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 Fleethoof's house

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PostSubject: Fleethoof's house   Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:15 pm

[center] Fleethoof's house

Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: On the outskirts, somewhat close to Everfree forest
Address you want: 7 Everfree Avenue
No. of rooms: 4
How many stories: 1
Which rooms: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

List the rooms and their size and appearance:

Living room: Largest room in the house. Has a couple of couches, one facing the entryway and the other facing the fireplace, next to each other at a 90° angle, and a table between them. Small plant-pot with a Venus Flytrap on the table. Walls are painted a warm yellow. Painting of a river above the fireplace

Bedroom: Very small. Entrance hugs the right wall. Contains a matress on the floor with covers, a duvet and a pillow. Opposite the "bed" is a wardrobe. There is a table at the left-most wall, under the window. Walls are a calming blue.

Kitchen: A fridge is on the right as you enter, with a counter in line with it. A cupboard is to the left, as well as a plates-and-glasses cupboard. A small table in the centre of the room with two chairs. A sink is at the far end of the room, flanked by worktops. Walls are plain white

Bathroom: There is a sink and mirror to the left as you enter and a shower to the right. Just behind the sink (as though you were standing at the door) is a bath. Straight on from the door is the toilet. Walls are tiled [/centre]
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Fleethoof's house
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