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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 The Last Heir

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PostSubject: The Last Heir   Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:29 am


Pixel Flare flinches with fear as she runs through Darkthorn forest.
She had to get away, she had to...

That name... Her parent's lineage... It was all gone. The strong bond between the serpent-dragons and the draconian ponies was broken. The Draconian race was all but dead. She was the last.

And it was all Shayde's fault. Shade, the Mistress of Nightmare, destroyed the Draconian Empire, and the CloudSerpent race. There was only one left. Pixel.

As the heir to the throne, Pixel had the gift that the Mistress of Nightmare truly wanted... The power that could shatter the safekeeping of the world...

She could not have it.

At last, Pixel, after having been so exhausted, she assumed the form of a normal Pegasus, she burst through what she thought was a clearing, and collapsed. Is this... The end?

She then heard a voice. "By Celestia! That Pegasus just burst from the Everfree!"
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The Last Heir
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