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 Hare Rocker

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PostSubject: Hare Rocker   Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:17 pm

As per the theme. This Character is based off of George Harrison.

Hare Rocker
- The Quiet/Gentle Beat-bug.
Age: Early Twenties; The Youngest Beat-Bug
Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus

Eye C: Chestnut
Mane/Tail C: Violet
Mane Style: Bumpy Moptop
Tail Style: Long, slightly messy, tail. Almost drags.
Coat Color: Lavender
Hoof Color: -
- Long thin Muzzle than average.
- Bony. Thin in Body.
- Strong angular wings. Sharp feathers.
- Round ears.
- Fanged.
- Eyebrows, thick and long, color of mane.
- Appetite. He has a high Metabolism, and is often seen eating.
- An edge in his voice. This is a permanent bit of rasp caused from singing with a sore throat.

Cutie Mark: A Quaver Note whose Note-head is the center of a four pink lotus petals.

Dimension 1: Personality, Likes, Hates, Fears

Lead Guitarist, Lead Singer, and only a partial song writer, Hare is often pushed into the Background by the other song writers, Gritt and Hymn.

Hare is Quiet. When he is particularly unfamiliar with something.
- Chatterbox. He will talk none stop, when in somewhere familiar.
- Witty. He has the sharpest wit. He is fairly good humored.
- Cheeky. He is probably the cheekiest of the group.
- Introvert. He often has to get dragged out to night clubs.

Hare is Honest. He has no problem with sharing his feelings, and suffers no fools.
- Friendly. And Warmly so. He's the kind of pony that just might hug you for five minutes when giving a goodbye.
- Independent. He likes doing his own thing, his own way.
- Balanced. In the Group, he is a decent balance between Hymn and Gritt.
- Self Sufficient. He is reliable, and often has to rely on himself.
- Caring. He truly is. He is willing to give on to others, and less to nothing to himself.
- Morally Good. He may not seem it, but he has strong morals. Though his actions can be questionable, socially.
- Persistence. He does not stop.
- Determination. He will endure anything.
- Romantic. Oh yes he can, and he just might.

Hare is Rebellious. He dislikes authority figures, or those that seek to control any aspect of his life. He fond of "Take-That's!".
- Indifference to Fame. Very much so, to the point of being shielded and isolated from social outings.
- Dull Expression. He has difficulty expressing things.
- Awkward. Partnered with Clumsy. He often is put into situations that he often can't express himself in, or put a proper say in the matter.
- Stubborn. He will not be moved, and its very difficult to change his mind when set on something.
- Deadpan Snarker. The Master of it. He may even understate things.
- Cynical. Partnered with Pessimistic. He can be, very much so.
- Hot Blooded. Partnered with Fearsome Temper. He is two things, a bag of the quiet friendly colt, and a bag of anger... Prone to hold Grudges.
- Red Blooded. He has very... masculine appetites. And he will not deny a Mare who wants him, though its often depending...

Hare Likes:
- Music.
- Loves Gardening, and Plants.
- Loves to Race. Wind against his wings. The thrill of speed.
- Stability.
- Comfort.
- Fascinated about things beyond Equusland and Equestria, such as Zebras or Dragons...
- Candies and Food.

Hare Hates:
- Confrontation.
- Haircuts.
- Bullying.
- Fools.
- Authority Figures.
- Being Screamed at.
- BERSERK BUTTON: Seeing someone get hurt.

Hare Fears:
- Needles. Might even pass out.
- The Fans. Easily. He may even be tramatized.

Dimension 2: History

Born in Mareside, Amblion. Born to Jewel Flight, a chariot pulling Pegasus, and Prancer, a Unicorn; Both having origins from the Isles of Emeralds. He is the youngest of four children, with two older brothers, Ruby Wing (Pegasus) and Duster Fey (Unicorn), with one older sister, Hoof Dancer, an Earth Pony. Being mixed, the Family was Grounded, and often moved alot considering the size of the family and the small spaces of Mareside Earth Pony housing.

Being from a Mixed Family, and the Youngest, Hare often was by hisself. His father often didn't have time to teach him, and his brother Ruby didn't often hang around him, so he taught himself to fly. By this, since Ruby Wing was going out for Equusish counterpart to the Equestrian Wonderbolts (the Sky Runners), Hare was chosen by his father to inherit the Sky Carriage and the job of driving it. This was dashed with the Appearance of his Cutie Mark.

Often, with his rustic and small weather skills, he often cared for the small gardens his family made when ever they moved.

