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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Turquoise   Turquoise I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 10:38 pm

(The image was waay larger than I thought, sorry!  pale I put it in a spoiler, just in case. Hopefully that helps!)

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn

Mane: She has a two-tone cyan mane, fairly long and braided.
Tail: ¾ length, fairly messy but regularly brushed.
Eyes: Light blue, similar to her mane.
Body: Slightly shorter (4/10) than the average mare, but slightly chunkier (6/10), with 10 being very tall and very chunky!
Cutie Mark: Three interlocking gears, symbolising her logic and passion for working with conventional machinery.

Age: Young mare, 21-23 in human years!
Personality: She’s a fairly innocent, naïve pony with a mischievous streak. She is a mare who dislikes overly serious topics and tries to be light-hearted whenever possible. However, she tends to be compassionate and helpful in a serious situation, reserving her more outgoing traits for ponies she knows and feels comfortable around. She enjoys commenting on things and asking questions, but gets easily embarrassed someone comments on it. Turquoise prides herself on being reliable and capable, but can get easily overwhelmed when doing too many things at once, or being asked too many questions! She has difficulty approaching ponies completely out of the blue, especially those who seem confident. She’d much rather sit, sipping her coffee at a café somewhere, and watch ponies going about their lives.

She doesn’t think of herself as a particularly stylish pony, though. Aside from the decorative braid in her mane, she makes sure her appearance is utilitarian enough for being in a workshop or for working with delicate machinery. Hard toil and challenge bring a smile to her face, but she likes to balance hard work with a relaxing spa session to indulge her inner filly.

Likes: Some examples of her likes include: mild rainstorms, being in enclosed spaces, drinking coffee (the more exotic the better!), being part of a team, the buzz of success, the spa (of course!), watching snow and discovering different cultures.
Dislikes: She dislikes hot weather, being alone, brushing her tail and being in scary situations.

History: Born in a small trading town in the San Palomino Desert, Turquoise spent most of her early life badgering the occasional visiting merchants and trade caravans. Her magical studies were neglected in favour of relaxing at the town’s lush oasis with the other colts and fillies, discussing their plans for when they grew old enough to leave. Even when she left an apprenticeship under the town’s unicorn medic with only a basic knowledge of telekinesis, Turquoise had her escape planned. Colourful jewels and fragments occasionally showed up in the desert, which her parents traded with the Saddle Arabian merchants. If she could find one of her own, she could buy passage on one of the new freighter airships!

Salvation finally came in the form of a perfectly smooth, rounded lump of turquoise packed into the cool, damp clay surrounding her little oasis haven. Racing home through the fragrant evening air, the ecstatic young mare grabbed her packed suitcase and sat down (under threat from her mother, of course!) to an emotional final meal with her family. Turquoise departed the following morning, seeking her fortunes aboard a slightly dated trading airship returning to Trottingham. So swift was her departure that she missed the knowing smile between her parents, the smile that would have explained the whole happy coincidence of finding such a valuable stone!

The voyage to Trottingham was fraught with difficulties, but the capable aircrew kept the airship limping along at minimal cost to the owner. Turquoise threw herself into the work available, helping the engineers with more complex tasks where a unicorn’s telekinesis would be helpful. Despite a small cabin and one-size-fits-none overalls, Turquoise found herself waking up each morning with a smile on her face and only a small amount of rust matted into her mane. The crew came to grudgingly trust her over the several weeks they were together, and eventually Turquoise began earning a (minimal) cut of the profits in return for her assistance. Everyone seemed happy with this deal until the airship’s steering mechanism broke, spraying smashed lumps of flywheel across the captain’s desk. After several successful hours of frantic repairing, Turquoise and the other mechanics retired to their grubby below-deck quarters and, upon peeling her grimy jumpsuit off, Turquoise discovered her cutie mark! Coming from a town where opportunities were limited, she was amazed that the notoriously elusive mark hadn’t taken a lifetime to find.

After the struggle of leaving San Palomino, she only spent a few years in Trottingham after quickly tiring of the laid-back approach to life and the massive, sprawling expanse of the ocean. Years of solemn warnings about the vast wastes of the desert had sunk in, making her uncomfortable in the face of nature’s majestic sprawling landscapes. With the small nest-egg of bits she scraped together doing odd jobs for Trottingham’s seaside mechanics, the unicorn hastily moved away to somewhere more… hospitable. Ponyville!

Example RP segment: “4. Your OC is framed by a robber who plants his weapon on him/her. A Guardpony threatens to take your OC into custody. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.”

“Me?” Turquoise exclaimed, wilting under the guard’s stare. “But… but I was just talking to that pony! He wanted me to hold these!” The unicorn produced a pair of hoofdusters from her saddlebags, holding the gleaming brass weapons up for inspection. “What do you think they are? Stallion bracelets? Napkin rings?”

“Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to come with me. Those exact weapons were reported in a daylight robbery a few blocks away, and you were just seen talking to our prime suspect.” The hoofdusters hit the ground as Turquoise’s tentative magic faded, attracting looks of surprise from the curious bystanders. Silence quickly fell over the plaza, ushered in by the bell-like clang of the dropped weapons. Judgemental whispers met her ears, making her shy away from the elegant ponies.

“It… it wasn’t me, I swear! I thought he was coming back!” The unicorn looked around anxiously, searching for some sign of support from the gathering ponies. None could be found. “You believe me, right?”

The guard’s ironclad expression faltered for a moment as he shifted uncomfortably in his ceremonial armour, concerned by the interest of the whispering crowd. “You sure don’t look like you mugged that poor charity director…” Turquoise groaned as the gathered ponies gasped in outrage, “but I’ll have to bring you in regardless. You did get a clear look at the suspect, after all.” A few ponies had begun peering out of the brightly-painted cafes along the street, wondering where their custom had disappeared to. “Now come on, before this incident attracts even more attention.”

She hurried after the nimble pegasus guard, cursing her much shorter legs. “I guess I’d better thank you for taking me away from those ponies,” she grumbled, putting a brave front on the icy tendrils of fear that had entered her system only moments earlier. “But can you slow down a bit? I can’t trot as fast as you with these bags of bits weighing my saddlebags down!”

Acceptance. Oh, and the airships I referenced were based off [canon] ones, but adapted for trading! Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: Turquoise   Turquoise I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 11:07 pm

Love your creativity. You did this application well.

Without further ado,


Feel free to stop by the chatbox at any time if you have a question or just want to talk. If there isn't anyone in there, don't sweat. Someone shows up at least three times a day. We recommend starting off in the Newbie area, but if you're fairly comfortable roleplaying, you can go ahead and start anywhere. Hope to see you around the forum!
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