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 Titanfall Team Recruitment [Xbox One]

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PostSubject: Titanfall Team Recruitment [Xbox One]   Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:27 pm

Anyone who plays Titanfall on the Xbox One,
please read on.


So a friend of mine and I are starting a Titanfall team, and we are looking for someone to round out our group. You could say this is a "clan," but it is going to be more like a close knit 3-man (or woman) team, each of us specializing in different fields. If this sounds like it may interest you, please take a look at the requirements below. If there are one or two things that you can't comply with, they most likely can be worked around.

* star means absolutely necessary.

*-Must have an Xbox One

*-Must have Titanfall for said Xbox One

*-Must have a working microphone and not be too shy to hold a conversation

*-Must be able to communicate and work coherently with a team

*-Must be mature enough to know the difference between "joke time" and "serious time"

-We prefer that you specialize with the Atlas Titan, but this can be worked around

-It would be nice if you had a Skype (Other than on Xbox)

The goal here is for us to create a lasting friendship and camaraderie, not just a one night gaming session.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact me via Skype or this thread.
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Titanfall Team Recruitment [Xbox One]
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