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PostSubject: Gritt Artist   Gritt Artist I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 10:55 pm

Note from the Author: Gritt is apart of a Four Character Package, meaning I am going to use my other three slots to fill in. They are each mentioned, but Gritt is the main focus.

It should also be noted that this Package is of the Beat-Bugs, and the Beat-Bugs are excessively based on the Beatles. Hope that isn't too much of an issue, and all matters have been adapted to My Little Pony standards and more.
- Gritt himself is based off of John Lennon.

But that means that there will be questionable things. If anything is a Problem, I will change it.

And the Template is modified here. Hope that isn't an issue. Afraid I've used the Three Dimensions of a Character, I may continue in the future if it isn't a problem. Unfortunately, no Image can be produced at this time but maybe in the future.

Gritt Artist
- "Smart/Loud" Beat-Bug
Age: Early Twenties; Second Eldest Beat-Bug
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn

Eye C: Brown
Mane/Tail C: Forest Green
Mane Style: Mop top, Messy and longish.
Tail Style: Permanent crook (Sharp Bend) near base of tail. Curves down and in, then curves up with three strands pointing up.
Coat Color: Light Green
Hoof Color: -
Body Type: Thick, but average.
- Thick eyebrows the color of his mane.
- Small oval eyes.
- Horn is unusually long and sharp. This makes magic using/controlling difficult.
- Legally Blind. He is severely Short-Sighted. But he doesn't normally wear his glasses, which are black and Thick rimmed and Squared (Buddy Holly Style).

Cutie Mark: A cartoon like, exaggerated beam note with two yin/yang purple and red note heads.
- He earned his Cutie Mark from his Mother's influence, who encouraged his growth in music.

Magic Color: Magenta
- Basic Levitation
- Vocal Amplification

Dimension 1: Personality

"Leader" of the Beat-Bugs. Lead Guitarist, Lead Singer, Song-Writer (Partnered with Hymn).
Has a Scouser Accent.

Gritt is Witty. Quick to respond with a joke or funny sarcasm.
- Intelligence. He is quick to pick up on trivia, and often knows more than he lets on.
- Creativity. He can put something together, and think outside of the box.
- Logical. He may not act it, but he is quick to be skeptical of things that can't be explained by Modern Science or Modern Magic.

Gritt is Generous. He can sacrifice of himself for others.
- Romantic. He can charm, and truly give a romance however brief.
- Sweetheart. He knows what he can do for his love, and will.
- Charismatic. He can be quite the charmer.
- High Ideals. He reaches high.
- Peaceful. He detests violence...
- Manners. He can be respectful and polite, when he wants to. He has excellent Table Manners, though you wouldn't think it.

Gritt has an Infamous Temper. He will yell, curse, and be generally snappish and hurtful.
- Hypocrite. He may preach one thing, and do or has done something the opposite.
- Jealousy. He is possessive, and will threaten or fight those he "deems" convent that is his. (Tinker Bell)
- Violent. Despite his disgust with violence, he himself may become violent when his buttons are pushed, but this maybe unpredictable.
- Deadpan Snarker. Partnered with Cruel Sarcasm. He can be very hurtful at worse and very blunt at best.
- Womanizer. He doesn't tend to sit with one, not for long.
- Bitter. He can be unbelievably cynical and cold about the World. He may hold Grudges.
- Disorganized. He can particularly messy, though this is not from accident and often of his own volition and purpose.
- Lazy. He can sleep indefinitely if he wants to, and often just lays around.
- Loud-Mouth. He will often put his hoof in his mouth.
- Insensitive. He can be very unforgiving, very cold, and very shielded.

Gritt Likes:
- Milk, Whiskey, Tea, Coffee.
- Curry, Jam.
- Loves Cats.
- Music, Guitar playing.
- Being rich.
- Attention.

Gritt Hates:
- Stupidity.
- Slow Wittiness.
- Repetitions.
- Painful Experiences.
- Driving a Carriage/Cart.
- His Own voice.
- Bright Colors (...World of Techno Colored Ponies...)
- BERSERK BUTTON: Bad Table Manners.

Gritt Fears:
- Growing Old.
- Loss.
- Abandonment.

