once inside, the main feature is a narrow hallway running the length of the (fairly small) home. The polished wooden floorboards are complemented by more colourful wildflowers, in vases this time, atop cabinets in the hallway. As with most other cottages, the walls are pale enough to contrast with the wooden furniture. The first room on the left is the bedroom, but the right side of the house is dominated by the living area.

Turquoise’s bedroom is a relatively simple affair, consisting of a small single bed, some dressers for her work uniform and a desk entirely devoid of paperwork. Another potted flower resides there, flowering in the watery sunlight that pours through the two windows in her room. As a small nod to her home town, the bedding and curtains have a talavera blue patterning. The second room, a fairly small en-suite bathroom, is accessed through her bedroom. The usual installations are present, along with a little bathtub squeezed in.

The kitchen is at the end of the house, overlooking the garden. Panels of smooth quarried stone top the counters, giving the kitchen a basic, rugged appearance. Again, the furniture is made of the oaky, fragrant wood that decorates the rest of the house, but the floor is stone tiling instead of the wooden floorboards found elsewhere. A second oak door opens out from the kitchen into the garden, which Turquoise usually leaves open.

Finally, the living room makes up the front-right of the house. Accessed either through the kitchen or the hallway, the living room also serves as a dining area when (and if) Turquoise invites other ponies for dinner. A comfortable, plush sofa rests up against the front windowsill, looking back into the kitchen. A few simple wooden bookshelves help to fill the room, and a heavy blue rug dominates the floor-space. On the wall backing into the hallway, a small oil painting of a forest has been hung, giving the room a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Behind the cottage is a small garden, tended by the landlord. Turquoise is only renting the house, but enjoys being outside whatever the weather. A large part of the garden is taken up by a colourful rockery, the rest by garden furniture and flowerbeds. It backs out into some woodland, keeping the garden mostly private.

I hope this is alright!
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Riverbrook Cottage
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