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 FIMFic: Life is a Party

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FIMFic: Life is a Party Empty
PostSubject: FIMFic: Life is a Party   FIMFic: Life is a Party I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 11:07 pm

It's only at three short chapters, and it's incomplete, but your support would really mean a lot.


When Cheese Sandwich came to Ponyville, Pinkie Pie found her world crashing in on her as a new party pony took over town. With parties going on day and night, the pink ball of sunshine found herself alone... and with loneliness comes a need for love.
When her friends find her, alone and bleeding, they immediately take her to the hospital. When she is released, the doctors and nurses are certain that she is completely healed, but, at last, Pinkie Pie has been broken, and in the wrong way.

Pinkie wants everyone to have the time of their lives, and she knows there is no party like a Pinkie Party. She just has to find a way to prove it.

This story takes place during and after the events of Pinkie Pride. Pinkie decided it was best to let Cheese Sandwich take over, knowing that it was the better thing to do than to let her pride take ahold of her. Sometimes, though, being too friendly can take its toll. Tagged Alternate Universe for deviating from the episode's canon.
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FIMFic: Life is a Party
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