Dimension 2: Back-story, Inner Demons

Born in Mareside, Amblion to Grace Hooves and Sea Song, both Unicorns. Father "Lost at Sea" pre and post birth. Came back once, and Gritt had to make a decision between Mother and Father. Chose Mother.

Sent and Raised by Aunt Mini Wimsey, Unicorn, and Uncle Rough Gem, Earth Pony. Loved Uncle, who taught him how to Twist Words.
- Uncle Rough Gem died of cancer when Gritt was fifth teen.

Gritt had a descent relationship with his Mother.
- She taught him how to play the Banjo.
- She and him often danced in the kitchen to All-Wise Presneigh.
- She bought him his first guitar.
- She often encouraged his musical aspirations.

Gritt started the Quarry Ponies with a group of friends. They didn't have a drummer, and it was Four Guitarists, and a washboard with spoon.
- Gritt was often known as a Trouble Maker in his neighborhood, not many would throw in with him.

Gritt met the first of his three Life Long Friends at a Quarry Ponies concert at a local shrine to Celestia. He was introduced after the show by a mutual friend to Hymn Hummer, a younger upstart Pegasus who could actually play and tune a guitar and sing, and can make a mean "Little Rich Key" impression. Gritt sent him off, but invited him into the band not long after.

Gritt and Hymn often wrote songs together. Gritt put a spring in Hymn's notes, and often had to convince him to keep going with the band and the gig, against his own father's advice.

One night of rehearsal, after an evening of talking with her older sister Mini Wimsey, Grace Hooves was killed by a drunk Guard and carriage. This cause a rupture in Gritt's life, which eternally pained him.
- Hymn comforted him on this, as his own mother had died a long while before.

Hymn introduced the Second of Gritt's lifelong friends, Hare Rocker. At first, Gritt rejected Hare because of his youth, but the second chance convinced Gritt to let him into the band.

In Art School, Gritt met his girlfriend and future wife, Lunalight Shine.

Overtime, the Quarry ponies diminished, leaving Gritt, Hymn, Hare, and Gritt best friend Still Paint. They hired on Best Pete as a drummer. The Quarry Ponies became known by many names, Gritty Colt and the Silver Beats, The Silver Beat-Bugs, and eventually, the Beat-Bugs.

The Beat-Bugs gained their first major gig in a Red-light city in Germane. The conditions were horrible, and the stage plays were often long and difficult.
- Gritt often got into Bar Fights.
- Gritt had a tendency for antics, once coming on stage with a toilet seat around his neck.

Gritt met the last of his Lifelong friends, Ringlet Starr, who was drummer to Red Storm and the Hurricanes. When Best had taken sick, Ringlet played drummer for them.

After a move to another bar, things turned worse. Hare was shipped back for a regulation violation, and Best and Hymn were for a law break. Eventually, so was Gritt. Still Paint stayed behind, having fallen in love with a local photographer.

The Beat-Bugs made it big back in Mareside, enough so for a return trip to Germane.
- Gritt was told that Still Paint had died from complications that originated in an internal fracture in his horn.

The Beat-Bugs finally attained a manager, Extended Play, or "Eppy", who finally broadcast them into the world.

- Before Eppy, the Beat-Bugs image was often in Leather Jackets. Gritt was fond of these, and often joked that they were made from the skins of Cows (In actuality, "Leather" was made of processed Cotton). The image changed to gray suits.
- The Beat-Bugs wear Leg and Back Braces under the suits during concerts, this is to help them stand on two legs in order to play the Guitars. Gritt despises these things, because of his bad eyesight, he is horrible in working with them.
- Beat-Bug fans often believe that Gritt maybe descendent from Royalty due to the size and sharpness of his horn. This is untrue, as the long, sharp horn is a recessive trait in the family. His next to nothing Magical Power also disproves it.

Dimension 3: The World. The RP Segment.
One. "Mother".