Hare earned his Cutie Mark from an epiphany. Flying one day, he heard for the the first time All-Wise Presneigh. It was then and there that he knew exactly what he wanted out of his life, Music. Rock'n Roll music. He came home with the mark on his flank. His father ultimately lost him to other things, and his mother encouraged the musical growth. When Hare wasn't learning to play music after the Equestrian Rocker "Prairy B. Kind", he was learning Gardening and plants. He even got Guitar lessons.

Hare, in order to improve his own abilities, tried for the Mareside Young Pegasus Weather Team. Unfortunately, he didn't like the instructor, and never even tried out. On the ride home in his Father sky carriage, he met the First of Three Lifelong friends, Hymn Hummer. They both eventually got to know each other, both interested in Music, though Hymn being older and more experienced of a sort in the art, often directed Hare. Hare, being young, often followed Hymn.

It was Hymn who introduced Hare to the Quarry Ponies. There, he met the Second of Three Lifelong Friends, the leader of the Quarry Ponies and writing partner to Hymn, Gritt Artist. Unfortunately, Gritt thought Hare too young, and didn't let him join initially. Though, Hare often tagged along with Hymn and/or Gritt, playing when he could and using his abilities in the band as a stand in. Eventually, Gritt did let Hare in. Hare eventually started to look up to Gritt, brotherly or similar wise.

The Quarry Ponies eventually died away, leaving only a few members, Hare, Hymn, Gritt, a Friend of Gritt's, and a hired on Drummer Best Leat. Hare, mostly prompted by Gritt, did not leave. After many name changes, they became the Beat-Bugs.

One of their first gigs as the Beat-Bugs occurred in a red light district in Germane. Hare, being underage and under experienced, had been half near shocked by what was there. Though all of the band did pleasure in the "experiences", they endured horrible playing conditions and long playing hours. Hare, being high in physique and stamina, could last longer playing than the others. However, Hare didn't like the area as it closed him in, and he wasn't able to fly for the longest time. To make matters worse, after a move to different club, Hare was caught by Germane Guards for being underage and working, that is playing music skits. He was shipped back to Mareside, half terrified out of his wits.

It was in Germane that Hare met the last of his Three Lifelong friends, Rich Star. While they did not interact much initially, they became very close, rival almost to Hymn and Gritt.

The Beat-Bugs made it big back in Mareside. They eventually met their manager, Extended "Eppy" Play. When prompted about what they wouldn't like when being managed by Eppy, Hare made a quip, "For starters, I don't like your tie."

They made their first hit, and are now on Tour. Unfortunately, Hare has only ever written one song, and that was while he was sick and in bed.

Dimension 3: The World

2. "Love to you"

"I wanted to tell you... That I love you."

Hare stood backstage. He had wanted to get some practice done with his guitar, considering the showtimes were being compressed and he'd end up having to leave in a couple hours.

But he should have figured that someone was in hiding. This young mare couldn't be older than mid-teens, earth pony, and her build was... poofy.

As for her statement... He and the lads often got confessions of love, both in person and in letters.

"I'm sorry miss, but you've got the wrong colt." What else could he say?

"N-No I don't, I do love you!" The mare insisted.

"And love is a wonderful thing, you hardly know me however and I've never met you."

The mare spoke out her name, and began a continuous tale of her life and hobbies in rapid and desperate proportion. Hare sighed internally, he didn't want to upset the filly...

"Miss- Ma'am- I'm sorry, but you can't just place your love on me simply from listening to me music."

That stopped her, and caused her lip to quiver and already threatening tears to spill.

"Come now, miss," Hare said goodhearted. He spread a wing over her as she sat down, "Just because I'm not for you, that there isn't some lucky lad out there."

"But-But-" She didn't need to finish. I want you. Hare had heard it all before and wondered how many more times he was going to hear it.

He was getting so tired...

"Here, I'll get you a drink, something to wipe your nose, and I'll walk home with ya."

The mare looked at him with hope in her eyes, and Hare didn't want to see it crash down. At least, not before his own eyes.


# Isles of Emeralds. Again, the Equus version of Ireland.

# Sky Runners. The Equusland Wonderbolt counterparts. They, however, do not defend Equusland (Amblion) as the Wonderbolts due, as Equusland, unlike Equestria, does have a standing military.

# Prairy B. Kind. This is a sort of pun. Based on Carl Perkins, and the song "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry.

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PostSubject: Re: Hare Rocker   Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:50 pm

Your character has been Approved.

However, be aware that we would like you to use your current characters a little more thoroughly and to their fullest potential before making any more. We understand your four-package, but do keep in mind that we would appreciate if you would roleplay with the characters you already have.
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Hare Rocker
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