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 Lightning Clash

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Lightning Clash

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PostSubject: Lightning Clash   Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:51 am

Lightning Clash

Gender: Stallion
Species: Pegasi
Mane: White with a Cyan Streak
Tail: White with a Cyan Streak
Eyes: Cyan
Body: White
Cutie Mark: Cyan Lightning Bolt
Age (Baby,adult):18, so Teenager

Lightning Clash who is just entering his late teens is a Stallion Pegasus who has just left Cloudsdale to a new town called "Ponyville". Lightning is a loyal person with a kind and gentle nature. His a guy who is found with a friend or two making them laugh or having a relaxing conversation. His not much of a risk taker but he'll do what must be done to reach a goal either for his friends, family or just for himself. He always loves to start a conservation with friends but not so much with strangers or speaking in front of the public. When possible he'll try to avoid arguments with others but he will voice his opinion when needed and for others. Lightning will use every chance he gets to say a joke or just makes his friends laugh. This is one of his favourite things, cause seeing a smile on someponies face puts one on his. He is normally found at home reading a book or just relaxing. He'll commonly be outside walking through the streets scanning for something of interest. Aside from ground activities and friends, Lightning loves to fly as possible. For him flying is amazing. The wind through his feathers, the sense of freedom and the peace and quiet. But, he never flies to high since he has a slight fear of heights which was a reason he was sadly, bullied at flight school in Cloudsdale when he was young. The heights his fine with is above cloud level but and further and he freezes. Lightning tries his best to see the good side of things and enjoy every moment of life. He isn't as hyper as someponies but one day he'll do everything he can and the next he'll be yawning and not so hyper. Lightning will always lend a hoof to a friend or stranger in need. In conclusion, Lightning is a friendly all rounder guide who likes hanging with friends or relaxing at home.

Likes: {May change overtime}
-Flying, he loves the freedom of the sky.
-Reading, Lightning enjoys to relax so he finds reading a good combination
-He prefers listening rather than do the talking
-Hanging out with friends and having a goodtime
-Electronic Music, all music is good but he finds electronic the best
-Competitions, he likes getting competitive but not overboard with it
-Relaxing. If his not with friends or exploring you'd find him lying down
-Learning new things and interesting facts about anything
-Jokes, he will laugh mostly at bad jokes and he'll make up the worst
-Giving advice to friends and even gaining advice
-Coffee, mostly Iced Coffee.

-Very Hot Weather, he can't stay still if the weather is boiling
-Ponies being abusive to friends mentally and/or physically. It's just plain wrong
-Ponies who think their above everypony {Not literally of course ^_^}
-Having to speak to strangers or publicly
-Seeing friends in a bad mood or sad
-People who break their promises on purpose {If it's just a simply mistake it's Ok}
-When his friends argue and there nothing Lightning can do to stop it
-Being alone for long periods of time
-Boredom {Who would like being bored?}
-Opera... No need to explain...
-Ponies complaining about little things everyday

Lightning Clash grew up in Cloudsdale with his mum and dad. His dad Thunder Boom and mum Blue Wings were both weather ponies, thus is how they met. He had no siblings growing up but had many trust worthy friends. He went through school and flight school like most pegasi but during flight school he met his fear of heights. He loved school, not many ponies from his class wouldn't agree with him but he found school a place to learn interesting facts. He was a very fast flyer and flight school. Flying fast was a natural thing for him, it's was his life, but many ponies he raced didn't seem to kind to him. Lightning tried being friends with these few but it didn't not help. He had friends but others disliked him.

When Lightning was about ten he had earned his cutie mark. It is a cyan lightning bolt. He had earned this on very stormy day in Cloudsdale. A thunderstorm that was made by the weather factory has gone rogue. Many weatherponies were called out to attempt controlling the storm but progress was slow. Lightning's parents were out helping control the storm and he was at home watching the storm from his bedroom window. He felt like he could help so he went outside and flew up in the air. He started too move thunderclouds around and just dodging lightning strikes. For the rest of the storm he moved storm clouds away from his home trying to protect it. The whole storm took about two hours too calm down before everyone could go home. Exhausted, Lightning's parents came home to find that their son was on their floor with scratches all over him and soaking wet. He was sleeping and seemed very tired. When he was awoken by his parents they pointed to his side showing a cyan lightning bolt.

Lightning was happy living in Cloudsdale but he thought it was too big for him and life their was dull so one lucky day his parents told him they had bought a house for him in a new town called 'Ponyville'. He was eighteen when they told him this, they thought he was older enough too have his own home. They were thinking of getting him a house in Cloudsdale but they knew that Lightning was always talking about visiting new places. This was a massive change for his life and he was so excited. He didn't like the fact that he wouldn't see his parents as often but this new home was great news. He had said his goodbyes and flew down to Ponyville. He had heard of this town but never visited it, even though that is wasn't that far. This was the first earth pony town he had ever visited. Now he lives in a small home north of the marketplace. He spends most of his spare time exploring the town for new things.

Example RP segment:
A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC's personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Response: The white pegasus known as Lightning was exploring the sights, sounds and smells down one the street's of Ponyville. He had only been in Ponyville for a few days but the town just amazed him. The many coloured buildings, the laughs of ponies in the street, the sweet smell of food cooking in the distance. Yep, all was good in Ponyville. Then the faint sound of muzzled sobbing could be heard in the distance. He was confused and his head swayed from place to place looking for the source of the noise.

It was a small foal on the side of the street crying like there was nothing else to do. Lightning thought instantly that the foal was lost since no one else was around. He walked over to the little foal and bent down so he was at eye level. 'Poor little thing' Lightning thought. Lightning smiled and got the foals attention by waving his hoof. "Hello, are you Ok?" Lightning asked. This scene made Lightning quite sad but he keep his smile showing.

The foal had dialled down it's sobbing into sniffles. "I c-can't find my mummy" the foal said. The mention of the word 'mummy' seemed to make the foal start to cry again.

Lightning was now upset about all of this. "Come on cutie, I'll help you find your mummy" Lightning said. He held his hoof out to the foal. The foal noticed this and held his hoof. They than went on in search of the young foal's mother


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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Clash   Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:06 am

Hi there, Lightning Clash! My name is Calla Lily, and I'll be taking care of your app! Welcome to the site!

The first thing I see of note is that your history is a bit short. We'd like you to elaborate a bit more on the story behind your OC. Where'd he get his cutie mark? Maybe elaborate a bit more on his move to Ponyville?

The second thing I see is that your RP segment isn't quite complete. If you need an example for a correctly done RP segment with the same prompt, you can click here: . You can also use this link for an example of a correctly done history. It doesn't have to be this long, but we would like you to be thorough.

The third thing I noticed is that you're missing something important at the bottom of your app. Please reread the rules to figure out what needs to be there :)

Make these corrections, and you should be on your way to approval!
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Lightning Clash

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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Clash   Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:35 am

Ok, I have finished editing and now await response. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Clash   Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:30 am

Appropriate changes have been made.

Your character has been Approved!

If you'd like to practice, you could start out in the newbie area, which is no canon and purely to get you used to role playing in our style. However, it's not mandatory :)

Feel free to join us in the chatbox if you have any questions or are just looking for a fun conversation. We don't bite, I promise! 

Have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Clash   

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Lightning Clash
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