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 Radiation and the Skill of Car Maintance

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PostSubject: Radiation and the Skill of Car Maintance   Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:07 am

Between PonyVille and Manehattan, a filly and a zebra were stuck on the Freeway. A radio sputtered and spat out some bluesy tracks that echoed across the empty wastes

'Tomorrow night, will you remember what you said to night ?
Tomorrow night, will all the thrill be gone ?
Tomorrow night, will it be just another memory
Or just another song, that's in my heart to linger on...'

Topo kicked a rock out of pure boredom.

"Welp." the filly concluded. "This is jus' a bucket o' laughs."

The striped flank of Fonzemi hummed along with the music for a while under the hood of an old auto-carriage, the sound of wrenches on nuts and welding torches mixed with the music. "Hush yo' mouth, T. You wanna walk t' PonyVille?"

"BUT FOOOOONZ" She pouted.

"No buts, lil' dude. This thang is our ticket outa here, you knowhatahmsayin?" Fonz resumed his humming.

T looked down the long, straight road and poked her older companion's flank. "Take a load off, I thinks we gots company."

Fonzemi looked up, his striped muzzle twitching as he checked his pip-buck. No hostiles, yet. Or maybe his tracker just wasn't working too well.

Topo glanced at Fonz. "Whatcha wanna do?"

"Undah the car."

Topo did what she was told.
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PostSubject: Re: Radiation and the Skill of Car Maintance   Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:11 pm

"O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't." Vassago cheerily recited from memory as he walked beside his 'companion'

Snake Eyes stuck a hoof near her mouth and gagged.

"Aw hell naw, GURL you did not diss the BARD." The colt mimiced a strong independent zebra who don't need no stallion, giggling hysterically at Snake's reaction.

"I ssswear to chaosss, if you keep talkin' I will take thisss pissstol and shoot you in the head." She Hissed violently.

"..." Vassago sniffed indignantly. Spoilsport. He looked down the highway. "Hey look! a pony!"

Snake Eyes squinted behind her aviators. "A zebra, more like."

Vassago gasped. "Really? Thats like seeing a draconequess! But you know all about those." He inflated his cheeks,

Snake Eyes smiled tightly. "One day, Eyes. One day ya gunna get this kid... One day..." She turned her head to Vas. "Inch up under the cars. No need you getting spotted if this goes south.

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Radiation and the Skill of Car Maintance
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