The streets of Mareside were cobbled with both ponies and chariots and carriages alike. Gritt, under disguise, walked among them. He couldn't help but think to himself about how "Common" the ponies around him were. Albeit in a joking manner, while he did find himself missing a simpler life, he loved the rush of running from crazed fans. Especially the band's masses.
He was walking by a nearby park, when he heard it. The Whiny sobbing of a foal. No one else seemed to hear, nor stop. Gritt would have gone on, until he heard the cries:
"Mum! Mummy!"
It froze him in his tracks. He turned his head. Sure enough, there was the foal. A young Pegasus colt, with no aparent ability to fly, sobbing and wandering in circles. Gritt clenched his teeth. He walked over to the colt.
"There now, what're ya cryin' about?" Gritt asked. There was a pang in Gritt's chest, and he tried to ignore it.
"I want my mummy!" the colt finally broke down, hitting the ground on its rump and crying into its hooves.
"None of that now," Gritt said sternly, "You're a big colt, you ought to look after yourself. You can't expect your mum to be there all the time."
That wasn't true, the colt couldn't even fly. And at the words, the Colt cried louder. Gritt was getting peeved, but he let out a breath. He wasn't about to snap at a colt.
"Here, let's go find your mum."
The colt sniffed nodded, and stuck to Gritt's side. Gritt spent the better part of two hours asking "Have you seen this colt's Mum?" and "Are you his mummy?” First Gritt was adamant, then he was annoyed, then he was resentful. What kind of parent abandons their kid? Why in hell didn't anyone help the colt?
He stopped, and the colt bumped into his hind leg. If it was abandonment, maybe he could convince Hymn to adopt the kid, since he was a Pegasus and he liked kids. Or Gritt could. Or maybe even the Band could. That would be something for a new song, "~Why, why, why did you leave me mum? Sobbing in the street and on my bum, tell me why~"
"There you are!" From the sky, came a Pegasus mare. Gritt took a look at her, and judging from the accent, is likely from the southern part of the country.
"Mummy!" said the colt.
"Found yer kid," Gritt said.
"I was so worried!" said the mother, picking the colt up in her hooves; she spared Gritt just a glance.
He had half a mind to tell her off for leaving her kid for over two hours, but refrained. The scene left his throat dry.
He turned around, and trotted off. He half heard the colt inquiring about him, but he never minded it and kept trotting. Thoughts about his own mother, dancing to All-Wise Presneigh in the kitchen and prompting him to dance with her, or how she taught him how to play the banjo, or how she could play a mean kazoo...
He let out a sigh.
Well, he'd have to explain to the lads why he was couple hours late of showing.
"~Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh, she’s old enough to know better, so cry baby cry~" Gritt softly sung.

* Mareside is based off Liverpool (Mayerside).
* Amblion (Amble, a horse gait, and Albion, the ancient name of Britain) is my Pony version of Great Britain; Equusland being England specifically, Avalund (Avalon, an ancient city within the Arthurian Legends (Ironically has Apple City in translation), Next to Camelot; Lundy, a type of English Pony Breed.) being the London.
# Germane (Germany and Mane), but a more German name for it would be Rossland, as Ross is German for Horse (Or Pony, I think).

# Grace Hooves (Julia Lennon, mother of John Lennon)
# Sea Song (Alfred Lennon, John Lennon's biological Father)
# Mini Wimsey (Mary "Mimi" Smith nee Stanley, John's Aunt.)
# Rough Gem (George Smith, Mimi's husband)
# Still Paint (Stuart Stucliffe, a painter and late-Best Friend of Lennon, who died from a blood vessel burst in his brain)
# Lunalight Shine (Cynthia Lennon nee Powell, Lennon's first Wife, and mother to Julian Lennon)
# All-Wise Presneigh (Elvis Presley).
# Lil' Rich Key (Little Richie, a 50s Rocker).
# Red Storm and the Hurricanes (Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, a Liverpool Skiffle Band)
# Extended Play "Eppy" (Brian Epstein, Late-Manager of the Beatles and whose nickname was Eppy, and a music program on a computer known as Extended Player)

# In this, it is in my belief that if a Unicorn loses its horn, it dies. I'm not privy to stories where the Unicorn will simply lose magic if it loses its horn. Same would go for pegasi if they lose their wings, like a human losing a leg, they're done.
# Mind you, while Gritt does have elements of 70s Lennon, he is directly based off Early to Mid 60s Lennon.

Edited 1.

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PostSubject: Re: Gritt Artist   Gritt Artist I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 8:31 pm

Heloo! Sorry for taking so long! ^.^;

While modifying the template is not recommended, everything is there. and the confirmation word isn't exactly what it's supposed to be, but it's close enough.


Have fun!

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