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 Lacking Creativity

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PostSubject: Lacking Creativity   Lacking Creativity I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2014 9:38 pm

" WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DIDN'T QUALIFY?!" Cranium shrieked, gaping at the results of the Equestrian Scientific Demonstration Competiton ( ESDC) He was sure he would win. He categorized all data necessary, organized it into neat collumns, and explained everything about his demonstration and reasoning! It made no sense to him why he, of all ponies, did not qualify.

The mare sitting at the desk neatly labeled " ESDC Results" in Town Square sighed wearily.

" Sir, we have specific rules required, and you violated one of the most important ones- creativity. Yes, it was a very nice demonstration- but it simply had no creativity. All you did was list, categorize, and explain," she patiently explained. Actually, his did indeed stand out to her, otherwise she would have no explanation. It was the most boring thing she had ever looked at, almost as bad as those dreadful white labcoats- that of course, Cranium was wearing.

The scientist barely managed to keep from strangling the mare's neck, and didn't keep from holding back a bloodthirsty, veagance seeking, strangely wolf like growl as if someone had just killed his family, robbed his house, punched him in the face, and thrown cupcakes at him.

" This.... is not art class! T-this is science! This is not some kind of cutesy little foal level art class! THIS IS ADVANCED, HIGHLY COMPLICATED AND SOPHISTICATED SCIENCE! THERE IS NO CREATIVITY IN SCIENCE!" he yelled, now making everyone in the square turn to look at him, his face red with absolute rage.

The mare now looked at him with a look of only slight annoyance, before deciding to handle this the way she always did- partner him with another failure.

" Sir, there are others who did apply, and there will be another competiton in only several months. If you like, I have a list here of some competitors you may be interested in, actually I have one right behind me," she said, moving out of the way to reveal the stranger.

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Lacking Creativity
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