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 Bella Aura

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PostSubject: Bella Aura   Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:48 am

Bella Aura

Gender: Mare

Species: Breezie

Appearance: Like any Breezie, Bella has large, translucent, butterfly-shaped wings over two times the size of her body. Her fur is a pale lavender that fades to cyan at her legs, with a long, curly mane and tail the color of grapes. She has dark aquamarine eyes that are abnormally round for a female Breezie. Bella often wears a small pink bow in her mane.

Personality: Bella is a smart, feisty little creature. She often felt like a loner in the Breezie hollow, with no friends and family with whom to spend her time. She is much more amicable towards ponies, who she finds to be extremely friendly and willing to accept her for who she is. She dislikes having to rely on the bigger species to keep her from being blown away or crushed, but she accepts that it is necessary to survive in places other than her home.

History: Bella met her companion, the melancholy crystal pony Rosella, during Breezie migration season. As an outcast in Breezie society for her intellect, Bella spent much of her time silently learning how to speak Equestrian for the pollen harvest, so she might study the ponies from afar. Though considered quite beautiful for the fairies, she tended to put off her fellow Breezies because she cared more for her studies than the luxuries sought out by her peers.

During her tenth harvest, Bella met a sad, lonely pony named Rosella in Trottingham. Fascinated by her crystalline skin, the Breezie did not notice the rest of her group as they disappeared with the wind. Instead, she struck up a conversation with the mare, considerably cheering both up. When Bella finally realized that she had been abandoned by her swarm, she was extremely hurt, despite never having much of a connection with any of them. Feeling empathy for the little fairy pony, Rose invited Bella to stay with her until the next harvest season. Ecstatic that she had finally made a friend, Bella accepted, and though the next harvest season had come and gone, along with her chance to return to the Breezie hollow, Bella never wavered in her decision to stay with Rose. She sometimes accompanies the crystal pony on Rose's outings, but usually spends most of her time in a little crystal house Rose made for her on a rainy day.
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Bella Aura
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